SV6 went back to the hip-hop urban theme it's gonna kino

SV6 went back to the hip-hop urban theme it's gonna kino

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Let's gooo

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All that effort on the body and her sneakers look like they fell out of Second Life.
You also remember Second Life now.

>You also remember Second Life now.
i am never not remembering second life

Really hope they don't slim down the females but I have a bad feeling.

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Well if they are appealing to the "urban" market like OP says then they will be thicker than ever before.

Is Makoto going to be on SV6 right?!

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this nigga looking at the sneakers when theres 35 pounds of booty in front of him

>they will be thicker than ever before.
im not sure you can go thicker than SFV, that shit was serious

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I really hope there's more news before evo

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Maybe there will be something at the summer game fest. I just want them to show Chun Li.

I like all the little nicks and scars they gave him

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not wide enough

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yes she's in her 30's now

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I want her to amazon press me.

doesnt matter unless blender animators can properly recreate the shaders this time

20 at best. It might take place post Third Strike but not that far past it.

>fights literal gods and demons
>only has some slight scars and cuts
I kneel

Where is Ken?

didn't feel like showing up

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Source? Is it from Twitter?

I know a 30 year old tomboy, one one hand I have a huge crush on her and she kind of knows it on the other hand she's 30, too old.

given the some of the set up in V they might squeeze one more game in the timeline before 3

Any chance for some Arika fighters as guest stars?
Daddy need that Skullo Kino

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no, theyre all in EX layer

The happiest character in the series :)

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I want old lady chun li.


Aww look he's smiling :)

ME, cucks btfo
I am going to rape and degrade her every day

what's da sauce?

She's going to have a serious case of mombod after all those years of inactivity

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>she's 30, too old.
Might be too old to bear children, but I'd still give her the d

>No strongfat Makoto art
sometimes, it's hard to enjoy the best of both worlds...

>mfw when she found out I like her
>now is very snarky with me and tells me to look her in the eyes when talking to her since I usually look away quickly when I talk to her
>asked me if I ever need some workout tips I can ask her and we go to gym together so she can train me a bit


Fuck the haters. Luke is a likeable chap.


user.. the fucking video is just her sliding her thighs back and forth on a cock and giggling while her theme song plays in the background.

Train with her. Do it.

How do you type with boxing gloves on, Dudley?

You piece of shit.

Luke and DeeJay are too happy for this world

only 200lbs btw

Natty as fuck

You dont deserve her. Now die.


Then just play Fighting EX Layer or Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash.

30 is not old

>Street Vighter 6

Soul Valibur 6

whatever you say old man

Sainbow Vix 6iege

I have her contact so if I ever do decide to not be a lazy skinny dude I'll ask her to take me to gym.
yeah I wouldn't want a relationship with her since she's old but I would love to thighfuck her she trains her thighs because she can't work out her butt because of an old spinal injury. but I've seen her crush a melon with them. I want to stick my dick in between with lots of lube

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if we're getting an MMA/UFC aesthetic game and we don't get my man adon, I'll be disappointed

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