Unreal levels of cringe. /vp/ should be nuked

Unreal levels of cringe. /vp/ should be nuked.

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Filtered, it's unironically the best pokemon game ever made

i had to stop at the part at the border where that guy had a bunch of cactuses, couldnt get through and i was hard walled. not going to sit there grinding to beat it so i dropped it

why /vp/? they would agree with you if you weren't afraid to post this there

the memes suck, but the game is actually good. Don't tell em I said it tho.

I beat Carlito on my first try with just my Rectreem

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so much soul. Not for the fragile zoomer mind

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What the fuck is Pokemon Clover?

i had the fire starter, and i had some fairy type with regenerator as its ability. went through the game planning it like i would a competitive team, considering type coverage, resistances, having a mon that can set up to sweep, etc.
and carlito just ruined it all. dropped. shit game

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What are these referencing?

Where's fucking 1.3 update?

clover defense force.

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Just play 1.2. Lots of shit has been change because le reddit can't into humor.

Superior romhack reporting in.

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outdated version, i prefer new material.

>not playing the superior /vp/ fangame

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>macbook pro for gaymen
>pokemon RB in color
>gb game with CRT filter
>taking a picture of the screen


what romhack?

NTA but macbooks are good devices. That's all I've got to say really, the other parts are indeed problematic and should be dealt with

I hate that a meme mod has the best gameplay I have seen in a Pokémon game

How do you do fellow kids!


Agreed. It's fucking terrible. Not at all surprising given the fact that some of the devs are discord trannies and twitterinas.

You must be 18 to post here.

That shit hasnt been updated for years last I checked

You literally cannot find a better laptop for the price of the Macbook Air. Still untouched, and it came out in 2020.
Obviously it's not a gaming machine, it's a laptop.

What is this a reference to?

Yes, I can.

I'll wait.

Carlito was what made me start doing that instead of the same casual no-thought approach of the official games. Maybe you're just bad?

a bacteriophage

It is one of the best games I've ever played

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It's unironically one of the best JRPGs of the past ten years in my view

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Le edgy Yea Forums humor hack

I'm not going to do that for you because you are too stupid to. Because,
>You must be 18 to post here.

Nice dodge, faggot.

We're still working on it.

We're almost at the 6th gym.

>You literally cannot find a better laptop for the price of the Macbook Air.
It's actually a notebook, not a laptop. Also Thinkpads exist, are cheaper price/performance-wise and do the job better. You can also repair them if something goes wrong.

A pokemon romhack with rivers of effort put into it. The original sountrack is probably the most impressive part for me.

Then how the fuck is it superior if we cant even play it yet you insufferable fag.


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Sure, you're right while the entirety of the tech world is wrong.

user, I was mostly shitposting, I don't care about having a pissing contest about whose game is better.

In any case, we still do have our 3 gym demo.

>the entirety of the tech world is wrong
The M1 macbooks are almost universally praised. Don't bother replying, you've just revealed that you have no clue what you're talking about.

Just ignore the dialogue and enjoy the game. Its amazing on the merits of the gameplay alone

How much % of /vp/ is porn vs non-porn?

>1.3 never ever
>/pol/ city postgame unfinished
>you can skip a major portion of the postgame just by accidentally moving the wrong way in a route instead of taking the stupidly out of the way swimming part
>people never focus on this shit and instead cry about the edge

Watching youtube reviews doesn't make you an industry expert. You might want to look into businesses that issue macbook airs to employees. It's a thousand dollar web browser.

newfag, its the best pokemon in the last 10 or so years

The writing is charming, and it doesn't take itself seriously. It's explicitly a Yea Forums themed rom hack, I don't know why the fact it has memes or references board culture is such a problem especially for faggots who come here.

Nice conveniebtly ignoring the other post that BTFO you, nigger.

ur right, they don't issue airs, they issue the pros

What industry are you working in that hands out machines with 8GB to their employees?

1.2 is the version without the updated graphics right? That's the one I played the most of.


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Are you retarded? I'm pointing out that 8GB isn't enough ram.
And that's because the macbook air is suited for web browsing only.
The macbook pro is overpriced and only a fool would buy one for personal use.

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this guy used to post on /vp/ right?

maybe youre just a shitter with bad taste
i dont feel like grinding

Dodging your question, also.

>/pol/ tier "humor"

main reason why I am not playing this shit

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Slightly too furry, but cool design overall.
Are you posting these designs to shit on the game? If so, I'm not convinced, they're greatly superior to most new Pokemon designs.

Thank you, "people" like you are exactly who we DON'T want playing the game

>I'm pointing out that 8GB isn't enough ram.
Nigga, are you unaware that you can get more ram?

Perhaps reddit is more your speed.

Isn't it racist, sexist, transphobic etc?
I don't get it because it was ages ago and the whole site leaned WAY left back then.

Not in a mac lmao

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>why isn't the mean man doing what I tell him to
8GB more for $200. And a 16GB limit on unified memory. Surely you can't believe this is a good deal.

Someone just post the pokedex so I can decide if it's shit or not.