This is literally just Tony Hawk Pro Skater on bathsalts, and with less responsive controls. The music is bizarre...

This is literally just Tony Hawk Pro Skater on bathsalts, and with less responsive controls. The music is bizarre, nonsensical horseshit and annoying as fuck. Why exactly do boomers cream themselves over this shit?

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its one of the only not-completely-shit xbox exclusives

its japanese

You don't need shitty bait to start a JSR thread, user. Just post some song lyrics.

That was future, not the original dummy

THPS is all about tricks and doing them is complex and a major focus. JSR does include tricks, but they are automatic when going at speed.
It isn't like THPS at all, basically, and fuck you.

It's nothing like Tony Hawk you dumb zoomer

Free love was too tame for OP.

jsr and thps are not alike

I heard there was a sequel being made and the soundtrack leaked on Youtube? When is it coming?

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Nobody here played the Dreamcast, let alone know anything about it outside of what "video game historians" talk about. That and the same 4 or 5 games always brought up about it.

It was a proof of concept/presentation by a company. They created the demo and showed it off to SEGA who didn't approve funding or wouldn't allow them to continue development

>he hasn't heard
its back in development bro
ost leaked online

So? The game has also been on PC for years and also released on PS3. It's never been an exclusive by any stretch.

The reply was in reference to the fact that the guy he responded to thought this was the Xbox game, JSF, when clearly it's JSR. The fact that the first thing he thought of was Xbox instead of Dreamcast isn't bad, just par of the course and should be expected. Nobody here played the Dreamcast is the point and likely haven't. Nobody is talking about exclusivity or availability of the game.

thats just silvagunner

>no one played dreamcast
but tons of people talk about powerstone

>Nobody is talking about exclusivity or availability of the game.
Bro... the whole reply chain started with someone saying its an xbox exclusive

I played Dreamcast, fuck off zoomer
I didn't play JSR on Dreamcast, only on PC, but I did have a bunch of Dreamcast games

The sooner you realize SEGA and the industry are never going back, the better user. :'(

Ah. I didn't mean for the post to reference exclusivity. Just that Dreamcast isn't something the large majority of people played or even had. Especially at this stage.

32 years old, but appreciate you thinking I'm younger. I never played it on PC. Did they unlock the frame rate?

Did anyone else play Toy Commander? I remember it being fun but I was also a dumb kid so I dont know if it was actually good
Sorry for assuming your pronouns :^)

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It's called bomb rush cyberfunk

>Sorry for assuming your pronouns :^)

It's MAYUM dammit! MA'AM!!!!! Mmmmmaaaaayum!

No, but seriously I haven't played the full game, but I'm familiar with the demo of it.

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Sorry user but you just don't understand understand understand under understand the concept the concept of love

this MUST be bait

king for another day is one of those "the new internet really CAN produce something worthwhile" moments for me
really makes you wonder why the fuck it spends so much time not doing that

Im 38 and owbed over 100 original dreamcast games. Most people here played jsr on steam ir ps3 and actually most have never played future which i prefer though they're different types of games in ways. Neither really like tony hawk so op is a fag.

>really makes you wonder why the fuck it spends so much time not doing that
Because the majority don't want that. What they want is simplicity, "ease of use", familiarity, uniformity. That and social media.

I hate the consumer internet so goddamn much.

What were they thinking?

>This is literally just Tony Hawk Pro Skater on bathsalts
That sounds like a compliment to me. I like THPS, but I'm not enamored by the whole skater life style. I don't want to skate in a realistic looking setting. I want a wacky world and over the top spectacle.

Artist unironically too experimental. Don't think I'll ever "get it", the notes just do not sound like they go together.

exactly. Shitcast buyers had to justify their poor purchases

It's not like tony hawk, it's a platformer that reuses maps

Only future was like Tony Hawk

It took a while to grow on me. But I like it now. It has a good groove. If you can get int rhythm to the underlying instrumental, then you can bob along to it like a rap song.

Same here man.

I've owned it on Dream cast twice. Because I lost my original dreamcast and copy of the game. Then miraculously found a full working Dreamcast and games with memory card at a pawnshop for very cheap. I thought I was overpaying at the time, but in retrospect the price was more than fair. I got a lot for very little. Also got Sonic Adventure in the bundle.

>tell me you're a niggerfaggot without telling me you're a niggerfaggot


What a bunch of sad faggots you are then. I owned 2 or 3


Get up and get down.

What was it like owning a Dreamcast at the time?

>That and the same 4 or 5 games always brought up about it.
Thats a bit of a stretch. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Shenmue 1 and 2, Crazy Taxi, RE Code Veronica, Jet Set Radio, Virtua Tennis, Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star Online are consistently brought up in the console's catalogue. As well as a bunch of Capcom fighting games. There's at the very least a solid top 10 of usual games.

>he didn't get a Dreamcast for his 8th birthday

Most of those are multiplats, in a generation where any relevant console had a quality top 10 of exclusives.

No boomer played this game. You really think old farts born in the 40s and 50s played this?
Stop calling anyone older than you "boomer". Generations do have names, you know, you fucking lazy kids.
Also JSR/JGR is trash. Shit controls and shti gameplay.

Reminder that this is what the average dreamcastfag looks like

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Slow drip of some pretty good games and way too many arcade ports, then infinite free games. It unironically felt like something halfway between the n64 and ps2.

Not everyone here is 13, you twink

It was like owning any other console. Plugging the memory cards into your controller was very satisfying. Anytime you have to shove a device into another device to activate it, it's going to feel good.

>The music is bizarre, nonsensical horseshit and annoying as fuck.

The most annoying song is ''Birthday Cake'' and it's still awesome and really fits the setting.

I'm thorn. The Xbox HD version looks gorgeus and plays very well but I don't know if its a good HD port or a good port all things considered. I have it on Steam but rather the one of xbox.... should I bite?

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you must think MGR is a good game, which it's not, it's shit. also THPS> JSR and JSRF

Wrong. All of those were exclusive until the Dreamcast got discontinued. A bunch became multiplatform after Sega stopped making consoles obviously. Doesnt change that they were exclusive until the Dreamcast closed its cycle

I have the infinite ammo cheat memorized still, and honestly most of my playtime in this was starting up one-player multiplayer matches and just freeroaming and flying around with the different planes

>Not everyone here is 13, you twink
To be fair, with some of the takes on Yea Forums I can't blame him for this one.

>nobody here
First thing; stfu, reddit; there's only user here. And second; not my fault you're such a pleb and didn't play such kino system full of ludos as I did.

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Death to zoomers

Jet Set Radio is one of the greatest games of all time.

right just like shoving a hard and meaty dick inside a thick and juicy ass?

Metal Gear Rising? Never played it.

Funky Uncle is a madman. And that's a good thing creatively.

Beatiful. You were the weird kid who didn't have a nintendo or the inmensely popular ps(2) but you were secretely envied by thembecause dc games were top notch. Also, the disc reading sound = home.

t. secretly envy ps1 owner from the friend who had a dreamcast

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Still have my copy. A lot less hard as an adult, definitly don't need to do the pen cap cheat to beat every level anymore.
Hard to not be bias though, between this and the Army Men games I have an everlasting love of rats map type games as dead as the genre probably is.

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