Did you play Le Reddit Scientist Man's game?

Did you play Le Reddit Scientist Man's game?

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what a shit game

I was just talking about how shitty this game ended up being. How sad.

what even game is this

Elden Ring

Yeah it was painfully dull.

tranny alert

Star citizen

Fallout New Vegas in Space but boring with 3 enemies types and 3 types of guns. Also with a hot female companion that turns out to be lesbian and no romance options with your companions wow great thanks a lot obsidian -10/10

why are you announcing yourself?

trannyboy, trannyboy, you're a little trannyboy

Yeah, it was meh. Best thing I can say about it is it didn't overstay its welcome and had some nice environments in like two places. Otherwise it was just worse New Vegas. Just play New Vegas instead.

yeah, this game is the definition of mid

yeah it was mid as fuck no cap

I gave it about 45 minutes. The dialogue was quintessentially reddit and the Fallout3/NV-tier combat was an instant nail in the coffin

got the Platinum, never bothered with the DLC

No u

>Game practically forces you into siding with lazy faggot mooches that can barely survive on their own
>Corpos barely have any motivation beyond being evil
>Every competent leader is a woman
>All the content is in the first area
>Three enemy types
How is this getting a sequel


Bethesda Killer number 17

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Yes I have, and it was so uninspired and pointless that I actually wish it had more le wacky scientist man in it instead.

Outer Worlds

>hot female companion
user you have remarkably bad taste.

>hot female companion
geezus christ get some taste

>very simple skill tree
>armors and weapons all looked like shit with poor variety
>extremely unlikeable companions except for the priest
>le wacky reddit exposition man
>over reliance on fetch quests and back tracking
that was 6hrs I'm never getting back

I liked the Board military leader girl. I want her to step on my balls.
But yeah most of the women are ugly annoying cunts. I literally didn't even bother letting the pink haired bitch join my party. She's supposed to be our guide, but when we show up she's drunk, talking like a retard, and looks unprofessional and weak. She looks like a liberal college student trying to make you sign a petition, not a hunter. Fuck that .


it had a strong start but that desert planet was fucking garbage.




it was ok

How long did you last before you got sick of the one joke they use endlessly "corporation has wacky and extreme rules but everyone takes them seriously and is deadpan about it"?

For me I started getting annoyed about the joke being reused when I got to the first town and met the gravedigger outside and it was already the 3rd time I'd seen the "joke" (first the tutorial getting the gun, then with the troops/raiders in front of the space ship), so basically within 30 minutes of starting.
Then it kept happening every conversation with an NPC for the entire rest of the game.

I played it. They based an entire game off of one "lol capitalism bad" joke and it got boring by the end of the first planet. Very one-dimensional approach to world design. 5/10


Yeah. Did a run with giant SCIENCE hammer. It was okay. Never played it again, and feel no need to.

Could you imagine making a great game with burqa'd up waifu's? Imagine the shitposts on here. That'd be so great

Fallout 4 was better than this. I really don't know why this thing got so much praise when it released, especially from fat tranny fucks like Jim Sterling

Unfortunately yes

It's one of those games that's always on sale for

For about 3 hours then I deleted it. God I'm glad that Epic has such shit DRM.

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>Corpos barely have any motivation beyond being evil
This is what happens when your entire worldview revolves around "CAPITALISM BAD!!!!"

Yeah and I got rid of him.

>Rick and Morty is exactly the same kind of “humor” that Yea Forums parrots, praises and spouts off any chance they can get
>they hate it

So Yea Forums hates themselves? Interesting.

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Have max and felix out at the same time gave some decent banter. They like to talk about sports.

Outer Wilds

Repetitive, shallow and boring. About what you'd expect from gameplay that's "clear a flat plane of a map with 2 enemy types and run some errands for characters that aren't even particularly quirky".
Even the DLC is the same few enemy types and reskinned armour.
I didn't hate it, but I don't remember jack shit about it, and that might be worse.

Blandest game I have ever played. Not a single thing about it was worth remembering. Even the woke shit was so dull I couldn't even get annoyed at it.

I tried it at a friends for a few hours. Was put off by all the dumb jokes, the games insistance and tongue in cheekness of forcing you to play a brown person, and the annoyingness of the ship, its former captain, and your companions. Didn't mind the combat, as i've always liked the fallout/bioshock style combat, but the rest put me off.

Same. they tried too hard to be funny, quippy and qurky. It had zoomer, Fortnite and Borderlands humor written all over it.

i'm thinking about running through it for hte main store fast with cheats giving me like infinite hp and strength so i can just bash everyones head in and keep it moving

Main story isn't particularly good either, user. Most of the last quest is just getting aided by the faction you chose on each world.

This game had the most despicable compions of any game ever. There is no fanart or fandom for them, because no one likes them. The writes really thought that in a Science Fiction RPG you would faill in love with
>Setting up and paying for a entire date for someone else, just for you to look from afar and say "wow! Isn't love beautiful?"
>Being in the self-discovery journey with a annoying psychopath priest that does nothing but say "this is bullshit! That is bullshit!" For him to learn nothing of value
>Helping a hispanic idiot discover that he is in fact a hispanic idiot
>Helping a woman whose friends got killed by mantises... To kill some mantises... And that it
>Helping the doctor with HER FUCKING DADDY ISSUES while a fucking intergalactic class war is going on
>And a robot... That is a robot

>no romance
that's not a bad thing you coomer faggot

yeah but i figured bashing all these peoples heads in with no remorse would at least be cathartic

5/10 game. Obsidian hasn't made a game worth a shit since New Vegas and never will. The dev team that made NV doesn't even exist anymore and this dogshit studio is still riding the coattails of a 12-year-old game.

>Fallout New Vegas in Space
So sick of this shit, the people who worked on thr original Fallouts are responsible for NV, not fucking obsidion the people who made KOTOR 2 as tslented as they were are still not responsible for NV, they were given an offer to make NV and J Sawyer got the old fallout devs together to make a new game and then they all left when it was done. NV exists because the planets essentially aligned for it to exist, it was a complete stroke of luck that will never ever happen again, outer worlds doesn't even come close to Fo3, let alone NV.

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I normally find something to like about games that are shat on by the internet but I don't think I made it past the second planet in this. I want to like it because the music's quite nice and the first planet looks lovely but everything about it is just dull.
The worst thing about it is the dialogue and writing. It's like they're trying to be satirical and funny with all the corporate speak but it just comes off as stilted and awkward, and not in a purposeful way. I bought it full price on release as well thinking I'd be in for another New Vegas.

them probably decimating sales by naming Outer Worlds so closely to Outer Wilds is why I will forever hate this game

I'd take burqa'd bitches at this point, at least then I wouldn't have to look at a bunch of manfaced dyke character models.


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