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I don't remember much from ocarina, it's a pretty boring game overall

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If this was DS you'd be cumming your pants

I don't really like the nintendo ds libary is kinda mid

How arbitrary.

>girl gets senpai to notice her to teach z-targeting
>getting the sword in the maze
>twenty three is number one
>look up at gohma
>leaving kokiri forest
>waking up malon's father
>seeing zelda the first time
>catching cuccoo's in kakariko
>learning saria's song
>goron dance
>great fairy
>getting a ride from kaepora gaebora back to kakariko
>learning epona's song
>learning sun song
>skulltula house
>slingshot minigame
>opening the waterfall
>diving for the silver scale
>zora king moving out of the way
>using a fish to get eaten by jabu jabu
I didn't even list stuff after pulling the Master Sword.

Is this the thread where OoToddlers who only started playing games in 1998 on an N64 list mundane nothing moments and pretend their nostalgia makes those moments special for everyone else?

I remember anons listed many things from pic related when i asked so i guess it counts

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Bombing and train
Meeting Aeriffs
Cross dressing
Honeybee buttsex
Shinra tower staircase
Jenova trail of blood
President is dead, it's Sephiroth
Battle on the rooftop
Mother fucking bike chase
Oh shit there's an entire world
Nibelheim flashback, Sephiroth is cool af
Did Sephiroth do this?
Meeting Yuffie and getting your gil stolen
Golden Saucer
Barret had a hard life
Going to spaaace
Cry at Red XIII dad
Oh shit godzilla attacks Juno
Oh shit I have a submarine now

Oops I'm only at 25% and it's already time

>Do a barrel roll
>Gee, I've been saved by Fox, how swell
>Who are you guys?!
>All-range mode
>Make way for Katt
>Slippy's not such a screw-up after all
>This baby can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees
>Just like old times, eh Fox?
>I can't believe they did this
>cocky little freaks!
>Caiman here. No problems
>Dang. Deploy it now!
>I can't...lose!
>Don't ever give up, my son.
>This is one steep bill! But it's worth it

Pedophile coping, nobody cared about snoy shit or pc games back them

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That video is a 30 second glitch. If you can't look past that in one of the earliest 3D games, you need ADHD meds.

I can do that with any game I liked and played a lot. The only reason Ocarina of Time has "more memorable moments" is because more people played it so more people remember moments from it. What a stupid fucking post.

>"Sorry to keep you waiting!"
>Expereirncing On-Land gameplay for the first time
>Hearing the boss music for the first time
>Meeting Magnus for the first time
>Finding out Gaol was a woman
>Running on Hewdraw's Back
>Fighting the Great Reaper
>Pandora's Labrynth of Deciet
>Breaking the Mirror of Truth
>All of Chapter 6
>Getting onto the Space Pirate Ship
>Fighting the Space Kraken
>Putting on the Three Sacred Treasures
>Fighting Medusa
>Medusa's true face revealed
>The fake credits
>The reveal of Hades
>Fighting the Phoenix
>The Reset Bomb wiping an entire fucking battlefield
>The reveal of Viridi

not even halfway through the game btw

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>AH YES we've been expecting you
>Fargoth's ring
>stepping out of the boat and seeing/hearing a silt strider fir the first time
>first blight storm
>meeting Caius Cosades and he's some filthy shirtless old skooma addict only for him to do a 180 into being James Bond
>pillow lady
>getting lost looking for the puzzle box only to find it hours later near the start of the dungeon
>getting lost as fuck during the mission to Vivec
>reading all the lore and dialogue about the Nerevarine only to be told your mission is to be the Nerevarine
>meeting the Ashlanders and learning their culture
>first time trying to navigate a Telvanni tower
>getting infected with Corprus and then curing it
>seeing the Ghostfence for the first time
>finding a piece of Daedric gear for the first time
>equipping the Boots of Blinding Speed for the first time
>trying to navigate the Wolverine Hall
>Don't worry. I'll be gentle.
>realizing the fighter's guild is just being used to fight a proxy war for the Cammona Tong and helping the old guildmaster remove the corrupted leaders
>Come, Nerevar
damn OP that was easy, I could easily have kept going until the post limit.

>Nanasaki Ai taking you on a "date" to the beach to... pick up trash and keep the place beautiful
>Nanasaki Ai taking you to a 神社 where there are 二期桜 in bloom even in the middle of winter
>Nanasaki Ai taking you to her grandfather's mountain hot springs where is butt ass naked
>Getting "rejected" on the roof by Morishima when you first meet her
>Feeding Morishima ramen in the cafeteria as though she were your prisoner, as the entire school watches
>Morishima betting your literal ass in a game of darts against a gay guy
>Kissing Morishima behind the knees in the shed behind the school
>Finding Rihoko stuck in a fence as she tries to take a back way into school, and freaking her out by barking like a "big black dog" which she finds incredibly convincing
>Being forced to drag a kotatsu to the Tea Club's meeting room by two skanks
>Clipping Rihoko's toenails
>二人羽織 with Rihoko
>Dodging the rain inside a telephone box while out with Rihoko
>The MC's proposal to Rihoko in one of the endings
>The MC being forced to endure the 驚天動地風林火山 parfait challenge with Rihoko in one of the endings
>Being kissed by Tanamachi while she's at her job so she can deter a dude who's been creeping on her
>Tanamachi tossing you off the side of a bridge into a freezing river in one of her endings
>Tanamachi being transformed into a boy at the amusement park
>Kissing Tanamachi's tummy in the library
>Meeting Makihara at the park and finding out the "reality" of the MC's alleged rejection years ago
>Ayatsuji grabbing the MC by the tie in a threatening fashion when she believes he has read the contents of her black book
There's 20. And that's not even half the moments of HALF the characters in HALF the routes.

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Name 20 memorable moments in OOT

>Magitech trio intro
>Shell casting thunderbolt
>Tritoch deleting biggs and wedge
>Locke intro
>Edgar intro
>Son of a submariner!
>Sabin intro
>Banon and ultros waterfall
>Celes torture
>Phantom train getting Full nelson'd by Sabin
>Narshe defense
>Tritoch again
>Ramuh esper dump
>Shiva and ifrit duo
>Vector escape
>Fucking Guardian
>Human women fucks furry men intermission
>General Leo, strago intro
>Fucking kefka 1
>Atma wepon
>Fucking kefka 2 everything fucking dies
>Wait for shadow you guide Reading fag
Let me guess, you *need* more?

I hope we get something for the 10yr anniversary next year

If I wanted to, I could recant word-for-word every single line in GTA San Andreas

20 is kind of a lot, don't you think?

I don't remember a single moment from Ocarina and I can name at least one memorable moment from several different games. Seems like Ocarina kind of sucks

Hmm... ok
> Ravenholm
> Highway 17
> Nova Prospect
> The Citadel
> Seeing DOG for the first time
> City 17 before shit goes down, and everyone's enslaved
> City 17 after shit goes down, and everyone's revolting
> That one time where you encounter a TV in a pile of rubble with the G-man stragtening his tie with a crow on his shoulder in a rowboat before the screen suddenly goes to black
> Meeting Father Grigorni for the first time
> Meeting Alyx Vance for the first time
> Getting/using the gravity gun
> Fighting Stryders
> Watching the Combine shoot political prisoners in the head
> Parsing out the combine's doublespeak and realizing its creepy undertones, e.g. "deservice political conscripts" means "kill political prisoners."
> Listening to Breencasts
> That one time there's a bunch of zombies coming at you in a long, vertical hallway in Ravenholm, and you can line 'em up and send a single buzzsaw blade flying to chop them all in two, getting an achievement
> Finally destroying that god damn helicopter that harassed you throughout the canals level
> Fighting airships with a guided rocket launcher
> Descending down the elevator shaft and seeing a shitton of poison headcrabs at the bottom
> "Time... Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again?"

What are the 20 memorable moments from Ocarina, incidentally? I've never played it

Lol except for the fact that the PS1 absolutely demolished the N64 in terms of sales, hardware, and software

>destruction of Lahan village
>meeting Elly in the forest
>meeting Grahf
>rescuing Margie
>The raid on the Aveh border guard
>attempt nuclear holocaust of Kislev
>stealing a fucking warplane
>fighting the mysterious red gear
>entirety of Billy’s character development
>going into the underground ruins
>fighting Id face to face
>entering the Tower of Babel and seeing space age technology with the amazing music
>getting tricked into eating fucking human flesh
>Sophia and Lacan’s love story
>Super Yggdrasil 4
>Grahfs origin story
>Ramsus becomes by more broken as the game goes on, and becomes a shell of what he was
>resurrection of Deus
>Fei reintergrating his personality and meeting god(most kino scene in any game ever)
>confronting Krelian as Fangs beared at god plays in the background
That’s 21, but there’s probably much more. Xenogears is truly the most kino game ever made, despite its flaws.

A Hat in Time.

>This can't possibly count, right??
>The Peace and Tranquility dance

>Crashing the cruise ship
>And there was too much sauce on the pizza!
>JonTron getting the game cancelled
>Train escape

>Graffiting over your save file
>Harassing the roomba
>Going to cow hell
>Giant cat trains

>Nyakuza boss getting arrested
>Breaking the sunglasses machine
>The fucking cheese tower

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I'm fairly certain N64 wankery is just ameriburger thing.
I only ever knew one kid that had Nintendo consoles when I was growing up and those were seen as baby consoles compare to Playstations and Xboxes or PC.

The PS1 raeps N64.

Never played it, doesn't interest me.

Not really, OoT is a really easy game, almost too easy at times.

Nintendo drones live in their own reality.

>small white square appears in center of mostly black screen
>square goes down right diagonally
>right rectangle goes down
>square bounces off right rectangle
>square goes down left diagonally
>square hits bottom
>square goes up left diagonally
>square passes dotted line
>left rectangle goes up
>square goes above rectangle
>the number 1 appears on the right
>infernal beep of the damned
>square reappears in the center
>square goes down right diagonally
>right rectangle doesn't move
>square bounces off right rectangle
>square goes down left diagonally
>square hits bottom
>square goes up left diagonally
>square passes dotted line
>left rectangle goes up
>square bounces of left rectangle
>square goes up right diagonally
>square hits top
>square goes down right diagonally
>square passes dotted line

Nigger even Skyrim has more memorable moments than Ocarina and Skyrim is a shit game

Chrono Trigger

>wake up Chrono
>trial of chrono
>fighting the war machine in the castle
>masamune splits a fuckin mountain
>robo gets bullied by his robo bros
>speed racing in the ruins of the future
>but the future refused to change
>fighting Magus in the past
>chrono sacrificing himself
>chrono being revived
>choosing to kill or have magus join your party
>The black omen looming over all of time
>replanting the forest
>Lucca's mom
>getting shitfaced with cavemen
>reaching the end of time
>Schala protecting Magus
>taking everyone back to their time periods
>Lavos wrecking shit in future society

Its easy.

>but you're still hungry

Stop making these autistic threads

>Beating Chill Penguin
>Beating Spark Mandrill
>Beating Armored Armadillo
>Beating Launch Octopus
>Beating Boomer Kuwanger
>Beating Sting Chameleon
>Beating Flame Mammoth
>Getting BTFO by Vile
>Zero blowing Vile's arm off
>Zero self destructing to destroy Vile's ride armor
>Your first ride armor usage
>Unlocking the dash
>Unlocking the hidden charge beam early
>Unlocking the helmet
>Unlocking the armor
>Unlocking hadouken
>That FUCKING spider
>Filling your e-tanks by killing grubs before fighting Sigma

Unfortunately that's only 18, but MMX is clearly the better game because I can only remember like 4 moments from OoT.

I could name 20 memorable moments from the first hour of San Andreas.

FFVII outsold OoT and PSX outsold N64.
The people have spoken, FFVII > OoT

>Chainsaw guy
>"The Beeg Cheese"
>don't shoot the water
>El Gigante
>Ashley as both a character and a gameplay mechanic
>"Ballistics!". Cabin as a whole is kino
>Salazar in general
>Water Room
>Hedge maze
>"Your right hand comes off?"
>"Saddler, You're small time"
>Krauser Fight
>"Use this!"
>Jet-ski with the Ditman glitch
>No Way Fag

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Only people who think Ocarina of Time is somehow amazing are people who had N64 as their only console when they were kids and never played actual good games.

I really liked ocarina of time
I also absolutely love phantasy star online 1

Pioneer 2, despite only actually giving you a small area to move around in felt so lively. The area design pushed for this giving the hints of a space bound city in the background while you had a great open area to view this from that was strictly speaking "unnecesarry" but this made it feel more real. why else would this balcony exist but to look upon the city of pioneer 2.

Photon Blasts, unleashing the power of your customizable robotic partner and while all these years of people planning mags out have made it so that there's a lot more homogeny, you could happen upon a player with a rare mag you hadn't seen yet or a rare weapon you could only guess how they found

stepping into the forest filled me with a sense of wonder but also a strange dread, it's a simple starting area but it feels good, it actually feels great stepping down on the planet to find out what happened to pioneer 1

revisiting these areas in ultimate took that experience and reinvented it. It felt like I was seeing a different aspect of the planet as the sun set on the forest of Ragol and when I found that the bosses were reinvented for this difficulty I fell in love with the game all over again.

the change from caves 1 to 2 also leaves many people shocked as the scenery is beautiful in comparison to caves 1,

It's connected to the first point but it hits harder than just the change in areas when you hit the waterfall room. Design like that is missing in a lot of games. Like the devs wanted to put a genuinely beautiful sight in front of you.

Facing de rol le is a fantastic experience. His theme is amazing, his design frightening as you break his shell off and see the terrifying mouth behind the mask then if you wait on the raft it eventually settles at some underground facility making it feel like this may be a natural progression to the mines

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the mines are amazing, they look great with a somber yet electrified track. pieces of the mines make you wonder what happened to this place, even more when if you start to question if the government knew about the horror on ragol all along.

Vol opt makes me mad with his lightning bullshit I'm not putting him in here

the first time seeing a redbox is a staggering moment, it's such a vivid red and going in blind suddenly finding "special weapon" leaves you with that adventurous feeling "what have I just found in this game!"

The ruins have a terrifying presence and again an amazing sound track, it's so strange and different from the areas you've seen so far

As you progress through the ruins it changes and becomes more fleshy, what happened here? looking at forum posts from when the game came out there were people obsessed with the mystery behind this place

Finding out that the ruins was actually a space ship landed on ragol long ago belonging to the people that sealed dark falz here, but what happened to them?

the ruins really makes a great feature of the game stand out, the music organically changes to an action paced version of the levels track when you encounter enemies then gently shifts back to the calm version when you clear the room. it happens so smoothly that it's easy to mistake that the track was just designed with these powerful moments planned ahead.

Reading Ricos log where she laments not being a good daughter, and then approaching the long hall before falz. Many people felt dread and excitement as they came upon the teleporter

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the monument, listen to the music, something's wrong. this place shouldn't exist and the game didn't have to tell you in words

all of your greatest fears come true
the game does not need any words at this point to reinforce that falz is horrifying. The screaming faces almost certainly make people ask "is this pioneer 1?"

I'm skipping some moments because really there's a ton of seperate "oh shit" moments packed into the dark falz fight but rico spoke of needing to stop falz before he gains his perfect form and in hard mode he achieves it
that sinister laugh contrasts his transformation into an angelic form. Take the usual meme about "fighting god at the end of a jrpg" except it never tried to make you think this was a nice god.

The remixes through episode 2 honestly deserve a mention of their own. They felt like lovingly made callbacks to the series up to that point. here 20 years later we complain about devs having no connections to the industries roots but pso really felt like a phantasy star game at its heart

You fight him while he's free falling as he speaks unintelligible alien madness at you, he sweeps across the stage in a way that makes you feel like he has the upperhand despite his freefall.

I know that we got more after episode 2 but
the build up in the music as Olga flow revives after crashing from his previous free fall. you can't help but feel like it was toying with you in phase 1

If you never played pso1 then you really should

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>posting videos of egoraptor's playthrough as proof it's bad

>memorable moments
Awkward controls? Horrible gameplay? Crappy interface? Goddamn way too much fucking storyshit? Basically linear as fuck and fucking boring?
Memorable, my ass.

nice troll attempt retard. for those of you who werent around and dont understand why this man is a fucking moron: this is a fight from the second dungeon in the whole game and meant to further familiarize you with how the Z targeting functions since OoT was the first game to do it. the enemies fuck off to bait you into following them across the platforms. god you sure are stupid. its amazing how good OoT still is, especially considering what's available now to compare it to. it is a masterpiece.

Killing Asylum Demon.
Killing Tauros Demon.
Killing Bell Gargoyles.
Killing Moonlight Butterfly.
Killing Capra Demon.
Killing Gaping Dragon.
Killing Quelaag.
Killing Iron Golem.
Killing Ornstien and Smough.
Witnessing huge breasts.
Killing Pinwheel.
Killing Nito.
Killing Sif.
Killing Four Kings.
Killing Seathe.
Killing Bed of Chaos.
Killing Artorias.
Killing Manus.
Killing Kalameet.
Killing Gwyn.

>"I killed your horse. Get rekt, scrub."
>Out of the tower, into town for the first time
>The moon's crying and he's just slapping his ass
>Ding dong, come out. I know it's you.
>Are we really going to take advantage of the guy with the verbal tic?
>There's got to be alcohol in this milk.
>muh princess ;-;
>Holy shit, these two are back! This is the greatest!
>...I drank it.
>Snake, this a sneaking mission
>Kind of a caricature, but still fucking cool
>I'm going to cook that bird.
>bling bling bling bling blingblingblingbling
>Hey, I recognise that tune!
>Oh they're pirates now
>The Turtle Moves.
>I am so lost.
>Holy shit, this sword is so cool!
>Aw dammit, my sword.
>Did they improve the models? They look good. Weird around the mouth, though.
>Follow the feathers.
>I'm going to get that chandelier.
>D-did I just send him to his death?
>These guys are so annoying, I love them
>Oh hey it's the ghost seller
>Ow this hurts my ears
>A secret cave behind a waterfall. Classic.
>Oh no. Zombies.
>"Leeeeeeave it!"
>I can make them dance!
>"Requesting permission to rest, sir!"
>Well, this is where that creepypasta came from.
>God, this ascent is long.
>D-did we just reverse gravity
>Woah. This is unexpected.
>I'll start with the less useful ones.
>What's this?
>They're still friends.

>virtually all the music
>battle on zenan bridge
>Yes indeed!
>The rainbow shell sequence that cuts back and forth between the king's trial and Crono and co. racing to find it before they bust through the stained glass at the last second
>Tyranno fortress and the fall of the red star
>O..Ozzie's in a pickle!
>beef jerky gets rid of a jerk
>They call me Gato I have metal joints beat me up and earn 15 silver points
>The campfire scene
>Frog busts the ghost of his best friend with time traveling carpentry shenanigans
>pouring one out for Toma
>walk into the man to make him hammer the bell faster
>Frog getting revenge on Magus by himself
>Golem Twins
>powering up items in the past
>Blackbird stealth section
>Cheesing the Blackbird stealth section with Ayla
>Crashing epoch into Lavos so you can float above the world with Marle
>Crono doing a fist pump after his mom gets lost somewhere in time
>Using Lucca's other teleporter at the start of NG+ to beat the game immediately with just Crono and Marle for the dev team ending
>son of sun bullshit roulette boss
>push the shell, climb the shell
I haven't touched this game in at least a decade and I can definitely name plenty more.

>for those of you who werent around and dont understand
Always funny watching N64 babies pretending to be older and more experience than anyone else.

>the first time you start out on the grassy plains
>your first house
>the first NPC moving in
>the first night where you go outside and foolishly get ambushed by zombies and flying eyeballs
>"you feel an evil presence watching you"
>your first foray into the underground and caverns, foolishly falling prey to a giant boulder
>coming across the jungle for the first time
>laughing at the old man in front of the dungeon, who doesn't stop you from entering the dungeon and OH SWEET MERCY WHAT THE HELL IS THAT [player was slain by Dungeon Guardian]
>your first invasion against goblins

Really, I could keep going on and on. This is the kind of game that makes you appreciate your milestones.

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>The raid of Oakvale.
>Hero guild graduation.
>Visiting Bowerstone.
>The return to Oakvale.
>Defeating Twinblade/Theresa's return.
>The Arena.
>Jack of Blades introduction.
>Cucking Thunder.
>Returning Nostro's gear.
>Escaping Bargate Prison.
>Reaching Hook Coast.
>Maze's betreyal.
>Jack activates the focus sites.
>Jack kills your mother.
>Jack of Blades boss fight.
>Reaching Snowspire.
>The Oracle.
>Putting Thunder out of his misery.
>Dragon Jack fight.
>Wearing/Destroying Jack's mask.

doesn't explain why the game just gives the enemies iframes lol

1. Rip Vile Rat

2. Beeitnam

3. LadyScarlet is Fat

4. The first titan loss

5. Titanomachy

6. SamHandwich titan loss: "At least she went down while I was high as fuck"

7. Bark bark bark

8. The Picard Song

9.Niart Epar didn't do his job.

10. Kartoon was right.

11. Thousand dollar jeans.

12. Haargoth Agamar and the Cultural Victory

13. "I have come to kill zee titan" in thick slavic

14. OWNron

15. Oh my god, it's full of Mareep!

16. DBRB's costume at EVEFest

17. NOL-M9

18. B tac R

19. Eye of Terror 2

20. Little Bees youtube.com/watch?v=p-m-0RlqMHM

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Great game IMO

the perfect game to introduce someone to jrpgs

>Waking up into the void
>"I want to have fuck with you."
>Skipping out on the bill
>Fuck does Cuno care?
>Speaking to a corpse
>The Reality Breakdown
>Listening to the Pale
>Mister Evrart is helping me find my gun
>Calling a phone number that you don't remember how you know
>Finding the car
>Threatening suicide to assert dominance
>Realizing you've been compromised
>Contact Mike
>Start a dance club
>Kim rolls a natural 20
>The final bad dream
>Witness a miracle
>Detective Arriving On The Scene

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Jackie Chan.

Let's see. Persona 4
Yosuke's introduction
Trial of the dragon, a kick to the nads
Shadow Yukiko's first appearance
Shadow Kanji's first appearance
Saki Konishi saying how much she hates Yosuke
Izanagi's awakening
Yosuke needing to pee
Mistery Food X
Pushing Teddie on his first appearance
HUman Teddie
Everything regarding Shadow Rise which leads to
Does the op count? Pursuing my true self is a pretty good song
Kanji pursuing Yosuke and Chie
Yukiko laughing, even if I hate everything associated with Yukiko laughing
Kanji invading the girl's tent during the camping trip
"Everything's great at your JU-NES"
Shadow Mitsuo, in general the 8-bit dungeon is pretty memorable
A certain character's death
Finding out the true culprit, and his confession
Hugging Yosuke
Kanji flipflopping his aggresiveness and trying to be normal
Swimsuit competition
Crossdressing competition but mostly Alice Teddie
Galactic Punt
Shadow Yukiko's fight but mostly because of how it ups the difficulty
Visiting Tatsumi Port Island and seeing Chihiro Fushimi
Izanami's introduction, for as convoluted as it was
Everyone sacrificing themselves for Y(o)u
Everyone getting drunk except Naoto
Staying at the Amagi Inn, for as infuriating as some of those scenes were.
And... that's it for me. How did I do.

Everything regarding the Aurum. Holy shit, it was only 3 missions but they were perfect and were tons of fun.

Elden Ring
>DeS opening slideshow (THE LOATHSOME DUNG EATER)
>The Grafted Scion jumping you
>Opening the door and seeing Limgrave for the first time
>Margit kicking your ass
>Getting spirited away to Caelid
>Underground space mountain
>The Two Fingers are literally fingers what the fuck
>Seeing Liurnia and the rest of the world after Godrick
>Renalla second phase
>Ensha trying to murder you
>Everything about the festival
>Getting to Altus and seeing the Erdtree up close
>Fighting your first Godskin
>The alien under Ainsel River
>Margits still alive what the fuck
>Breaking the giants leg
>Setting the tree on fire
>Dragonlord fight
>Setting the tree of fire for real
>The final boss rush
All things I find very memorable