Let’s have a comfy FFXI thread while xivtards continue to have a meltdown.

What are your thoughts on the livestream? Any hope for the 16th? Apparently there’s going to be an official announcement

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Nothing that makes me want to resub

Arci in the 'log!

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I think something will be announced on the live letter, however it will still be disappointing. I'm hedging my bets here.

God I love her cute headband

I want to get into this game so badly but Im already playing FF14, some day I'll bite the bullet and get it

>What are your thoughts on the livestream?
kind of disappointing
i was hoping for some sort of actual announcement but instead we got 5 hours of reminiscing

If it were cheaper I'd play it. They want me to spend money on the game, its expansions, and then pay a sub fee? Fuck off. Game should be free with the only thing you pay for being the sub fee.

best girl

Y'all motherfuckers need Altana.

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is it worth playing FFXI in 2022 if I've never played it before

also can you "beat" FFXI

Idk why but for some reason watching the live stream made me pretty sad and feel sorry for the devs. Like here’s Yoshi P being revered for his work on XIV with huge fanfares and shit and then FFXI is like one dude who is still supporting a ps2 mmo with like 1000 viewers in the stream

arciela with her hair down.........damn............................

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Yes and yes

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If you gauge a stories completion as beating something, FFXI sort of has that. Rhapsodies of Vana'diel was supposed to be the last story arc of the game, although they're adding extra now to tie up some loose ends. But if you want to experience the story, you do have a definitive start and end point in this MMO.

The livestream had like 12k live viewers, so it's really not that bad. Honestly that makes it worse if they don't plan to do anything on the 16th.

>What are your thoughts on the livestream?
An actually much better roadmap than I expected them deliver. Looking forward to reforging my empys in July and grinding for the new ultimates.

>Any hope for the 16th?
Idk. I expect it to just be some lame thank you letter from Matsui because they already blew their load on the 9th, but I'd love to be proven wrong.


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I wanna throw this slampig around

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>Any hope for the 16th?
This is the only thing they have planned for the 16th.
>We're pleased to announce a new event, Mandragora Mania Madness, in celebration of the 20th Vana'versary! This event will commence on Monday, May 16.
This is FFXI. They don't do major changes without giving you advanced notice on it. They wouldn't do some big hype change without going everywhere to make sure people knew it was coming.
When The Voracious Resurgence was announced, they got everyone to talk about it. Even Kotaku had to run "Yeah, FFXI is still around" articles.
In the May 8th stream, however, they did announce that they will be continuing TVR's content by adding more missions, an endgame zone, a new set of REMA weapons called Prime Weapons, and a few other things like expanding Odyssey further while working on connectivity issues and any required fixes that pop up along the way.
All it was was a continued promise that they will keep updating this game.
If you were expecting them to do some kind of major overhaul, or reboot, or dump a 108 episode anime detailing the lives and times of Koru-Moru then I'm afraid you need to have more realistic expectations.

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So what's the qrd on the Wings tranny shit?

>dump a 108 episode anime detailing the lives and times of Koru-Moru
I don't think I could stomach 108 eps of that desu

I suppose some people are still holding their breath for a remaster announcement.

>If you were expecting them to do some kind of major overhaul, or reboot, or dump a 108 episode anime detailing the lives and times of Koru-Moru then I'm afraid you need to have more realistic expectations.
i would actually watch the fuck out of a Chains of Promathia anime though

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>a tragedy in two acts

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If they did actually do any kind of anime, it would probably be based on the FFXI novelizations. They're original stories set in Vana'diel that intersect with the smaller quests and rarely feature any expansion content.
If you're familiar with the various novels based on Pen and Paper games they're sorta like that. Someone's original character going through the world, fighting regular monsters, and maybe running into one or two major characters, but nothing that would involve them in the major plots like RotZ/CoP/etc.

I get it, but let's be realistic. If they really were planning anything major, they would've said it way ahead of time. I'm not denying the fact that they may announce something, but it's a little silly to act like they're gonna hide something until the last minute.

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I don't get it.

>When shit is going down in the plot

>but it's a little silly to act like they're gonna hide something until the last minute.
IF it were to happen I wouldn't expect them to release it on the anniversary. At this point it would be an announcement that it's going to happen. I don't think it will but that would be in the realm of possibility.

>fred perry
Takes me back

Well, this is what they announced on the 5/8 Anniversary stream.
>Master Level increase in June up to 40.
>Master level cap is going to be 50 for the immediate future. seems to be end of the year they will be added from 40 to 50.
>Odyssey - they want to add stronger equipment. He's planning on battle content where strong enemies come out. JP players seem upset how hard odyssey is and that this can't happen if its this hard. V25 confirmed, along with appraisal accessory? Future augs will add 4th Aug slot instead of increasing existing stats
>Confirmed that empyrean +2/+3 mats will appear in TVR. Seems that new battle content and Empyrean upgrades scheduled for July. Taking place in rakaznar. +2 soloable. Fresh 99 can contribute. +3 requires more work.
>"I wonder if the black relic weapon of TVR will be a reward".
>It will be revealed in TVR why it is the shape of ragnarok and what color it has. Strength of these weapons will be the same as REM. Involves the birth of relics and the Hydra Corps. Not a relic remake/upgrade. "Prime Weapons" is the term it seems
This is all that's been confirmed so far. There might be more, this might be it. I don't deny the possibility that they'll do something to coincide with May 16th, but I think it's best to assume they're going to have more stuff they'll talk about over the course of the year. They'll drip stuff out, little by little, so they can continue a steady stream of content.

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This game has been shit for longer than it was good.

If I wanna try the game in the 75 level cap version should I play Eden or Wings?

>>Master Level increase in June up to 40.
Any significant changes because of this?

I'm confused by people who want to experience FFXI because of all the stories they hear but then choose retail over a private server so they can experience the content. Doesn't beating everything at 99 with trusts go completely against ant vet's account of what things were like and what made them love the game?

im here for the story

I play on eden. I haven't played wings. I played from retail from 03-09, and I think wotg is where the game started getting bad and that the time period/expansions that eden has are where the game is at its best. Make of that what you will

A lot of people interested in FFXI seem to be retards like who unironically want to play the game for the story. In other words the worst kind of people. These are the guys who ruined the entire mmorpg genre because they need to play mmorpgs solo.

Stop being so bitter that you'll never be able to go back to the "golden age".

I played FFXI during its golden age, now I come back to experience the story and a world I love. Seethe.

you're cringe

Once you hit 99 and start having to grind for shit that would be more leveling in any other game it becomes very much like ye olde days again and you'll be at that for a long enough period of time to get the experience, it just won't be at the dunes

I want to go back

Why don't any of the private servers emulate a REAL classic experience?

Level sync and the enemy replacements killed the classic game.

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Thanks for the (You)s but you're still all retards.

I started a few months ago and made my way to level 67 and then got distracted by IRL shit like moving. Cmoing back now and I might remember 20% of the story and certainly not where I was going next. Part of me wants to reroll to go into the game with context again, but part of me doesn't want to give up on some of the pain in the ass shit I had to accomplish (mostly to unlock jobs from later expansions at low level)

It's fucked up because ffxi, especially CoP, has a decent story and when it was contemporary that amount of story in an mmo was revolutionary. We felt the way back then when we saw shit like Aldo doing a Naruto run under Kam'lanaut to catch a bitch that the people nowadays feel when they play Endwalker or whatever. The difference is that FFXI story moments weren't strong or impactful in a vacuum--like, you couldn't just watch them on YouTube and feel good about it--but rather they were given meaning because of how hard you had to work in order to make that progress. They're perfectly fine cutscenes and the writing is good enough but they were given gravity and meaning by the effort they demanded of you.

Also, in regard to seeing them in a vacuum, there were details in many other quests that informed or embellished upon the content of those main story missions, like all the details about Raogrimm and Zeid you get in the warrior AF or how they allude to Aldo being the kid from the cutscene before CoP even came out. You miss out on stuff like that, hundreds of countless little details and connections (the fuckin ZM slab mission!) when you don't experience the game in a way similar to how it was intended

I really should figure out how to play this game and actually finish it

Just make a new character, stay THF to focus story, once your memory is jogged, hop back on your main to have access to more shit again

no private server has a large enough playerbase to play without level sync
imo even the base game should have had a 2-level sync though

Yeah, a lot, honestly. Master Levels improve your base attributes, combat skills, magic sills, HP, and MP. In addition, it also raises the cap on subjobs. Someone with Master Level 30 (the current cap) will have their Subjob raised to 55. You still have to actually level up your subjob to meet this cap, but you'll gain all the boons from having the SJ at this level.


2 would be fine.

It being unlimited basically meant that everyone relegated to 3 or 4 spots instead of every level range having its own handful of places to go.

80% of the overworld died immediately.

Please stop making so many FFXI threads...you're going to force me to resub.
Please...I can't...

Nasomi had like... 10 I thought? I played a long time ago but I just assumed every server was like that. Unlimited sounds super dumb. Also power-leveling and multi-boxing are kind of rampant on private servers which sucks the soul away.

private servers are incomplete
you can larp as an oldfag but it isnt the same experience
theres free log-in periods so money shouldnt be an excuse for story

user….its time to let go of xiv. Embrace classic mmo kino

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Apparently Wings bans all multiboxing but I haven't played there. Eden is limited to dualboxing.

Haven't touched that since Stormblood.

what is multiboxing im new

>you will never again grind through the incredibly hard pre-nerf CoP missions, and end up killing tenzen at the same exact moment he finishes his skillchain causing your whole party to spawn in al'taieu dead after the victory cutscene

11 is LITERALLY free atm

What I meant was, is there anything interesting from the subjob level increase? Like how 53 lets sub scholar do whatever it does, and sub dragoon has super jump.

It was and is unlimited on retail.

When it first came out everyone immediately banned every zone except Qufim worms and Caedarva imps. Nothing in between.

Did anyone in the last thread murmuring about joining retail end up doing it?
I can run newbies through whatever on Phoenix.

Im sorry user, as soon as I was greeted with the absolute horror that is Play Online I went private server

It's an mmo/gaming term meaning that one player is using multiple clients/accounts on their PC, essentially playing multiple characters at once.

Many old mmorpgs pretty much break down once you introduce multiboxing on any level as you're normally supposed to have multiple people in a party to have access to the utility of multiple classes.