Orders from Management-

Orders from Management-
STOP dancing and get back to Deep Rock Galactic thread

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you did remember to claim your union chapter bonus, right user?

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Boscute on page 9 !!!

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If you're unironically unable to see how perfectly designed this game is, and how well they've delivered on the concept. Because you can't move past the idea of being some kind of cool Yea Forums man who only plays Yea Forums approved games. Quit this site and all social media now or just give up.


DRG is supposed to be Yea Forums approved, this user just thinks Reddit hatred is supposed to be a meaningless meme you can apply to everything.

what time ET do deep dives go live?

Just got the crossbow as my first S2 weapon, I don’t like it. What should I get next?

anons how do you build your crossbows? what primary do you pair it with?

in 9.5 hours

just get them all you fag

i got mad drunk and the visuals actually gave me an irl headache.
i ordered leaf lovers

I miss old six-shooter gunnerbros...

The what

>union chapter bonus

japs play DRG?

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It doesn't work. I made a d*scord account just for it but it literally. doesn't. work.
I don't know why.
You can sign up on their discord to join a "union" for "Free" resources

Well they liked L4D enough for it to get its own arcade version.

Oh ok.

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Maybe this game really is reddit.....

im a SEA fag and jap hosted servers are common enough.
server list is filled with chinks tho

It literally just doesn't work half of the time
I just want my magnite

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you too? yeah it pissed me off
yeah its pretty lame

Shard diffractor

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I love this game but I'm getting burnt out bros.

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I don't know about you but it's the robots for me. They aren't fun to fight. Just annoying.

oh my god scary

Yeah I did a mission at near max drunkenness and got super motionsick. Still managed to aim my platforms competently though.

>No mask

How old is this picture

Wait, there's an arcade cabinet for L4D?

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I've played this, they literally had a mouse hooked up to it so it felt like a stand-up desktop computer, except it was so low for short japs that I had to squat anyway.

>3 players in haz 3 game
>host driller goes down walking into the middle of 3 spitballers, gunner is down in a cave somewhere
>manage to pick up gunner in a tight tunnel just as elite praetorian+warden walk around the corner
>he cluster nades them and me, i go down
>he goes and walks off a cliff trying to get to the driller
>mfw im the one that gets kicked after we get back to the lobby

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Oh yeah I remember seeing the self portrait one. Just souless depressed eyes and a mask.

I want to lick it.
Looks like it would taste like carmel.

>don't lick the lootbugs

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big if true

>make a lootbug candy mold
>fill it with caramel
mmmm... tasty

What race are the rivals?


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I just realized the drop pod looks like a head

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It's orcsmaybe


Squidward's Tiki house... but dwarven?!

Elves makes sense to me only because if you think about an elf doing any mining they would just send robots instead of doing any of the work themselves.

>You take a load well, Molly!

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>not going there themselves to beat the fuck out of the dwarves

Leaf lovers obviously. Elves are too "pretty" to get dirty themselves.


an elf would have absolutely zero interest in a planet like hoxxes, they're more into foresty shit. besides, they use magic, not technology.
If I had to guess it's either golems, goblins, gnomes or dragons. I'd say orcs as well but orcs would probably just go in themselves and fuck up everything that moves. Basically, it's probably golems.

Hosting NOW

A few missions before I go to sleep, join in lads

Link: steam://joinlobby/548430/109775243167480139/76561198058905650
Pw: rage

>they use magic not tech
Space Elves. Maybe it's magitech. You don't know.
>zero interest in a planet like hoxxes
What the fuck do you even mean? You don't have to care about a planet's biomes to strip mine it for natural resources to use elsewhere.

Sapient natives of Hoxxes who installed tech to protect their home and mine resources without provoking bugs, DRG just assumed they were a rival company because they refused to communicate.

i meant that they'd rather work in the surface and around plants. Working in hoxxes means mining and elves aren't known for having an interest in the mining industry.

the season 1 BP terminal description states that R&D saw the material for rival contructions being shot down into the planet; whatever is creating those robots is not native to hoxxes

do elves have a use for a fuckton of mineral resources? i'd think they'd get by on just buying things off market or trading for them and have something else as their main resource

We don't actually ever see the rivals mining anything, do we?