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What they need is an entirely new dev team who could actually give a fuck about making a good game with good gameplay, modern graphics and use of modern console/PC power.

>Scarlet & Violet
LMAO I forgot these were announced, Game Freak really ran this franchise into the fucking ground huh

They should start walking back the last 10 years instead.


This guy is a scaley and has half a dozen dragon dildos at home. 100%, no question.

back in early 2020 there were rumors of them working on a poison type and (possibly) a steel type. im still believing in that rumor. dragon type would be retarded and literally makes no sense

Why were there no more eeveelutions? Those are merch behemoths. Why doesn't Nintendo want to make more money?

>dragon type Eevee
>it's just Spyro with fox ears

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What they need to add is a hard mode and a no cutscene mode.

About time becuase it is the only special type that is missing an Eevee evolution.
As a counterpart for the extra furry porn I want a cool lizard with phisical type evolutions.
It won't happen.

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sure I guess
providing material for furry porn artists is all pokemon has been good for for years and a new eevee is guaranteed to get a lot of porn

Fighting- and Rock-type Eevees please. The "only special types" rule is retarded now that we have the physical/special split.

For me it's Ghost type Eevee

God dammit, lol.

But why though?

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I just realized that Eevee has frosted tips in the Sugimori art.

Fuck that I want Steel Type Evee

Who commissions for stuff like this?


People that know what they want. They're based.


Ghost type eevee please.

Bearded fluffy dragon Eevee?

the reason they haven't gone ham with making an eeveeloution for every type in the 25 year history of the series is because each one needs to be carefully crafted to maximize merchandising potential.

I think that's just the watercolor style

I just want any Eeveelutions really, they missed out on making one for SnS. Not to be "muh patterns" and that, but it was always every 2 gens besides the originals. They've got plenty of types to pick from too.
>Poison, Flying, Fighting, Ghost, Dragon, Bug, Steel, Ground, Rock and Normal (if you want to count that).
I wouldn't mind most of these actually.

Eevees are overrated.

the rock type better have closed eyes like Brock

eevee is a literal money printer
game freak is completely retarded for not having at least 10 of them by now


Also needs a Metal and Fighting rep in the TCG, so obviously Steel and Ground.

How did you break into Gamefreak's office?

poison and ghost eevees would be cooler

>Company X needs to add some idea I just thought of.. Because they just need to OK!

They're going to make 12, tops. Japs love their numerology too much. There's no reason for them to add anymore anyway since they also love the number 8.

the last Special type. probably a good call, since its been a few gens since Fairy.

>Why won't Gamefreak become just like Ubisoft and Bioware?!

But you hate Ubisoft and Bioware

>Well duh!

Who are you quoting? The user you are replying to said good games, not Ubisoft or Bioware games.

they keep having to bend shit around in the game just to evolve this fucker. Straight up should have kept to stone evolution only, everything else fucked with how eevee was designed.

How compatible would it be?

The only special type left is Dragon. I imagine they are saving it for a special occasion.

Fighting should be called Champeon

Well, they already retconned Leafeon and Glaceon to be stone evos. Only a matter of time when they get too lazy and cut the Day and Night cycle and Amie.

I guess it's finally time for Anteon, the bug-type eevolution

I only understand the title theming as the colors of light from opposite ends of the spectrum.
Thanks to the Reimu/Yukari team up nickname.

It should happen to make an Eeveelution for every original special type, but good chance it's not happening for a long time.

Every single video game franchise turned to fucktarded tranny shit the instant they made a second game for them. Only the first original game is good, all game devs need to be executed by bullet to the back of the head and burned in a mass grave for turning gaming to absolute trash by making sequels.

Amie was only in Gen 6, in Gens 7 and 8 and Arceus Eevee evolves into Sylvaeon when it levels up while knowing a Fairy-type move.

Could we just have a Pokemon game that's fuckin decent for once in like 4 generations

What pokemon needs is for everything after gen 2 to be deleted.

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There's nothing wrong with being trans and you're the kind of person any sane individual would agree that would be better of committing an hero, even people that are really empathic, because you can't see that other people have needs beyond your own.

>What pokemon needs is for everything after gen 1 to be deleted.

ever since Let's Go, they're slowly getting Raichu'd

pokemon was a mistake
except for Lucario, I can still bust a nut to him/her after all these years

is there a poison type eevee

Only if it's this Spyro

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yes, in the newest game. you have to level up Eevee while you have 3 poison types in your party and it digivolves into Brappeon

This. Man I even forgot a new Pokemon game was coming out. I keep forgetting they released the Diamond/Pearl remakes, along with the Arceus game. Gosh dang, you'd think those games never came out with how quickly discussion stopped on them. What was the story with the weird Dialga and Palkia forms anyway?

But Ubi and Bioware do none of the good things mentioned