Saves the sonic franchise

>saves the sonic franchise

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I don't follow sonic, is that Manic's daughter or something?

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I like the gay duck

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what in tarnation is this sjw bullshit???

that's not Captain Rescue

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Gay Duck is gonna get Egged

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>Filtered retard

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Who is this opossum and why have I seen a new thread about her almost hourly today?

Mobians are built for BHC(Big Human Cock).

Comic character

so is she mary sue or does actually lose every now and then

Yes but why is she being shilled so aggressively today?

tomboy delinquent villain with a shota partner, not affiliated with eggman, about to turn on their boss because he's a gay duck
new issue just came out today where she fights metal sonic

Wafiu factor. Kit isn’t getting this much attention despite the fact he’s the stronger one out of the two

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I don't read that gay shit nigga.
I just coom to sexy mobian snatch.

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From what little I’ve seen she only wins against actual opponents when her sidekick blindsides them with water magic or whatever he’s doing. So she’ll probably get her shit rocked without him

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strong desire to breed

Is she really that popular?


This doesn’t even look like a sonic character

It's just one schizo spamming OC The Donutsteel threads all day

She always needs to get saved by her shota boyfriend because she jobs in every fight otherwise

She can't even beat Metal Sonic on her own.
Also, define what a mary sue/gary stu is.

Cool OC OP. You post it on Deviantart yet?

Her plan is to kill Sonic. Sonic is the real Mary Sue, so she can't win. We're at a 4/10 part issue. She's supposedly going to face Sonic next time, where she'll lose and flee like a little bitch.

she'll win when i give her mating press

Mating Press can't beat corporate mandates.

The character is okay but his little insignia thing is ass.

looks like toothpaste

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Not sure why they didn't go with a spiral motif instead considering his clothes already have one.

My wife


>"Reluctantly" chooses to serve Sonic after she gets btfo
I'll buy 1 copies.

Too bad one actually bothers buying her comics.


why do you fags keep posting this gay furry shit

this nigga needs to shut the fuck up and just post art.

We already have two rivals dedicated to matching Sonic's speed.

I hate this mary sue self insert

not every small shy male character is a shota, retard.

cartoons are dead
archie is dead
mobius/mobians has never been a valid term.

>this nigga needs to shut the fuck up and just post art.
Nigga I'm MAKING Surge art!

how many non-human sonic characters are even adults? I stand by my initial statement.

>can't use Scourge anymore
>just make another green antagonist but call her SURGE instead
Wow, riveting

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Shitty coldsteel level oc but because it's a girl retards call her based and shill her

Hey, as long as it works.

Furries gonna furry

Proof is required for your statement

I wish sonic characters were allowed to change so they wouldnt have to keep making these ugly OCs to have any sort of plot happen
I miss Archie so much

she's basically an incompetent jobber who's doomed to get Vegeta'd

She deserves to be instant loss 2 koma'd

The only way they're gonna beat Sonic is by raping him, Water Tentacles and Electro Stimulation might do the trick.

Guess I'll catch up, I stopped after the metal virus was beaten and the wooden puppet was introduced. Where can I read the comic?
just look up which miniseries go between which issues

I like her more than Scourge. She is cute.

Surge has Big Futa Energy

>define gary stu

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hell, make it look like a multicolored dreamcast logo, if papa sega would approve.

So how many people posting fanart actually bothered to buy the comic?

>buying comics
lol, lmao even