What's the pineapple pizza of video games?

What's the pineapple pizza of video games?

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you mean the good shit that everyone pretends to hate because its cool and hip to do so? minecraft


minecraft is for children and high functioning autistic retards

You made this exact same thread yesterday

>you mean the good shit that everyone pretends to hate because its cool and hip to do so?
That's the Wii.

Xenoblade Chronicles. Toss in MMO combat on a JRPG and somehow it tastes fucking divine while filtering plebs.

I don't like pineapple pizza. You may, and that's fine, but I don't like it.

you mean the awful shit contrarians pretend to love because they think they're cool and hip for saying so? zoom eternal

My dad likes it and I always end up picking it clean of Pineapple slices when he's not looking, the actual comingling of pineapple + pizza taste is a little weird though. I don't think it's as bad as people say though, no idea where that meme came from.

>people collectively pretending to hate something for no other reason than to feel included

isn't that just Yea Forums

my favorite is pineapple pizza without the pineapple :3

I don't pretend to hate it, I hate it
the sweetness is way too overpowering you need salty with it to balance it out like ham or whatever after that it's pretty damn great

Why is pineapple always paired with canadian bacon?

why are americans deathly afraid of fruits?

Why are third worlders deathly obsessed of Americans and afraid of logical thinking?

Pineapple pizza OSRS

That's still Minecraft but now you only want to play with mods and never touch vanilla again

>the sweetness is way too overpowering
you're supposed to cook the pineapple on the pizza with the other toppings. it really brings down the sweetness.

I hate it because I hate it. Tastes gross

Breath of the Wild
>Godtier game that's only hated by people who don't understand it and haven't played it

I only order pineapple people to piss off redditfags. It's good.

Beer is the opposite of pineapple pizza

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It's crap.

Pineapple does not belong on pizza. The abhorrent texture combined with sweetness completely ruins it.

>Get that shit away from me! I don't want anything SWEET on my pizza!!
>Aaaaah, that's better

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Since when the fuck is cheese sweet? Here's your you for your low iq take

If Minecraft represents the pineapple, what about the ham?

user...that's the point, cheese is the only thing left.

I would say Minecraft.

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Doom eternal is a pizza with no toppings

>that comic
guaranteed seething from beersois

t. sweet cheese denialist


Super Mario Sunshine.

The better question is "what's the big sausage pizza if video games".

>pineapple and ham on pizza
>anchovies and capers on pizza

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Crust is generally lightly sweetened. Tomato sauce is obviously very sweet. Most toppings have some sweetness, particularly the veggies but sausages and bacon can also be sweet depending on how they're made. So the strawman is left with only cheese.

You're such a faggot

JalapeƱos and Pineapples are where it's at

>nearly everything but cheese has added sugar
what the fuck are you eating?

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Pizza. Not exactly a food known for its health benefits, user.

What do you mean, it's basically a vegetable with bread and cheese

>add cheddar cheese
>add jalapenos

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>it's basically a vegetable
They're all using a processed sauce, it's nothing like a vegetable. It's like red liquid sugar with basil in it.

tomato is a fruit

Yes but I was addressing his comparison to the nutrition of a vegetable.

Based. Throw some hot sauce on top too


A Hat in Time. Because it's objectively good and everyone pretends like it's an abomination because some fucking social media post from six years ago told them to.

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you realize you can add vegetables as toppings? Not my fault your pizzas aint healthy

you have the pallet of a child

>a tolerable experience that's over-hated

My mom really likes that pizza and whenever we order pizza we have to get "hawaiian" pizza, she takes all the ham out of the pizza and gives it to me. I ended up unironically enjoying that pizza and the extra ham my mom won't eat.

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>What's a divisive vidya that many people seem to have strong opinions on but i for one don't care about it one way or the other
disco elysium

You can add whatever you want, the pizza isn't going to become a healthy meal option.

>dur hurrrrrr

just look at the ingredients all of them are super healthy, pizza is a super healthy meal as long as you degrease it.

For me, it's recycled pizza.

other way around
people pretend to like and tolerate pineapple pizza in order to look sophisticated and "adult". this thread is proof of Yea Forums's contrarianism.

Who the fuck considers pineapple and ham on pizza an adult thing? Stop making up scenarios in your head retard

daily reminder, pineapple was made popular in the united states by the post ww2 generation. It's basically peak white people food, and thats why there are so many memes against it.

Probably just the MOBA genre as a whole.

>sweet and salty

basic flavor combo. its the same reason people like sweet and sour pork/chicken/ect.