Third-party addon users and the gutter, name a more perfect duo

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I WILL keep using Orchestrion
I WILL replace Endsinger EX's music with the phase 2 music
You WILL NOT be able to stop me

bro? the Yea Forums archive?

Some day Yoship will stop your sinful hands

>having to use a 3rd party program to change your FoV

must suck to like mmos

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It doesn't record deleted posts, right?

never forget what they took from us

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How come when I try to change the size of my hotbar it skips 70%?

It does unless they were deleted super fast
install 4chanx and you can even open the links to them within the page

Would you like to start a streamer career?

>80% too big
>60% too small
>70% doesn't exist
seriously fuck these nips

Changing FoV is cheating, it's for people who want to play easy mode while telling themselves they are actually making the game better, I don't just mean for XIV I mean in general

I would not like to turn something I like doing as a hobby into a job, no

>moddertranny banned last thread
if only the other mod could be as based

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I fucking hate how devs think that 3rd person games don't need an FoV slider, I legitimately get a headache when playing Control due to it and the only way to change the FoV in that game is with cheat engine shit

Console ports have no FOV slider most of the time. At least it's not a FPS where your gun covers half the fucking screen.

Cute lalafell girls only like boys who don't use third party addons

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Funny thing is that CoD has been working on and has implemented it for console players

Yea same for me. 60% is way too small and 80 is a bit to big for me. 70% would be the perfect size for me.

what happened?

Do cute lala girls like max size male roe?

I only ever /groundsit on chairs as a Lalafell

that is a tranny pretending to be a female

>Yoshida banning third-party
>Get Alliance C in roulette

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Nah, they prefer male Midlanders

c u in belly

the usual, one guy was spamming porn because we're in the lull period between patches so that's all these threads become


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get absolutely fucked parsetrannies

not a tranny. middle aged man. big difference

Just don't get caught.
This is literally YoshiP's attitude towards the whole thing, just don't get caught. youtube.com/watch?v=e_i6mjiGerU
Thing is, streamniggers flocked to this game when Shadowlands shat the bed last year and think they're entitled to special treatment because they are streamniggers. They don't.

That reminds me, what the fuck were they thinking? Why did they cut out the p2 music for endsinger EX? that was the best part of the fight!

why, yes, i WILL delete your erp-avatar from my screen to keep the streets clean, and there's nothing you or square can do to stop me.

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I don't think anyone was thinking much of anything when designing Endsinger EX

>tfw we'll never get something on the level as Shinryu EX as a expansion final boss EX again


god I hate that faggot and all faggots that stand there afk dancing all day just to be a server personality.

what addons are there even? the only ones im aware of in my limited experience with the game are the bard music bot and ACT for damage meters

Endsinger ex in general wasa bit, half baked. The 2nd phase should have still been in it with some new things.

i'm still here parsing though :)


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Thordan was a top-tier Extreme, and Hades was good, if long. And if you start including the mid-expansion final bosses, Warrior of Light is the best extreme they've ever done.

I agree with that. I feel like after the player rewind mechaincs and quad planets there should have been something new.

Did Arthars shit on Pyro yet?


>anyone going for a win isn't streaming
>anyone streaming isn't going for a win they are grifting for money
>streamers still kvetch and use addons, getting neither the win and jeopardizing the grift money
niggers like xeno and athars are too retarded to function

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oh you sweet summer child.

First off, actual botters. You see them in eureka pyros not even pretending.

But then you've got addons to "reduce latency"(i.e. cheat by reducing client side animation lock), addons to display MP tick timers, addons to do audio and visual callouts on boss mechanics, addons to automatically counter certain PvP moves, all kinds of fun stuff that is definitely cheating in every way.

spineless gook

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Method streamed and they still get world first before wow and method died thanks to josh and the wow dev team


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Based EU 4channers not doing anything

Uhhh let's shake things up with a lore question. Do we still have the Blessing of Light now that Hydaelyn is gone? And is it more than just primal protection?

kill all raidtroons but porn mods can stay

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Yoshida says no.

Why do you need to act like a disgusting freak everywhere man

>battle high V DRG MNK and NIN
this is just unfair
I delete people

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I miss original coomer


Yes, the Blessing of Light comes from the crystals of light we're carrying. They're originally from Hydaelyn but they exist independently of her so it's fine for now at least. The primal protection comes from the traveler's ward which also still exists, at least for now. Typing this I realize they made the whole situation way more complicated than it needed to be because now there are three distinct "blessings" which get confused with each other constantly in the lore.
>the Echo
>the Blessing of Light
>the traveler's ward

memes go through flanderization so fast now it's kinda crazy

I want to talk with a femanon about final fantasy

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you need to die

>void player
Holy SHIT what a beautiful mod, I could consider coming back with that mod.

I recognize Tomoko-user posts even if you change avatars. Quit posting my wife.

>Yes, the Blessing of Light comes from the crystals of light we're carrying.
It literally never says that.

Yea Forums and not being able to clear savage content

whats bottom pic from?

yoshida and completely exposed data which means cheats don't even need to hook the client

It literally does several times throughout ARR, most of all when Middy seals it away. The Blessing of Light is depicted as that magical glyph that the crystals are arranged in. The new version of the Lahabrea fight in Praetorium also has the crystals circling around you as it activates to bring you back from the dead.

>delete an entire party that isn't paying attention in a big teamfight with a single Jump
pure nvt

>god I hate that faggot and all faggots that stand there afk dancing all day just to be a server personality.
there's this dude in Limsa called limsa lomansa who literally just stands there next to the aetheryte all day, every day, with no breaks. Genuinely baffles me

It does if you buy the second volume of the $50 Encyclopedia Lorebook and read between the lines of the story where Zenos masturbates furiously to the thought of WoL calling him a gay blonde loser with daddy issues

holy shit their poor spines

Talking about the lore behind the Blessings WoL has always divulges into anons eventually screaming at each other. Not even to their own fault, but its a story they made up along the way over what, 8 years?

I'd rather read a lore book front to back.

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yes. The "blessing of light" is just some creation magic Venat cast on us for protection. It's nothing more than that

Why is Gaia perfect bros..

You do realise the Blessing of Light and the Travelers Ward are the same thing right?

>not filtering the word "photon" and saving yourself the trouble

>anons eventually screaming at each other
you're really just describing Yea Forums

>No this fake medical degree isn't illegal it's just an addon
>it's the medical industry's fault for making it so difficult to become a doctor this is just a small QoL change to remedy it

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No because we maintained the tempering immunity when Middy sealed the Blessing.