Gundam Evolution

>Gundam Evolution
>Gundam BO2 on PC
>New Front Mission
>New Armored Core
>Titanfall 3
Mechchads are back

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>New front mission
it's a mobile game my dude. I wouldn't get hopeful yet.
As far as I know the Armored Core and Titanfall 3 haven't been solidly confirmed either, though the AC stuff is more compelling thanks to them saying they're working on it in every interview for the past 5 years and some images, I still ain't going to trust shit until an actual announcement.

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>Titanfall 3
Doubtful considering how badly they've mishandled 1 and 2

>New Front Mission
Remaster of old front mission.
>Titanfall 3
Those are a fever dream you had.

i like mechwarrior. shame how rough it is to play 3 on win10

>>Gundam Evolution
>>Gundam BO2 on PC
old game
>>New Front Mission
>>New Armored Core
>>Titanfall 3

What are the mods to get for Mech warrior 5 again? I just pirated it, which is dumb because I want to play online to get a free viper and (another) atlas

I remember renting a Gundam game and there was a level that had ships you could stand on and sink shortly after. The level also had a corny soundtrack. Anyone know what game I’m talking about. It was almost like SWBF where you could choose sides for a storymode which was basically just multiplayer with bots.

yet another mech lab for customization

some mission and biome mods

maybe a mod that lowers the cost for traveling if you're not comfortable with having to be extra careful not to lose money

>he doesn't know

Federation vs zeon?

do you really have to be this much of a faggot

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Thats the one

If you're going to emulate it, get Titans vs AEUG. Literally the same game with way more.

>Titanfall 3
Isnt that just apex?

Relayer on pc when

I was lucky enough to play the NETWORK test for Gundam Evolution and holy fuck it's a funtional AND good game. It's not even in beta yet and better polished than AAA titles.
The developers are based as fuck as well. Said controller fags only get aim assist with crossplay off.
Actually excited for a game for the first time in 6 years.

There was a non-leak of german stores stocking preorder boxes for Titanfall 3 recently.

less of a faggot than a bitch making shit up

Huh, ok then.

Nigga that's literally your opinion, i'd play Evo over Overwatch 2 if it was out already

I played that game recently. It's prettyy fdun

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HAWKEN 2 is still happening apparently, but things have been pretty quiet outside of a couple leaks.
Titanfall 3 is 100% dead in the water considering it became Apex.

Titanfall 3 was leaked a week ago

I'll only ever fuck my wife hardcore in the missionary position as god intended if an Armored Souls happens.

>implying that the data for those boxes weren't just auto-generated from when Apex was TF3
>having hope for Respawn at all after most of the staff went back to IW
I'd be down for another Frame Gride

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You retards never learn.

>Gundam BO2 on PC
pretty sure they want people to forget this is happening, there's been no news since their embarrassing network test

You shouls play Gundam vs Zeta, actual music instead of midis and a shitload of mobilesuits.

I heard that one was worse

I'll let you in on a little secret, you got bullshat on.

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Frame Gride is just utter shit.
And I say this as a From Soft cock gobbler who has played almost all of their games.

>>Gundam BO2 on PC
any updates on this?

Umm no sweetie there's a new MOBILE game for Front Mission. yup us Mechchads are eating GOOD.


>New Titanfall from current respawn.

They had a server test that melted the servers.

Absolutely hilarious!

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>it's all mobileshit or rumors/vaporware except armored core
I love Armored Core and all, but I would pay $500 for a copy of SHOGO: MAD 2 or Zone of Enders: The Third Runner. Well, as long a kojimbo was still director.

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It really is. As far as I can tell the test count never got really high. I can only suspect they expected very little interest and to get a few whales to cover the TL costs and call it a job done, but next to no one could get online because everything was crashing constantly after like an hour.

It got really high compared to the PS servers which have less than 1k people playing.

>emulate it
What settings did you use? The radar hud was glitched out for me and I couldn't seem to fix it.
>get Titans vs AEUG. Literally the same game with way more
I could have sworn that was a sequel game, not a DX version, well shit

Fuck I remember Zoids Assault being stupidly hard. I actually picked up an xbox 360 since BC doesn't suppport it to replay it recently but haven't gotten around to starting it again. I also remember how fucking repetitive all the noises and animations were.

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I really want a release date for evolution. I'm not normally this hyped for upcoming releases these days but I gave the test run a try by chance and god damn I want to play my zaku again

Wasn't Zoids that anime with the really fruity protag who was always lisping about his Liger mech? And like the whole gimmick was they weren't humanoid mechs, but animal ones?

Psp? Gundam battle royale

new Ghiren game when?

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It was a Tomy toy line that had a couple of shows made to promote them. Chaotic century which was heavily Gundam inspired and New Century which was basically just a tournament with Liger Zero that everyone knows.

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>all that absolute garbage
>AC isn't actually announced
>Border Break is now dead ass in addition to ruined by gacha

a fucking playtest beat BO2 on PC

>BO2 PC servers couldn't even handle 10k players

Five minutes Namek time.

Considering that is about 100x what it will have normally I would expect it would.

Gundam has been so weird for me. I watched it way back in the 90's on toonami as a kid but then stopped watching it after that first run or two or whatever it was. I kind of stopped liking anime altogether besides Dragonball you can maybe say. However I always appreciate the concept of Gundam and I always saw it as an anime I'd maybe want to go back to and enjoy since it was based from what I remember and not cringe. I also have sort of enjoyed some of the games I played although not enough to the point of buying the games or getting back into it again.

So has there ever been a Gundam game that truly exceeds and is truly great or no? Also what are the best games for me to start with? Last question, what if they made a Gundam game modeled after the idea in AC of creating your own gundams? That always seemed like a great idea to me.

>what if they made a Gundam game modeled after the idea in AC of creating your own gundams? That always seemed like a great idea to me.
Gundam Breaker 3. (Also MS Saga but that's SDshit which is a dealbreaker for many people)

you'd probably like the crossover games but vidya life for the UC purist has been fucking hell since the ps3

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I just want BO2 news

everyone shut up and post your recent builds.

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>Hawken 2
Ex-fucking-cuse you? When?

Snapshitters need not apply.

bandai makes good snap on kits.

Was too lazy to finish the gundam dock

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