Talk to dog npc

>talk to dog npc

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What a good doggie

woof woof

>Find your soulmate Homer.

what a chonkster

dog moment

He's gonna piss on them.

Glad I'm not the only one who instantly thought of this.

>talk to dog npc
>"with the A button you can jump"

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Dogs are reddit


shut up

white woman spotted

nice try catfag. I just went there on my phone and it is self proclaimed for catfags. Cats are the most reddit animal. Dog are normalfag at worst.

caturday exists because of Yea Forums, dogs get the shovel

Doesnt negate any of what i said.

Cats are based
Dogs are based
Humans are cringe
especially these two

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What do dogs need a shovel for? They can dig with their paws.

>Game is made in Croatia

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>Press the "Praise Cat" option
>Arthur doesn't jokingly say "meowdy there, heh"
Missed opportunity.

>le heckin furbaby!!!
>my pup puppin soggo doggi bood boy!
>my le epic loaf catto

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Is that cat a jew?

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Glad to see that loyal pupper defending the homestead. Can't blame him for being wary of the delivery man either, considering there's a 95% chance he was black.

>Dad names dog Peregrine
>Within weeks we're calling him Pippin
>By next season, it's Pip, Pimpin', Pibbo or Fool of a Took
>Two years in, I call him Pibbin, Dad calls him Pop, my brother calls him Meriadoc Brandybuck, and my mom and sisters call him Pipowsky
Why does this always happen with dog names?

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Thread theme

That lady has some manly looking hands.

When I was a kid I wanted to name our new dog some retarded edgy name but my dad just started calling him "Bob" and the name stuck well enough I can't even remember what the original edgy name was.

>pulls something out of the oven without an oveglove

ur mum is reddit

I just call my dog "that thing" and squeal at it

>talk to cat npc in an RPG Maker game
>"mreow" sound effect

>Get to name our dog at age 5
>Parents damage control by calling him Toto

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For some reason we humanize them akin to small children.

based meeting-you-halfway parents

I've always called my cats by and ever evolving nick name, and hardly ever refer to them by their proper name unless I'm making a vet appointment.

My family named my dog Charlie for me so I just started calling him Charles Barkley

I refer to almost every dog as "dog"

>amazon delivery.avi

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Toto in some hispanic/latin countries is vagina hahahahaha.

favourite video ever

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This but Dag.

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>Have the pet companion perk
>talk to dog npc
>"hey man you got any food I can have?

>android user
>tik tok
>overgrown detroit walkway
>obese dog

Footrot Flats is 11/10, I wish people other than Australians knew about it.

>Name my dog Giovanni, or Gio for short
>Not even 3 months later we call him Geodude
Geodude would actually be fitting for some sort of SMASHED AND SLAMMED pibble but our dog is a white husky mix.

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she clearly didnt bake it

>having pussy hands

Good pup.

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Power of fucking humanity.

Tamed Cows for unlimited Milk and Meat
Tamed Wolves to guard said Cows and transformed them to se incredibly friendly.

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Stream it

I used to have a dog named Bumper but eventually he had so many nicknames (Dingo, Charles, Kleinritter, Smollson, Pupnik) that I would call him whatever word I thought of.

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That dog has been raped, I can see it in his eyes.

>All that hair in that Honda
Oh boy

He was my favorite lad.

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what kind of dog was he?

A good one from the looks for it.

>unbothered. fleeced and warm. happy. in my own lane. focused. flourishing

Don't forget murdering and raping Neanderthals out of existence if not outright dick charming them

Looks like a chihuahua mix, the sweater would make sense as they have body heat problems

I did that with my dog, too. It started with the nickname snickerdoodle and that turned into doodlebug, doodle, then dood.

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my family had 2 dogs, a boxer and a wiener dog. At some point my parents started calling them Big 'Mo and Little 'Mo (mo is short for homo)

>talk to shark npc
>it becomes hostile

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Fritos matches him well.

no do him with the parental advisory explicit content sticker