Oh yeah... That happened

>oh yeah... That happened.

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Smash 3ds mogs the fuck out of it.

custom moves were too based for ultimate babies

The 3DS version was a mistake and completely gimped the console version.

best smash

My dad left my mom around when this game came out so she got me both this game for wii u and 3ds the day it came out

Isn't it insane how we feel connected to a certain game because of what happened in our lives when we played it?

I played the shit out of Minecraft when I was homeless with a Vita and played it every night and I would charge it at the library. Second time when I was unemployed and had to live off my parents. Now I don't really play Minecraft anymore unless I feel down.

>people said Ultimate would be a port of Smash 4
>turn out that wasn't true
would you a Smash 4 "Complete"+Ultimate's newcomers, spirit mechanics, and Squad Strike or current Ultimate?

>>people said Ultimate would be a port of Smash 4
>>turn out that wasn't true
It's a port, though.

Shartlee opinions don't apply
I don't see my subspace kino in my Brawl "3", asshole.

It's not a port of 4, but to say it isn't derivative of 4 at all is wrong, considering that every game before 4 was completely unique in artstyle and assets.


It SHOULD have been a port, an straightforward one.
Would be better than what we got right now.

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Smash run was ironically more enjoyable than all of the wii u version

it should have been on the WiiU
they lost their 2nd chance by bringing it to Ultimate instead of their World of Light trash.

I was critical of custom moves, but now I realize I miss it.

>custom moves

>Brawn glider, 100-ton hammer (+85, -43)
>Horizon beam 4, Super Armor 2, Auto-rec 2 & Back Shield 1
Post customs.

I only see a port with a fuckton of textures on top + a bigger balance patch that usual. And with actual less stuff at that.

Same but after using them I love them, the closest thing to give vierty to the gameplay since melee.

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I do hope they bring back custom moves.
People keep talking about how old characters need reworks. I think a Take 2 of the idea might alleviate ideas on abandoning older functions.


Smash run was some alright fun for a couple afternoons but it does not make up for how dogshit 4 feels to play. The amount of cope sm4shfags have to be on to imply that it's better than ultimate just because of a couple mediocre single player modes must be ungodly.

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Smash 4 feels better to play than Ultimate.


>no argument

>provide no argument
>get no argument

Smash4 is better than Ultimate just because it doesn't have that shitty buffer, that heinous input lag, the short hop macro, that weird knockback, inferior online and the obnoxious zoom-ins & particle effects.

you just didn't get Smash 4

the 3DS had the 2nd least lag out of all Smashes lmao

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Minecraft on a Vita while homeless sounds very comfy.

I dropped Ultimate soon after finishing world of light because I was bored of regular versus matches and there was very little else to do, meanwhile I can easily go back to Brawl and 3DS for subspace emissary, boss battles and smash run respectively.

4 literally reused the Brawl models for old stages while Ultimate remade them from scratch

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Left looks better.

the last good smash before the nintendon't bait 'n shitch

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Oink oink, Eric.

We don't talk about this flop

No you're just an idiot.

>next roster is approximately Brawl sized
>every character has insane DLC level shenanigans in their kit


More like ruined. soul vs soulless

>and completely gimped the console version
what did it gimp, the heckin ice climbers?

For Glory was better than Ultimate's horseshit

This, and didn't Sakurai specifically say it would NOT do that? LMAO

oh so that's why it felt good to play on 3ds

user's not wrong. Left is proper while right is overtextured to give the idea it's muh graphix and in the attemtp to look like an improvement doing "more" those trees added near the castle look laughable due being mobile tier assets.

The only downside is left being safe which ended better in the end for not doing dumb changes in something that didn't need. Another case of fixing what wasn't broken.

Bro you could have said an actual legitimate criticism which would be that the original had much stronger contrast with the lighting and giving a better atmosphere for a battle at sunset with the silhouette castle in the background. Instead you say dumb shit like 'overtexturing' and talking about low quality tree models when that isn't visible during gameplay anyways.
Get your shit together mate.

Exactly why it's left it's better; those trees were unnecesary. TP design while simple due "restrictions" was perfectly fine for what it needed.

I can't believe there are people trying to say the left looks better because of the out of proportion trees on the Wii U and "over texturing" (LMAO). The absolute state of nostalgiafags

>NEW = le GOOD
Bridge of Eldin was perfect as it was. Cope.

pains me that they wanted to keep the n64 stages authentic but for everything else they decided to fix what wasn't broken

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>All those mobile tier shit on SMW stage
Dear lord, those fruits, color on the land and lightining on the pipes...

I don't remember that lakitu on the original.


The only thing you could argue that was gimped were the stages and music, and I fucking loved 3DS' stages

zoom zoom

>The cope from smash 4 fags in this thread
It will forever be the worst smash, deal with it

That's Brawl.

>It will forever be the worst smash
That's Ultimate.

>The cope from ultimate fags in this thread
It will forever be a smash 4 enhanced port, deal with it

The enhanced port was Brawl.

>That's every game after Brawl
I agree

So Brawl Minus.

I like smash tour.