Have you tried Cyberpunk recently?

Have you tried Cyberpunk recently?

It's gotten a lot better

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i tried it on the new patch after beating it on an older patch but the gameplay is exactly the same and there's no replayability so i uninstalled.

lies, Panam doesn't shower


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Never got around to playing, I upgraded my PC and I still don't know if it's enough to run the game.

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You'd be fine.

I got consistent 60fps+ performance at 1440p High on a 3700X and a RTX 3070 with ray-tracing on.


Considering it. Could I run it if I could run Elden Ring?

>Panam doesn't shower

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I will not be giving CP2077 a second chance until they issue a 100gb update rebuilding the game from the ground up. Yes, an update. Not DLC, not a remaster/remake/reissue/whatever they want me to pay for. It might be an unrealistic demand, but it IS a reasonable one - that's just the situation they've created and it's on them.

panam isnt real

I think they would rather just lose (you) as a customer

On my third playthrough right now user. Started on PS4 and ended up on PS5 game runs quite well.

i wanted to try finishing it but couldnt. a 1070 just cant really handle the game well. even on lowish to medium settings, i still only get around 30-40fps. im honestly better off playing the game on my ps5 but i really dont want to rebuy the game.
at least i can still play most modern games just fine like elden ring.

Fine by (me)

I've been unironically considering it now that I built a new rig recently. I laughed at the state it was at launch but my standards are low at this point, and so long as it's 'playable' now after multiple patches I wouldn't mind trying it out.
That said, I'd rather wait until it gets a major discount sometime in the future, for now I sure as fuck ain't paying full price for this shit, and my schizo ass is too scared to get a crack off some dodgy torrent.

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they added DLSS now so the frame rate should be improved

Played last year, I encountered no mission breaking bugs, there's still a rendering problem, but mostly in textures, didn't had the issue of going to fast with my bike and hitting yet invisible traffic and had fun playing net runner, although it makes the game extremely trivial pass a certain point

>and my schizo ass is too scared to get a crack off some dodgy torrent.
then just pirate the gog version so you dont have to worry about cracks.

>Still requires DirectX12

Sorry, but I won't install Wintranny 10 now or ever.

Works on my PS5 bro

Panam is literally the only good part of the game.


god she's perfect

It works on Windows 7. Along with WoW it's one of two DX12 games that work on 7.

Game barely stays at 60fps on medium settings with my 1660. I rather just play the Deus Ex games.

They will never fix cyberpunk because it is fundamentally flawed on a core level and not what they promised.
I want to be able to play a rich story involving all the roles on this list and not just a fucking Solo, like they promised during the initial investor presentation. They can't possibly fix that with a patch. They released the equivalent of a D&D game that says "okay we have all these cool race and class combos but you have to be a human fighter"

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Any good mods for it or something? Looks like cdpr just did some bug fixes for shit most people would never notice while leaving the obvious buggy shit untouched.

>chromatic aberration
>not even the camera, just some dumb PNG on top of your screen

what the fuck bros?

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that is so fucking cringe holy shit

Yes, it's a 50-50 gamble if it will CTD after closing a fucking menu

still waiting for them to actually finish the game

I might try it when the devs finish the game.

just read Neuromancer instead faggot

Reminds me of Prey (2017)'s text logs that were a fucking nightmare to read because they had chromatic aberration and slight headbob-like motion on fucking text. No turning it off either.

>gameplay is the same
>story hasn't been replaced
Yea I don't think so.

You have to strike when the iron is hot and it's ice cold now. A best they would have to make a second game so good people would go back to play this one for backstory.

better at what?

I might

gotta finish anno mutationem first

Why would people buy a Cyberpunk 2 when they remember Cyberpunk 1 was the biggest disappointment of the decade?

okay, enjoy being the only one who wants that and never getting what you want, egotistical cocksucker

depends on definition really. I maxed it out 1080p/60fps on a basic bitch 2070/B450/ryzen5 3600. you should have no issue at 2k/60fps or 1080p/144fps but idk about 2k+/144fps.

I think I could get into it if the melee or hacks were fun and not boring as shit.
Gunplay is fine but I was hoping for more fun alternate play styles.

Nah, he's right and that demand is reasonable. Cyberpunk is shit, it's not even 10% of the game it was advertised as, and unless CDPR actually delivers that game they promised there is no reason for anyone to ever give them a second chance. Fool me once, shame on you.

No one is going to buy the first game when the sequel is already being released, that's a retarded business plan

nah i dont need to it was perfect on day one

the fuck happened to the free batmobile. I finished ghost town, waited the 3 days, and have done more side missions, but it is not appearing.

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cyberpunk coomers are so soulless and artificial much like their game

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Been the only game I've been playing since December 2020. I'm not poor or a 4k fag so it ran fine for me day one. All you copefags who couldn't enjoy the game because it's not the tailor made fantasy you dreamed up are pathetic.

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And here's some screens I took when I was still using a 970

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i refunded the game because it wasnt fun

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Sorry for your loss

>universe where you could fuck a literal cyborg anime girl sex doll that never gets pregnant unless you want her to
>your choices are a random beaner slut or trashy burnout whore
it's just insulting

God my disappointment in the first 30 minutes was insane
>choose corpo
>”oh my boss wants me to take out his rival, I’ll probably assemble a team, pull it off, only to have him stab me in the - oh wait it’s over already? What the hell is this montage?

This is some of the unsexiest ghetto garbage bag dressed uncanny valley plastic body shit I have ever seen connected to AAA video games.
Somehow the robot body girl with the human face from the Douk leak is more attractive.

No one's going to buy the first game regardless you idiot. Everyone knows it's shit.

Go cum somewhere else. Your brain is mush.

I'll agree corpo is the shittiest start.

Hell, Dragon Age Origins got this right 10+ years ago.