Season 2 comes out

>season 2 comes out
>no one is talking about it
Is it dead?

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Aborted, more like

shittiest battlepass i ever seen in my life, even for a free game

i would come back if they gave me the arbiter as a voiced AI otherwise im happy with MCC.

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yes. they need to bill season 3 as a relaunch with a shit load of requested features in there. then make sure they're releasing new stuff every fucking month at least. then maybe, just maybe, the game will actually fucking survive.

who cares about Halo's MP anymore when a whole bunch of more fun MP games exist
they should drop it and focus on making new campaigns and spinoffs

that game is extremely ugly graphically.

They turned halo into free to play garbage and then didn't add any features that have been in the previous four titles like co-op, firefight, or forge. You can't even replay campaign missions, and the campaign wasn't that good.

Halo is dead and Reach was when it started to wither away.

update should have had three maps to maintain parity with past map packs

gameplay is the best in a shooter and BTB is very good, shame the game is made by 343

I fucking hope so. Season 2 wasn't just a disappointment with how little it added, it also ruined a bunch of shit that was already in the game.

They could do everything the community wanted but the netcode will never be fixed so the game will be forever consigned to the dumpster.

People don't talk about trash games.
This isn't like Sonic 06 where it's bad enough that its funny, 343 just produces boringly mediocre games that chase trends and do nothing interesting ontop of being buggy unfinished trash.

>one of the top 10 most played Xbox games

maybe it will be playable in 3/4 years when they fix all the technical issues and add a bunch of shit

video games just arent fun anymore bros

how many arena shooters even came out this generation? infinite is the best one by default unless unreal tournament gets un-cancelled

Halo isn't an arena shooter.

I'm not going to care until Forge is out with custom game modes and good maps.

lmao wasn't this pile of shit supposed to last the next ten years?
Couldn't even last ten months.

I'm still playing occasionally but with the terrible S2 pass, awful Ultimate rewards so far and 343's track record of fucking stuff up I'm not as invested as I was when the game launched, i might get invested again when Forge comes out but I'm sure they'll fuck that up too, I'm just glad I didn't waste any money into this.

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There's nothing of value in season 2 and they're doing another 6 month season. In a few weeks all the content creators will be back to bitching theres nothing to do.

They lost me when they delayed the cooperative mode.

It didn't even last 10 weeks.

Only a battle royale mode can save halo now.

The battle pass sucks and the new maps are to little to late.

Barely played Season 1. Couldn't stand the lack of modes and maps. Ironically I've been having fun with Season 2 so far. Logged about 20 hours this week alone. I realize this is a hot take, as the game is far from perfect, but I feel like it's S L O W L Y getting into a decent state.

halo is literally an arena shooter, you are an idiot

>PCtrannies lying again
You will never be Halo fans or women, stop talking about it and acting like you’re a part of this fanbase. Who gives two shitty fucks the PC version died. Shit has bugs even the console version doesn’t have.

It's literally not. Especially not the 343 games with their fetish for recoil and headshot multipliers on everything.

dude there's no fucking forge, no shit it's dead after a month just like the new call of duty, just like the new battlefield etc.
is this your first modern AAA game? they're designed for short term profits consumer-wise and long term profits investor-wise

schizo moment

halo 1 is almost literally just a mod of quake 3


>May 2022
>Still only one ranked playlist

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>Everyone starts equally
>Weapons and powerups spawn at fixed locations on timers
It's more of an arena shooter than the latest quake game is.

This is the problem with live service games. Back in the PS3/360 days, if you got enough people to preorder your game you were golden and anything after that was just icing on the cake. Now you have to keep them playing your game regularly for months/years to make money and it's such a risky gamble that maybe 1 in 5 games actually succeed at it.

this happens for literally every "hyped" microsoft thing nowadays. the shills focus on one one thing for a few months, then they move on and don't talk about it at all after.

halo and quake are almost literally the same game except instead of quake's rocket jumping and strafe-jumping halo has bugs that get turned into game mechanics like BXR and trick jumps

did they add gamemodes?

You've never played Quake, and it shows.
And that isn't even a pro, that's just some random Quake player.

They added King of the Hill, but ruined it. Instead of gaining points over time, you fill a meter in the hill and get a point when it's full.

You remember when Big Team Battle straight up didn't work for what seemed like months? Triple A gaming company hard at work. But they really needed that vacation, okay?

>Launch Halo 4 without community features
>Multiplayer is one of the most hated in the franchise despite just being reach with always-equipped sprint
>Launch Halo 5 with numerous beloved gamemodes missing, community features missing.
>The game's playerbase dies off immediately and barely comes back when those features are added back
>Launch Halo Infinite, even more missing gamemodes and features
>Are surprises that it's poorly recieved
>"We've learned from our mistakes"
What a load of shit.

i have a jewel case of Q3 arena on my desk

i beat quake 4's campaign unironically

What is there to really talk about in terms of multiplayer, you PC faggots ran conversation about Infinite’s multiplayer to the ground from June up to release. Glad it finished died down.

Then you might just be terminally retarded if you can't tell the difference between the games.

>season 2 comes out
>extremely small bump in players
>immediately goes back to normal
deserves a post-birth abortion

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yeah the difference is that quake is a mouse DPI test and halo takes skill

Not Infinite LOL

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they got rid of that

>mouse DPI test
>plug in controller test
I know what I'd rather play.


>playing Halo on PC

Halo will never be an arena shooter because there are fuck all pickups and map control is a joke. Wow, a rocket launcher with 2 shots spawns every 3 minutes! 2 whole kills in the time my starting weapon can get quadruple that.
>implying it's any different on console

I didnt see it in my 24 hour play through of the campign.

>what is sample size lol

the indian interns at 343 being too incompetent to make a hitbox does not stop halo from being the only arena shooter to come out since fucking UT 2004

>not knowing that this is how Halo always played
PC zoomers really beed to do everyone a favor and get the fuck out.


That's a Bungie game.
Everything about Halo is what keeps it from being an arena shooter. No movement tech, no real sense of item control, health regen, slow walking, focus on headshots, teamplay. The list goes on. The only thing it has in common with an AFPS is the fact that you can pick up guns from the map, but we might as well include Apex and Minecraft in that list if those are the only qualifiers.

CE had faster and more significant pickups, but that's the closest it's ever gotten and everything has gotten worse afterward. Especially in Halo 2 where none of the weapons would respawn until the old one was gone.

infinite literally did have movement tech until like a week ago when 343 patched it out because they're retarded

I'm forced to play this abortion of a game because my friends from Halo:CE, Halo 2, & Halo 3 refuse; and I mean outright refuse to play anything else and it's such a shitty fucking game.

>Horrible servers.
>Constant hit registration issues.
>Constant melee registration issues.
>Walking through players.
>Constantly being shot around walls.
>Constantly being matched with players on different continents.
>Season 2 brought a new feature! Your gun will now just jam up for no reason whatsoever.
>PC players, if using a controller, will have their aim magnetism just stop working.
>PC players, if using M+K, are at a huge disadvantage against controller players.
>PC players, if using M+K, have anti-magnetism in some scenarios, like using the sniper.
>Traditional ranked/social playlists are gone.
>Progression is tied to daily/weekly challenges and if you do them all, there is no way to level up.
>PC players will occassional have huge metal artifacts appearing all over the game, requiring a restart.
>Remove skill jumps when nobody asked them to do this.
>Remove momentum sliding when nobody asked them to this.
>All these issues present on LAN; game crashes galore, not just online, but on HCS.
>No rejoin match option in 2022.
>No Campaign Co-Op(4 players or 2 players), No real customs, No Forge, nothing Bungie had in their games.
>Keep changing gametypes and how they work, another thing nobody asked for.
>343i constantly saying "We'll fix, we messed up, promise".
>7 years of development now, nearly 1 billion invested.
This game is so bad.

>putting away your gun to move 10% faster, and still slower than regular walk speed in quake
You sure showed me. Now how about the rest of my list?

Halo is a party shooter, anyone who’s denies that is a retard. That guy needs to stop arguing with you about Halo being an arena shooter. What I hate the most is retards comparing a console FPS to PC FPS. It’s stupid.


They're not at all incomparable, but you're right. Halo is a party game with shooting elements. It's always been its own thing, and doesn't really fit into what other genres are doing aside from borrowing a handful of mechanics.

season 2 didn't fix any problems with the game and there's next to zero new content, no thanks

the new event is a single game mode on a single map that you have to play for ~25 hours to unlock all the shitty items for

if halo isn't an arena shooter then what genre is it, dumbass, a dating sim?

Is the event for the Jin-Roh armor up yet?

It's just Halo, it doesn't fit into any existing subgenre because it does its own thing. "Arena" has always been a marketing term for the series, something totally meaningless.

This, it’s such a stupid comparison too, it’s a wonder why the series always gets attacked.

Smack them around until they snap out of it and agree to play MCC instead.
There is zero reason for any Halo fan to play Infinite over MCC. Even the gameplay is a lame generic FPS ripoff (aim down sights, sprint, clamber, the equipment which was copypasted from other games like grapple, repulser etc.)

The FPS genre is so fucked. CS sucks dick, valorant is a worse CS. Overwatch was gay on release and 2 is identical. Apex is fartnite for slightly older faggots. Halo was fun but nobody plays it. Splitgate was fun but nobody plays it. Titanfall 2 was fun but nobody plays it. Tf2 is ruined by bots.

Everyone who bitches about the new KotH can never explain why it's bad, they just list the change itself as though that's proof