Game is impossible

>Game is impossible

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Gameboy speedrunners enjoy those pixels

>tfw existence is inaction

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>He uses a walkthrough on his first playthough

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>charisma is the most powerful stat in the game

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Next level is just pay for commissions

>copy art
sure master studies are a classic way to improve, BUT static 2D objects cannot teach you certain things. if you use 3D subjects like doing plein air sketching or going to a life drawing class it will be 100x better for you. also nothing matters for shit if you don't spend as much time as you can purposefully training your eyes and learning to observe

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You didn't draw.

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The most important lesson to learn in regards to digital art is that you can't cheat.

>not sure if I'm dyspraxic or just shit at drawing

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>go draw
>All you do doesn't end up as you visualize it in your head
>stop drawing for a month

Bros... I can't get back into Draw a Box. I even bought sakura micron pens, but I just keep putting it off.
I thought I could watch an eceleb while grinding lines, but even that doesn't motivate me to start again

you neither

Give me a good pixel art tutorial.

you forgot
>Omnipotent tier: just Trace

all three are unironically excellent ideas espicially if you do all three at them.

Do you know the website pixilart? You can learn by doing the daily challenges. If you're good, you could also monetize your art there

when i got my first tablet my hand was wobbly as fuck, tracing shit really helped me acclimate myself to it and build up muscle memory for making lines
still sub-/beg/tier tho

I can barely make straight lines
having an absurdly active imagination sucks when I cant fucking bring it out

>trying to take drawing more seriously for a bit over a year now
>feel overly reliant on reference images
>decide to try learning more anatomy
>even 'artists anatomy' makes my brain melt and I can't figure out a good way to study it that doesn't just devolve into just copying
I read something about trying to incorporate it into your usual drawings but it still seems like I wouldn't be critically thinking

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You should learn to draw from imagination ASAP, so you don't end up like this when you get good

Don't get too caught up in working from imagination, there's nothing wrong with reference, just do some anatomical studies so you aren't trapped working 1:1 but ultimately only a few freaks are so damn good that they not only work purely from imagination but make wonderfully dynamic work from it.
But don't listen to me, I fucking suck.

Drawing from memory requires you to draw the thing several times (and years of practice)
If you don't really know entirely how the thing is, you can't draw it.

As someone whose struggling to improve myself, the important thing is to look, think and produce.

When you're drawing something, break it down and think about how you're constructing it, you're training your brain as much as your hands. If you can't figure it out, you should stop and take some time to work it over; look are more reference and play around.

Think about also if what you're making is what you're looking to make. Is the level of detail appropriate? On a cartoonish character it might not be appropriate to delineate sharply muscles or muscle groups; maybe you want something to exaggurate or behave "unrealistically" for effect (for the anime inclined, boobs come to mind). You want this to be an intentional decision however, that's what you have to think about, not just "oh it's good enough that it's not right", it's gotta be "I know how this is supposed to be, but haha jiggly".

Finally, the most important thing is to continue to produce and keep motivated; you can't learn drawing if you're not drawing, so if you need a break and want to do some goofy shit, go ahead; keep thinking, but think less. Do your intensive studies, but also just draw something stupid if it makes you happy.

We're all going to make it.

just watch one of peter han's dynamic sketching videos and then go outside with a sketchbook and draw everything you see using simple shapes

How the fuck do you get good at pixel art?
I know how to get traditional art, but I have no fucking clue how to practice pixel art

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Post the last art you draw - Pixel Edition.

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Seems like as good of a start as any. Thanks user.

>itt indie devs stealing ideas for their next earthbound inspired rpg

Want a book? I might have a book, but having fun with pixel art on a website everyday should be good too

i tried drawing pixel art, it felt more like a puzzle than art. nowadays i use thick lined flash tier art for games

Thank you, that's a chadly approach.
I am sold on the DAB course though, because grinding may help unfuck my developmental retardation with not holding a pen properly.
I should still try going outside and doing what you said when I get more competent.

Best thing to do is to just not think about how you wanna draw something and just go by dick instinct.

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what a monstrosity

Haven't heard of an unbeatable game which requires skill.

Im half convinced everyone who actually knows how to draw made a pact with baal or something. Everytime I see a painting that really impresses me I have to make a concious effort to subdue the seething hatred I feel for the person who made it because I know I will never reach even 20% of that. Drawing is fucking IMPOSSIBLE.

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if you have a tablet, just start using it instead of a mouse for a while and just keep a scratchpad open to aimlessly doodle on while you watch anime & shit. contour drawing and blind drawing are pretty good too. poor coordination is actually pretty commo among beginners but consistency and mileage will correct it, you just need to be able to cope with doing shitty drawings for a while

You need to draw a lot from imagination, let your mind and problem solving skills run free when working purely creatively. Then come back to anatomical studies and figure studies, you will have improved a ton and built the structures in your brain for both reference and non-reference artwork to click together.

It's a fun one

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basically, do a copy and then rotate it in your head and draw it from a bunch of different angles. it might make your brain hurt but the information will stay in there

Anybody have good resources for drawing nature scenes? Most stuff I have moves on to human figures and anatomy right after drawing cubes and cylinders. I want to be able to draw things like the sky or some trees. Stuff I would see at the park.

I've already been doodling for a while, but keeping my tablet always plugged in is an idea..
I wanted to try to level up into doing some actual production instead of just shitty doodles, but getting into loomis or dab requires serious determination

Next level, scams millions of clients and be rich scamming clients.

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>Beyond Omnipotent tier: Artificial inteligence

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Fuck it, here:

It's a pixel art book.
It actually looks very good, so probably buy it if you like it.

Good shit.

>people really have this much trouble drawing
It's fucking easy. Please, if you can't draw even retarded cartoon video game characters just focus on your finance major and don't attempt art ever.

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Successful scams was WAY decades before NTF got relevant desu

Post your work, mr. crab

is there any resource on shapes and abstraction?
artists like cubesona or magnagallina have such great forms that boggles my mind
yes-yes, the obvious answer is to grind the fundies and then you will understand what things you can abstract into simple shapes
but i want something specific on the nature of abstraction, how humans percieve things

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books are kind of a meme imo, or at least all the valuable information can pretty much be distilled onto a take out menu and the rest is just experimentation and grinding.
if reading is too much of a chore, simply commit to one hour of life drawing every day and try to turn that into plein air and sessions with live models as you gain confidence.
buying an ecorche would be a good idea as well

Drawing is like barbequing. It's all about following your gut instinct.

Now this I can get behind

I've got one of those TOA Heavy Industries synths. It doesn't teach anatomy as much, but it's fun to pose and I can shine light on it in different angles and just copy how the shading from real life

So with arch shapes and narrow ellipses, do you still do them in one fast stroke entirely from the shoulder? How do you avoid asymmety and these awkward tips at the end?

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>How do you avoid asymmety and these awkward tips at the end?

People try too hard (and spend too much) to get good at drawing when in reality, the only way to get good at drawing is to let loose and let the mind flow through your fingertips. Do what your mind feels like, doesn't matter what, just do it.

I haven't done much in 5 months. It's over for me

Yeah, pretty much. Don't worry if it doesn't look even, it'll look better as time progresses.

Fuck off, I am drawing with a mouse.