Persona 6 Speculation

Where the does the franchise go from here?

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Not on PC lol

up my ass lmao

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College with more mature and meaningful character development and a plot that hopefully attacks more common political issues. Also a bit route for characters

people said this college thing for 5 too, not sure that atlus will ever go that way

Rehashing P3 for a third time I assume

>for a third time
But 5 was a rehash of 4?

It will be in high school
There will be a mascot
A reference to party members of previous games will exist
The time system will still exist
Igor will be replaced

persona in space

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The game is about freeing the P3MC from the door. You play as Yukari baby in a full time school. A Revolver Jesus follower wants to unleash The World Shadow to destroy and remake the world. He helps you for the first half and tries to destroy the world in the second half.

In terms of gameplay the current format established by the 'modern' titles essentially reached its peak with P5. I don't think there's anything else they can do with the One-More System, which is telling when P5 almost switched to real-time combat. In terms of everything else expect the same copy-and-paste anime cliches for characters

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This would be awful, and miss the point of Persona 3.

duuhhhh GREEN duuuuhhhhhh eurrgghhh

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and its perfectly fine
if some one wants a different game they can fund it themselves

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It will have a bad story and boring characters but very cool visuals and comfy setting

I still don't get the autism over Igor, he wasn't even the voice actor of Igor until persona 3, yet somehow that gives him a monopoly over the character and they can't simply hire a new voice actor for him like they've already done before.

They should just bring back Philemon, the whole Frankenstein naming theme was dumb anyways

Philemon isn't a replacement for Igor

What was P5 mascot?
O you meat a pet like the stupid cat.

cut the middleman

That's like turning the ceo into a cashier, it completely misunderstands Philemons role

yes, team pet

This speech will be told by the entity of the game.

Near future setting

P4 golden
Original P4 is still P3 with bells extra bells and whistles

Next game will be about viruses because Japan isn't subtle

>Persona 6 should take place in a fictional town in the USA.
>Personas are based on famous performers from the 20's to the 80's.
>You play as a Female protagonist, who is forced to live with their father.
>Your starter Persona is Monroe (Marilyn Monroe).
>Best Friend (The Magician), a swindling street performer who always knows how to escape from nasty situations gets Houdini (Harry Houdini).
>Mascot Character (not an animal but a little boy) will get Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin) he will be the Emperor.
>Dad (Chariot) will accidentally enter the Shadow World, and will gain the Persona Heston (Charles Heston).
>Velvet Room's Theme is a hospital and fusion method will be Blood Transfusion that represent Birth.
>Main Villain is not a deity but rather another Persona User (Your First Friend) using Barnum (P. T. Barnum) as a means to get revenge on the people who wronged him by turning them into circus freaks.
>Final Boss is Enemy Persona User freaking the fuck out and his Persona evolving into Lovecraft (Basically C'thulu) revealing his fear of the unknown.
>Your Ultimate Persona is Lilith, the first bride of Adam now the mother of all demons.

Persona 6
Nanako as the protagonist

>>Persona 6 should take place in a fictional town in the USA.

She's too old

But persona 4 did not have a pet.

Teddy was a bear of sorts

That user was wrong, mascot is referring to an animal companion that becomes a party member, not a pet.

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But Teddy is a blonde boy in real life.

That's more of a fake form, of him imitating humans, it's not his "real self"

that's just what he wants you to think

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So what is their way of summoning persona going to be like taking drugs or something like that?
>Mascot Character (not an animal but a little boy)
>not an animal but a little boy
>a little boy
So /ss/? Does he at least have a good design if you are going to base him off Charlie Chaplin?

>be in high school when P4 came out
>absolutely loved it
>be in college when P5 came out
>still like it, can still relate to the characters and setting
>already 8 years since Persona 5
>still no sign of P6, not even an announcement
>at this rate I'm gonna be 36 when it comes out

Go on ahead without me zoomer bros.

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>Persona 6 should take place in a fictional town in the USA
Fuck off

I assume you can't relate to any protagonists in media that are not 40 years old?

Not to PC or Switch that's for sure lmao.

I think it's gonna be weird playing as a high school kid doing high school kid shit when you have more in common and can relate more to Dojima or Adachi. Everyone can enjoy a Mario or a Call of Duty game because they have universal appeal but with Persona it seems like you would have to be at a certain stage in life and relate at least to a certain extent to the characters to really get the most out of it due to the setting. It's not like Xenoblade 2 where the hero is a kid but it doesn't really matter, Persona is quite literally a high school simulator with turn based RPG mechanics on top of it.

If I hear the word cognition one more time I'm going to lose it

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>game should take place in the US
>personas should be real people and also presumably American
No. Fuck off. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at the idea of using real people as personas (because America has no heritage lmao)

Persona but in elementary school and you play as a loli.

>I summon my persona, GEORGE FLOYD!

the solution is obvious, they just need to go back to the velvet room's roots

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But it's okay when they use real Japanese people as personas(and the most broken one at that)?

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Yoshitsune was in the series for like 20-25 years dude... George Floyd would suck tho.

they've already used real people as personas
rest of the idea is totally retarded though, people should just make their own indie games if they want persona americana that bad

Enough fucking high schools. Do collage at least.

>>already 8 years since Persona 5
It's been 6 years you fucking dipshit

Yoshitsune, while real, is still a pseudo legendary character.
True, but they are usually one-offs (like Caesar in 3), but even then they stand out and feel weird.

>I still don't get the autism over Igor
Nobody gets Japanese autism over VA's.

i think it works when the person is historical enough like caesar or has become enough of a folk character like captain kidd that it's more about the cultural legacy of a person instead of a specific real person. but yeah using 20th century musicians would be stupid

That's silly. So you don't watch or consume any media that doesn't portray it's character in the exact moment of life that you're currently in?

Is P4U rerelease the only thing Atlas did for Persona's 25th anniversary?

I want to talk with a femanon about persona

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I would get it if he was the VA from the first game, but he wasn't, he didn't come until way later in Persona 3, Igor had previous voice actors for example in the drama cd's (which are valid, some of the voices in the P1 drama cd's were brought back for P2.) So he already isn't the original voice for Igor but he also only voiced him for a period of a few years, like in some cases I get the autism, but this just seems unwarranted.

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