We need more this trope

We need more this trope

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We need more this rope around your neck, faggot

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>TFW no gloomy gf that only ever smiles for you

Undertale was 7 years ago

That’s not a trope, that’s just character art that made you horny


jk kill yourself

She'd be hotter as a possessed empty suit of armor that wanted you to wear her

>We need more this rope around your n-ACK GYAK

OP here, im trans btw

We need more this "cruel and evil to her enemies, but sweet and friendly to her allies in secret" trope

>OP here, im tra-ACK *GURGLE*

You gonna just keep making this thread?

We need less women in games desu

Isn't that that one undertale characther?

I'd prefer it if she was actually just gloomy

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what are some games for this feel

>main villain appears to be a bloodthirsty, cruel bastard to his enemies
>he's one of the nicest guys ever to his henchmen and treats them great
>lieutenants are equally as buddy-buddy with the rank and file soldiers
I love that fucking trope like you wouldn't believe.

that's dark souls fanart

>Main villain is a Warlord who could snap you in half and looks like a proper evil motherfucker
>He's the most gentle and caring soul in the world
>(You) were the villain all along

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hence why i asked for games

Rando is great

have you tried dark souls


>tfw no dark knight gf

I can't fix her

He doesn't have henchmen, but Red Death nailed that trope for me. He is a bloodthirsty maniac renowned for his high body count, but when he's not actively acting as someone's arch enemy, he's basically the Mr. Rogers of the villain world.

however, i asked for games

dark souls

you mean, like, plural?

I don't see the appeal

more like dork knight


>actually super cheerful
Nah. Keep her gloomy.

I understand the mask for his fucked up face but why the cape and spikes? Did he really think that was what attracted the right kind of people to his gang?

Post examples.

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I'm not even sure what kind of fetishbthat is, but it does sound interesting.

I think thr closest thing I've seen tonthat in a game is.... I forgot the name but it was a text only turn based game. You could find a sentient Slime girl as a potential party member, but she has to remain in some kind of vessel if you want to actually tale her anywhere.

If you have full plate mail armor, you can put the Slime in there while you wear it. She gives you slight HP regen as her Slime heals you and the armor has high DEF. Its a great tank build honestly

The spy suit in Fallout: New Vegas immediately comes to mind.

>if i keep making these threads, maybe ill get porn of her posted one day

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I knew this was etrian before even opening the thumbnail and I've never played 2.

For me, it's the tiny loli that uses a giant weapon twice her size.


It's corruption of champions, a porn game, ie, the only reason to play a text game since the 1980s

Also a good one.

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>actually super cheerful
Fuck off

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wtf I'm in love with a suit now???


He had to look intimidating because his stammer was so bad if he spoke nobody would take him seriously. He needed to project fear in order to project power, otherwise he'd need to resolve everything with violence which he actually hated.

This is only his 2nd day so far, let's see how long it takes until he gives up and moves on to another cute girl.
I forgot Tegaki was a thing on this site.

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Could be fun, but on a main character it would be hard to pull off the helmet serious helmetless cheerful split while thinking they're the same person

I'm tired of "muh strong woman" but I'm also tired of "muh strong-looking woman is actually feminine and moe".

Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2

Monster Girl Encyclopedia's living armour entities.

Elden ring just came out tho.
>B-but Loretta isn't cher-
You're t*rnished, everywhere you Go you bring your t*rnishit stench that kills the mood.

Elden Ring sure has a lot of knight/fighter girls, huh?
>Nox Maidens
>I choose to believe Ogha is female

Knight of the Grey a cute!


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It's great for making quick custom replies

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>have shitty content
>slap some cute cartoon girl(s) in it

>incel nerds now put more effort into "discussing" it than the creator put into creating


MGE is shit

We are lonely.
And our judgement is extremely clouded by this loneliness.
I am not confident if I could really love a woman, because I might just be feeling release from loneliness rather than actual affection towards her.
This is what keeps me up at night.

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I never said it wasn't, I was just giving an example. A terrible one, granted, but an example none the less.