We back Feibros

there is still hope


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Do you really think someone'd do that?
Just...go on the Internet and tell lies?

thank fucking god


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>Composer guesses that Fei long won't be in SF
>Journalists claim INSIDER INFO that composer said for a FACT that Fei won't be in

>Everyone thinks it's fact so they contact capcom
>capcom fires composer
>composer now suing for defamation

holy fuck what a shitshow

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is Tarantino /our guy/?

>composer now suing for defamation
hahahaha lmao
he will lose that case if it's demonstrated that he did in fact make comments
proving defamation/libel is one of the hardest legal battles for reasons

>>he will lose that case if it's demonstrated that he did in fact make comments
>proving defamation/libel is one of the hardest legal battles for reasons

Not a legalfag but how?
I listened to the podcast and he straight up says it's a guess as to who will not be in the next SF. Paraphrasing here but he goes on to say because of that one movie, the Bruce Lee family is much more strict on anything depicting Lee.

Journalists took this as a fact, which it was not. Causing this to get him fired.

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so what was that shit about his bruce lee's daughter turning 180 on everyone parodying her father? was that fake too?

Maybe this will make people realize bruce lee was a faggot and all chinese dance fighting is useless in a real fight.

>so what was that shit about his bruce lee's daughter turning 180 on everyone parodying her father?
wasnt that just about her being mad at that one Tarantino movie?
unless there was something else too.


Daniel Lindholm is confirmed not a friend.

Serves him right for not knowing that when you work for a corporation you should keep your mouth shut about what what can happen or not. Just talk about your work, don't speculate in public about internal conversations.

you have to demonstrate several qualities such as at the very least, negligence, if not malice, leading to the cause of a falsehood
and you must show that it's somehow a falsehood masquerading as fact
his case falls on the fact that he supposedly said things himself to others, which means the accounts and anecdotes came from himself, and unless others negligently fluffed up and twisted what he said, which he needs to prove, he doesn't really have a case even if he lost a job over it because he would supposedly be his own cause
>all chinese dance fighting
bruce lee was not a fan of the dancy kung fu shit in movies either, you crouching dick hidden vagina

He was a manlet so other manlets think if they learn pretend fighting they will be cool too.

Here is a protip for fighting, size and mass are everything.

even bruce lee has acknowledged that with his response to a question about him vs muhammed ali that comes from the book "The Making of Enter the Dragon"
>“Everybody says I must fight Ali some day.” Bruce said, “I’m studying every move he makes. I’m getting to know how he thinks and moves.” Bruce knew he could never win a fight against Ali. “Look at my hand,” he said. “That’s a little Chinese hand. He’d kill me."

>“Look at my hand,” he said. “That’s a little Chinese hand. He’d kill me."

>Just talk about your work, don't speculate in public about internal conversations.

Yeah, that's probably what happened. It's likely someone at some point talked about this issue: that the family has had concerns about portrayls of Bruce Lee and that it could potentially mean an issue for Fei Long. However the composer then took this as some fact when it was not.

he is probably a shitty composer anyway, whoever he is
never heard of him before now

>i don't know what defamation is but i've been watching tabloid coverage of johnny depp

proof? was he even an employee? most composers aren't.

Shouldn't he be suing the journalist? It would also teach them a lesson on making click bait headers with """facts"""

>>>i don't know what defamation is but i've been watching tabloid coverage of johnny depp

what a fucking retarded ape.
He is suing for defamation. >>(You)
>proof? was he even an employee? most composers aren't.
shut the fuck up nigger don't reply to me again
he is suing the journalist.

the true redpill is that anyone who trains kickboxing and grappling for a year and isn't a manlet could beat any Chinese martial arts fighter.

bruce loved to play into chinese stereotypes, dummy. it was a way of disarming people who were being too serious. watch old interviews of him. on one show after demonstrating a few of his normal moves he said something like "then you can also try this, hitting below the belt, because we chinese are very sneaky"

>still no proof of any of this
double nigger

that's because he liked to joke around like anyone normal and not an sjw


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that nigger deleted his tweets at sanic speed

try not spreading unverified info like a fucking retard next time

This dude deleted fucking everything

let's find out what kind of shitty music he has done
says he did sfv but that was a multicomposer product
so which musics did he even do???

He worked on a lot of stuff, but SFV music was the least memorable for me, so maybe it's a good thing.

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A character that I know we won't see at all — there's been a lot of discussion about it — I mentioned earlier a character I would like to rewrite the music for would be Fei Long.

I do have other sources — not only Capcom, but friends of mine in the U.S., who are very close friends with the Lee family — and they have basically said that any kind of resemblance to Mr. Bruce Lee is now omitted for comedic effect, comic stuff. It needs to be honourable.

That’s why we won’t see Fei Long again. Ever.

do you know which tracks of sfv were his?


only one I could find with credits

10 bucks says this guy composed the godawful remix of Juri's theme and not the kino songs like Zangief's and Karin's.

Apparently he "left" on good terms. (probably just coping and also not wanting twitter retards to drag him in even deeper shit)


Still, deserved for running his mouth in public, especially about the fucking company he works for. If he wanted, he should've shittalked some other company like what "gaming insider leakers" do.

>he wants to sue journos
>but he has this kind of language in these statements
lol he will lose, the negligence is his

Oh damn he made that really catchy mercenaries theme for 6

This is what's shown on the fanwiki.

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For your information. I've been misquoted during a hypothetical question in my video. Just a small part of the information I had was common knowledge about the Lee family. However, this information was not from Capcom. I love "What if" questions, because it gives the freedom to..express yourself about a situation that would never happen. I would like to consider my thoughts to be of my own, not the opinions of Capcom. I sincerely apologize for the Lee family, which of whom, I go by the philosophy of Bruce Lee every day. It wouldn't make sense that...... I would say anything bad or ill about anyone or anything related to my favorite genre of game and people of whom I admire. To treat a hypothetical discussion as facts, it's just wrong.

journalism was a mistake and every murdered reporter is justified

bruce lee has a twitter account?

e. honda's theme was pretty good in this game
he's still a dumbass tho

>A friend of a friend of a friend told me that Fei Long won't be in a game again, ever
>WTF guys, this was only speculation.
He deserved it

He should have never talked to journalists. I don't think he's entirely in the wrong since those jourous should have verified this info first before publishing any info, but all of them are desperate for clicks so it doesn't matter.

It's run by his daughter yes

Hate newspaper

that being said keeping your mouth shut about shit like this should basically be common sense for this exact reason. NDA's exist for a reason

Why is everything I see about anything related to fighting games always some turbo autistic shit?
That's why I don't play them.

Why is a Western composer commenting, or even guessing, as to what characters are going to appear in a fighting game made in Japan?

watch him still not be in SF6 anyway

Various non-character themes (Disc 3, 17-22)


Yep, hard lesson learned from him and for other people as well hopefully. Don't talk to journalists at all in any industry unless you're trying to market a product.

Capcom are now following Western suits for advice on how to make a game globally appealing. Inafune's greatest wetdream is finally happening for real this time, he was just too early to do it.

That's the thing, from what I understand he didn't shittalk anyone.

Damn, those were my favorites.

imo he was entirely in the wrong. publicly leaking info for a product that relies on hype for marketing is just taking on all this risk for nothing.

at least it's not wub
zeku? his theme was pretty okay
not much of a fan of the rest
the general purpose bgms don't really offer anything new either

Oh, it's just some shitty literal who europoor composer. Who fucking cares? Hopefully more of them get black listed, maybe then SF will finally get some good music again.

Get fucked.

that'd be the kicker

It seems like someone’s going to lose his job

he already got fired

He did the following themes in SF5.

It's a shame, I liked him taking stuff from older games like Cody's theme mostly being an homage to Needle from Capcom vs. SNK 1 or some nice twists like Zeku's theme sounding like a '70s spy film or Lucia's sounding like an '80s action movie. G's theme is one of the best in the entire game too.

Good to see the Lee family didn't completely lose their minds. Honestly, the only place I ever see Bruce Lee's image with any regularity anymore are fighting games.

Well you fuck around you find out I guess rip

>lie on the internet
>people immediately flip their shit and create an entire narrative about how it happened
>turns out none of its true
Why is this so common?

He also did Heat on Beat in RE6

Do neither of you know what Non-Disclosure Agreements are? Of course Capcom isn't going to be happy if some no-name asshole they hired starts giving details away. He got fired because he was mouthy and game journalists will publish anything.

Didn't do Rashid? No value lost.

poor guy found out too late

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You guys need to apologize immediately.

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>he worked on SFV OST
>tfw he probably reworked that juri theme

goodbye slut

He said a friend who knows the Lees told him Lee's family doesn't want anything that could be "dishonorable" associated with him now which means comedic takes like Fei Long in Street Fighter are probably a no go.

I actually don't find that too hard to believe considering the tantrum the threw over Once Upon a Time in Hollywood because Bruce gets beaten in a fight in the film. After that, I can see them being pissy about anything they feel is "disrespectful". By that I mean, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood thing has probably caused them to become hypervigilant in "protecting Bruce's image" even though Lee's image as an unbeatable badass is basically a bunch of horseshit and tall tales he made up to make himself look cool.

>hiring a fucking westerncuck composer for a fucking japanese game



I liked Zeku and Cody theme the most, rest are just "okay" I guess. Never liked his Sakura rendition and G's theme never felt like it fits in a fighting game.
This one is really fucking good though.

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I did read the article user. But no matter if there's probable cause for a rumor it's still a rumor, and this idiot presented it as a matter of fact he heard from a "friend of a friend". Yes, journos were retarded for taking this story and running it it., but he was also an idiot for presenting an opinion he heard from a rumor as a fact. Specially in an industry that runs rumors and speculations as facts for clicks.

oh don't be like that
joey carbone is one of the best west hires for composing music for anime
he cocomposed the soundtrack for project a-ko
back when anime had soul

because internet loves drama

Fei Long isn't a comedic parody at all though

He spoke details he knew nothing about and broke NDA by heavily implying that Fei Long isn't returning. I don't give a shit about Bruce Lee or his whiny family, I'm just happy to see some retard talking out of his ass getting what he rightfully deserves.

Shame it happened on him. Wish this shit happened to "insiders".