Phantasy Star Online 2 in the West was a mistake

Phantasy Star Online 2 in the West was a mistake

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This feels like it came out of Arknights

They banned one of their costume designers from the game? Interesting.

Personally I just hate PSO2 out of principle and refuse to play it so it doesn't impact me, but I do want to know why the fuck it's such a disaster in the west

>announced in like 2010 pr something
>no updates for years, except for one tweet 7 years later where Sega swears its coming for real guys
>Microsoft publishes it for some reason
>Microsoft store is hot garbage and the game was infamous for not installing correctly, using hard system protections to lock itself and not open because of it. You can't uneven uninstall it
>It's been soblong that most people who cared moved on or just played thr JPN version on Ark 2 with a translation patch, and they're not starting all over again

Literally what the fuck was the point

thats a good thing
no mmo can really penetrate the west due to WoW and ffxiv and theyll be here forever

This reads like satire

the rules state if they got banned then the outfit was null and void but it's still there?

does NGE still run like garbage and have zero content

only global runs like garbage
Jp is well more optimized

content is still non-existent and still the tedious gameplay loop since launch

>ban artist
>steal art
>claim it as their own.

Sega owned it the moment it was submitted, all the artist did was give a concept

So why did they get banned?

Bitch should've designed some CAST parts instead.

they dont know due to the support team not telling them. the support team has been super scummy in regards to bans because not only will they not tell you why you got banned, they also go against GDPR which was ment for these things to not happen

they didnt allow cast part submissions last year

How does Sega manage to be so shit?

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PSO2 is lame as fuck. If I wanted to play an action game with small, instanced areas I'd just load up one of the good Monster Hunter games instead. If I wanted to play a dress up simulator to ogle fictional women there's Artificial Academy 2.

More like it came out 10 years too late then they fucked it up with whatever the big expansion was.

it's amazing how badly sega fucked up pso2
completely killed any support I had towards them as a company

and like, with NGS being so bad, it's not even just shit in the west lol (not that anyone really cared because like, they played on JP), it's shit EVERYWHERE

sega's fucking retarded

pso2 NA support refuses to tell anyone anything to the point of literally deleting the official forums after the first big banwave so people couldn't bitch about it

>create MMO
>MMOs are known for loads of content
Then there's me, a part-time MMO-enjoyer who didn't want to play FF14 because it looked like the game would turn into a full-time job.
If I can finish all of the content in NGE, there's a problem.

I honestly dont see it, ironically too plain

imagine the smell after she's done exploring and she peels off those leggings

They sent a GDPR to get the message(s) that got them banned and support sent them 3 months of messages. Every single thing they've said since ngs launched.
Sega is retarded.

>Personally I just hate PSO2 out of principle and refuse to play it so it doesn't impact me

The fuck?

Because their PR is run by the sort of tranny that Yea Forums thinks EVERY single one of them is like. Or maybe you'd say this one's like the majority of them nowadays.

It's to the point of people getting banned from photoshopped images of them in global chat.

Throw that on to a laughable barebones game that kind of fucked up OG PSO2 in the process and I think Microsoft will only keep it going because they already invested so much into it. Don't feel bad, they had the same guy who fucked PSO2 OG up helm NGS. It's more alive on JP for sure, but that's because it's been alive for going on a decade there, it's not going to die any time soon.

>and support sent them 3 months of messages. Every single thing they've said since ngs launched.

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why bother tho. the game keeps all of your chatlogs in your documents folder. all the evidence is there unless you're hiding something.

made myself sad watching old pso2 concert thing

i want to get a support job just so i can filter by trannyfaggot speak and ban every single one of them

Very unfortunate for them
But I am still looking forward to getting that outfit for those succulent tight leggings

I'd say "come play the PSU private server instead" but even I can't stay interested in the game after the S4 update.


You're not allowed to ask PSO2 staff the why of things. If you're banned then you're banned, end of story.

>Query solved. Ticket closed. 72,651 more to go.

you're supposed to figure that out on your own according to sega

Should I play the JP version?

This seems like a system that's perfect for abuse. Just get a support job and ban everybody with a name, gender or background you don't like. You'll never be caught.

It was doing fine until NGS came out, then they killed it in one fell swoop.

you shouldn't really be playing any version the game is pretty shit but if you MUST play then yes play the JP version instead of mismanaged garbage

>they also go against GDPR
What the fuck I love phantasy star online 2 new genisis now

It works in FFXIV. The GMs don't tell you why you got banned, but everyone is fine with that.

EP6 was still fucking shit. If you don't agree you're a fag. NA opinions are discarded by default.
I hope they shut down both games soon, the series has suffered enough.

the GMs tell you why you get banned in xiv you retard they literally bring you to jail and explain exactly what you do before you get booted

In order for there to be a reason to buy microtransactions there needs to be an underlying game. They built a lifeless hub world and then spent the rest of the time making cosmetics.

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No they don't, because I've watched several streamers get banned in the last few days and the GMs don't tell you why, but just that you got banned and then to fuck off for 10 days.

Some have succesfully managed to be given the incriminating messages, mainly europeans. like a guy filed a GDPR and what he got in return is him spamming an emote which is apparently bannable over there.
I believe square has since started to provide logs when asked regarding chat bans.

Sounds like some garry's mod shit, that's actually a thing?

You had a decade to play it, no one to blame but your retarded self

I blame Gwizofthestars

>that's actually a thing?
Maybe sometimes if whatever you do is egregious enough, but they definitely don't have the resources to do that for every single person they discipline. It would be an endless job 24/7.

You're a lying faggot. The streamers have chat hidden but they literally tell you "You are using third party tools"

yes they kick you out of an instance if you are in one and then teleport you into the GM Jail

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Bro FFXIV is the complete opposite of it being a full time job, you can legit buy gear that’s the 3rd best set right now. Stuff after that isn’t needed unless you want to do stuff harder than normal mode and even then you can do it in crafted gear.

>being able to engage with an actual person
that's actually rare these days.

Advanced classes were too OP and designing a majority of classes around one of them with the dodge mechanic makes for boring gameplay in general. Dark Falz fight is a step in the right direction.

>have a game
>it's a pretty good game
>take a decade to release it in english
Sega is the dumbest fucking company in the world

no its fucking not, any time recently i've reported people I get another human communicating to me with /tells

Why would you lie about this? What do you get out of lying?

That outfit looks cool too, it reminds me of the Hati Replica from the Sega scratches.

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Still have no idea why sega waited so long to have it come out in the west then just dropped it for NG