DSP declares these 4 the best games ever made

FromSoft bros we lost.

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Hyper Fighting is better than Super Turbo

Souls games are circlejerks of mediocrity

What shit taste lol

DSP is the biggest poser on the planet

>The same generic snes games everyone constantly fellates and super turbo

>Noo my tranny roll games, please notice them!!!

>declares these 4 the best games ever made
>when he only describes "HIS" favorite games
Why is OP a fucking retard?

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Phil, I know you are a busy man, but seriously?

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Favorite is no different from best, you seething retard

>Mario World over 3 or 64
>SF2 Turbo
>Link to the Past instead of Ocarina of Time
>Final Fantasy VI
I don't know about this one.

Name better equivalents

Kind of funny how each of these is one degree removed from being the most boring choice possible
>mario 64

FF6 was always the most shilled RPG among game journalists throughout the 1990s and 2000s, it wasn't until after 2007 when zoomers took over game journalism and game magazines faded out that you saw people retroactively start pretending anything from the PS1 besides Metal Gear & SOTN were relevant

>can't read or even acknowledge the image on the OP
yeah im thinking retarded and you as well.

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He has good taste I don't see the problem? These are the expected games for his age group. If he said something like castlevania 2 I would have kneeled. It's his favorite, leave him alone.

>bing bing wahoo
>some literally what street fighter
>bing bing wahoo

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i love world but lol, its a top 15 game, but c'mon.

All those games have sequels that are superior to them in every way. Only retarded boomers stuck in the 90s think they still hold up.

holy shit he is fucking OLD

>not relevant
Even back then they were delusional.

i destroy him in street fighter every friday night. if someone could give me a corn cob connect i would spend $1000 to drop them all on his lawn like what happened to the GUNT

SF4 and not Third Strike?

It was a movie game for trannies that nobody liked because they thought it would be a ARPG, not even top 5 in the West in sales either in 1997. Nobody cared but anime otaku

literally an average nintendo fag who grew up with a snes

Pro Jared - FF6, ALTTP, Chrono Trigger, MGS3
DSP - FF6, ALTTP, Mario World, SF2
Joseph Anderson - FF6, Chrono Trigger
The Completionist - Shovel Knight, FF6, DKC2
Jason Schreier - FF6, Tetris, Super Mario World

I'm surprised there aren't that many people who join lobbies just to beat his whiny ass in Street Fighter games in the first place.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo was never released for SNES, try again

holy autism

DSP trying to take the crown for most generic safe taste on the internet from IGN. He still lost though

>no good games past 94
I'm not sure I agree with that.

yeah same. im really a nice peaceful friendly person. with everyone.
dsp just sets me off i dunno why. he is useless.

>Super Mario World
Not every retard lists this as their favorite Mario game, but you can be goddamned certain everyone that does call it their favorite Mario game is a retard.

Final Fantasy VI is the best game of all time, sorry zoomers and groomers.

>3D graphics are superior because..they just are okay?!?!
I accept your concession

holy shit based opinions

>Malenia BTFO
>KiwiFarms BTFO
>KotakuInAction BTFO
>LivestreamFail BTFO
>TheSecretLifeOfDSP BTFO
>John Rambo & Howard BTFO
>PandaLee kicked to the curb
>Has his own personal bang-maid that cleans his house and cooks
>Survives a SWATing with calm, calculated negotiation skills
>Called Tevin a "mentally ill monkey" and despite Tevin and KiwiFarm's best efforts, the "DSP IS A RACIST!!!" meme never took off on social media

DSP literally cannot be stopped. It's fucking ridiculous. Every single thing his detractors throw at him, he just brushes it off like nothing.

Yet his detractors continue to try take him down day after day. It's pointless; DSP always wins. He's proven that. At this point I'd recommend just giving up and directing your time and effort elsewhere. Go for someone else. Setting your sights on Phil is a fool's errand at this point. You won't defeat him. You just won't.

Btw, anyone who actually hates /ourguy/ needs to leave.

Is is true that detractors tried to ruin dsp’s bankruptcy case by pretending to lawyers

>Joseph Anderson
He should've included Silent Hill 2 in his list.

One of the people on the phone pretended to be part of the firm or something along those lines IIRC. There's a video upload of the audio recording if you want to listen to it.

Your copium levels are through the roof.

This is like a lazy copy pasted 3x3 butbhe stopped at 4, what incredibly safe obvious pics

clocking in to play skyrim and begging for $20 in tips is winning for Yea Forums

Trannysoft fags are boiling


Nier replicant

Top 4 is a weird number but ill bear with it because i only have my top 5 worked out

Metokur turning DSP simp is the worst thing to ever happen to the subject
The amount of underage that try so hard to force copium masks on others just to go "lol seethe" like a bonafied npc is disturbing. You fucks are weirder than detractors at this point, because you literally need to circlejerk over them at any point possible now that cripple's /cow/ echochamber is dead. It looks like a crippled addict searching for a pinch of crack on the floor.

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Mario sunshine
Sf3 thirdstrike or alpha 2
Final fantasy 7

Not that user, felt like answering anyway. Dsps picks were perfectly respectable, all great games and its a favorites list, not a best of list

He only likes SF2 because he played that one busted version in a tourney

No one can reply you fat fuck pussy ass bitch

Those are good games. What, not contrarian enough for you. You want obscure games that nobody has heard of for it to be "good". That sounds more like a hipster move to me.

Ff7 is the second best selling ps1, after gran turismo which was a pack in you absolute retard

Repeat without the buzzwords

>my favorite games
Holy fuck! Are you a game journalist?

unironically very similar to mine except for me its
>Super Mario 64
>Street Fighter IV
>Chrono Trigger

Good fucking GOD three of these are absolutely retarded taste, like did your mom drink with you while she was pregnant?

i wonder what all these people have in common?
that's right, they are all retards and sexual deviants and nobody should listen to a single thing they say

Cry about it

link me daddy-o

post yours then

3s and ff7 feel like pretty solid picks for any given millenial

Not bad choices if you limit yourself to the SNES