Kotaku is right

If you play video games, you need to have sex.

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Yeah but is he better than DSP?

>heh....this tall, handsome white man who makes more in a minute than I will ever see of my life and is the most influential person on the planet only leveled VIG to 38 instead of 40....absolutely maidenless behavior...looks like I'm superior...
Why are gamers like this?

His build is dumb because it's Int/Dex instead of something actually good like Dex/Faith/Arcane

I fucking hate this reddit clown

Wasn't everyone batching about how good INT/DEX was for months and how STR and FTH had nothing going for them?

Int/Dex doesn't even make sense, it has one weapon: Moonveil. Even pure STR builds are more fun than Int/Dex. Easier too actually, I can get away with having 10-20 less Vig than I normally can and I pump Endurance up to 40/50 anyway.

>it has one weapon
>he doesn't know

>Int/Dex doesn't even make sense, it has one weapon: Moonveil
And yet Yea Forums sucks off Bloodborne which is "Every weapon has one specific build and it's probably not what you think it is: The Game." But when Elden Ring does it suddenly it doesn't make sense?

>int/dex has one weapon: one of the best
dex also increases cast speed

>can’t help but bring up Bloodborne in a completely unrelated thread
>comparing Bloodborne to Elden ring, 2 games with massive differences
lmao literally mind fucked by Bloodborne

Oh you mean that weapon that Yea Forums has been crying about since the game ever released?

>Int/Dex doesn't even make sense, it has one weapon: Moonveil.
Nigger you can literally equip a staff and wreck shit with spells too. Also Astel's Wing.

>it has one weapon: Moonveil.
I fail to see the problem.

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keep chugging Elon's Musky cock. I hate people like you.

You are absolutely retarded.
DEX pairs great with INT in every single one of these games.

Elon Musk will go down as history's greatest conman.

lol act like there are that many good weapons in the first place, everyone uses Moonveil because it’s cheap to upgrade, uses the more available stones, has a proc, is very powerful, and the game does nothing to reward experimentation anyway, if anything it actively punishes it as much as possible.

where is the con?

>vision for the future is humanity achieving digital immortality, menial labor being replaced by robots, and becoming a multi-planet species
please explain how these aren't the most important goals in history

You hate everybody yourself the most, why would your opinion matter at all
Don't reply to me faggot

nah I only hate you specifically. Well; you and people that defend Elon Musk for some fucking reason.

I hope we get bombed before you get your pie-in-the-sky transhumanist horseshit.

He never ever achieved anything worthwhile, at most living vicariously through other people's deeds. Never done anything, yet sells himself as humanity's savior and super genius.

>vision for the future is humanity achieving digital immortality, menial labor being replaced by robots, and becoming a multi-planet species
Cool vision, yet he never done anything to achieve it. He gets money from spewing bullshit and sci-fi crap. He's a conman.

>He gets money from spewing bullshit and sci-fi crap.
He gets money from electric cars, reusable rockets, and satellite internet coverage

>buy companies that produce that shit
he is a conman but also a slimy businessman

That goalpost looks heavy, need some help with that?

Elon isn't handsome by a long shot. Sorry, Elon.

So he's succeeded? That's literally how you get as rich as he does. He's spend years getting there by making as many deals that benefit him as possible. That's the fucking point

>muh con
It's not his fault people are dumb.

>yet sells himself as humanity's savior and super genius.
He was always a businessman, nothing more, nothing less. He's just good at twisting his words so he sounds 10 times smarter than it actually is. People are just dumb.

He was sufficient enough to cuck a movie star known for being a heartthrob

Nazi satellites? Based

He got in early enough on Tesla to actually say he is apart of their success.

Elon literally buys his way into successful companies and then plays the part of a hardworking businessman. He's also laughably ignorant of meme culture outside of doge and saying 420 69. The man is a joke and pinning your dreams of a white dominated culture on him is autistic as fuck

Pretty sure it was the money and fame.

conservative thinking is regressive and pessimistic
it must hurt to spend your whole life hating things

a pile of horse shit is better than dsp

It's kind of hilarious how leftoids went from loving Elon to doing a complete 180 for no reason

that elon fella made me a lot of money on tesla in 2020, and for that I like him. Hoping he makes me a lot of money in the future too

It's not about being pessimistic my guy, it's about not blindly believing what a random businessman says since he has an ego and desperately wants to LARP as Tony Stark.

I bet this user uses Rivers of Blood

Who did he buy SpaceX from?

Isn't Kotaku one of the sites that loves to bitch and whine about "gate-keeping" and "git gud"? Yet here they are doing that very thing to Elon.

So whining and gate-keeping is OK when it's aimed at rich, white men?

>never ever achieved anything worthwhile, at most living vicariously through other people's deeds. Never done anything, yet sells himself as humanity's savior and super genius.
Sounds like Greta Thumberg. Remember when you people were sucking her truant cock?

Everything is permitted when it's done to those who oppose your beliefs

>Greta Thumberg
Come on user, you don't even know me. I'm allowed to hate Elon Musk and not give a fuck about Greta Thumberg at the same time.

he bought twitter which has been a leftist paradise and now he wants to make it more open to everyone, thats very very bad

wanting to protect the environment is such a selfish, narcissistic thing to do
can't believe she wasn't extolling the benefits of free markets

you shouldn't be emotionally invested in a celebrity being popular. you sound like a faggot who whined about Justin Bieber 10 years ago.
Were you?

>Man drops a degenerate amount of money on a whim just to piss off our sworn enemy
>Yea Forums still hates him because B-BUT IT'S M-MUH LE REDIIIIIT MAAAAAAN
Even for being a contrarian you need principles and reasons, it's not just H8ING LE POPYOOLAR THING. You're all just homosexuality-supporting braindead underage zoomer faggots, best case scenario. I despise you all, fucking niggers.

>person with no achievements is jealous of those with achievements
what a surprise

It has a bunch of weapons and you can infuse any dex weapon for decent damage anyway

>as humanity's savior and super genius.
no one's saying that. what's important is that he's funding cool technology shit instead of moralfaggot shit, unlike every other virtue-signalling billionaire faggot. he along with japan are the only ones that will accelerate our generation to the era of sex robots. simple as

>bad rich man we hate is heckin maidenless yo! #failwhale! #tag a maidenless friend!
fucking yuck

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does sex really matter if you're filthy rich?

what's up with the cowboy hat? is he going bald again?

how many trees she planted when skipping classes to give interviews to Forbes and NYT again, I forgot

>sworn enemy
conservative puritans would ban this site in a heartbeat for naughty language, indecency, and being unbiblical

You aren't successful unless roast beef curtains deem you have access to holes.

>cold nagakiba/katana
>cold cross naginata
>cold banished halberd
>loretta sickle

He writes for kotaku so he's not even a gamer. He's a limpwristled noodle-armed faggot failson games journo who's never had sex without paying for it directly or begging a fat girl for months. He's like the "Five Guys" of Gamergate fame, and is bad at games to boot.

>guzzling reddit's favorite billionaire basedboy's cum because you think it epically pwns teh libs
ngmi faggot

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20 years ago, maybe. Those conservative "puritans" today, are not only hungry but starving for freedom, as the rest of us.

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how many people were inspired to plant trees or do other environmentally conscious things as a result of her continued activism and spreading awareness?
I would advise you let go of your hatred for others and start being a force for good user
it must hurt to be so angry all the time because muh libs
just be kind and offer solutions, not abrasiveness

You lost, trannoid

holy fuck imagine being this much of an idiot to actually believe this. Niggas an actor user He's whitebread the science negro.

Yeah! We here at Yea Forums stand with twitter whores and Kotaku on this subject! Learn how we operate!

I just think using "maidenless" in an article like that is as gay and phoney as saying "breathtaking" around the keanue reeves faggoty worshiping period.
It's like old people saying "epic fail" to fit in.

Leftists are so butthurt by this dude it's unreal
You think people who write for Kotaku play games? How new are you?

>Kotaku or Musk
I don't know which one is worse desu

freedom from taxes maybe, economics and religion are the only things they stand for

When did lefties turn on Elon, was it when he got with a female planted his seed and then left? Did they know he already had 6 kids he doesn't see?

The irony of this image is that Zack de la Rocha is a HUGE leftist.

The meme of conservatives not actually listening to RatM is always true.

We have reached a point where not only CIA niggers glow in the dark, leftist scum posting in vietnamese basket weaving forums do as well.

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