*gives zoomers confusing boners*

*gives zoomers confusing boners*

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fuck off test tube baby mass marketer

its just one of those monkey plushies with the velcro hands with an edgy mouth.

Honestly just a pretty nice scene. I hate everything surrounding this game but the game itself is really well done (well, Chapter 2 is; Chapter 1 was a little too barebones to make a judgement at the time).


Fuckin idiot

Kill yourself, stop triying to push this shit, shill.
Get fucking saged.

I continually return here, and am continually disappointed that no one is allowed to like anything except porn. This thread would probably have less of
this, and more discussion if there was cropped porn being posted to bait people in.

How much longer is current children’s media going to be for zoomers who are now entering their 20’s instead of the current generation of kids (gen alpha)

The thing is, you like a very shitty thing.

Rounding up politicians and locking them in a basement where they're forced to sing the Huggy Wuggy jingle in perfect harmony to earn their freedom.

I'm allowed to like shitty things. The fact you criticize me for liking them tells me that you're insecure about your even shittier taste, lol.

you wanna discuss a game that is just target advertisement for the Zoomer and Alpha generation to uy those stupid fucking cheaply made toys

>Bron fans getting teased that he's going to play a part in the second chapter only for him to basically have no role

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For me, its mommy


I'm not going to be silent any longer.
I want mommylonglegs to fist me.

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And people like talking about shit like He-man, Transformers, and other old cartoons, or even Undertale/Deltarune(lol), all of which are vehicles to sell cheap toys to children. Same with comics, etc. Everything is either a product or a service retard, that doesn't mean you have to consume those products, nor does those products existence reduce the quality of the media they're based off of. Stfu.

>kissy missy
Surely there's art of her covering the player's face in lots of kisses?

Sorry pal. No such thing, but there is a drawing of Poppy shitting on Huggy's chest if that helps.

You just admitted that what you like is shitty, but things aren't shitty when i like them.

Are guerilla marketing companies really paying people to go online and ask leading questions about whats giving kids boners?

Um bros....that's a completely unique render of Kissy Missy not found on any of their social medias. I think OP might be....A MARKETER!

Yes, it's bizarre and intriguing, it causes people to give reactions right away.

I'd rather fist her.

ok but He-man, Transformers, and other old cartoons have a plot

The garbage you wanna discuss is literately just "AHHHHHHHHHH SPOOKY TOY (buy now at your local retail store) CAN YOU ESCAPE THIS SEXUAL NOODLE WOMEN (only 45.99 at your local walmart super center)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :) (don't forget to watch matpat discuss our game )

Just imagine her long rubber spaghetti arm and fist exploring your asshole and then her pulling out and wiping the shit off on Kiss Missy. THAT is perfect.

Sorry, I don't like things getting shoved up my ass because I'm not gay.

stop being a faggot

Imagine not wanting mommylonglegs to fist you. I bet you don't want to buttfuck Poppy either while she screams about Bron and Catbee.

>SHITTY THING isn't shit because I like it
lol, kill yourselves.

Hey marketer, you wanna explain why you're posting here and not contributing to the discussion? There's some talk about the characters and lore and you haven't said anything.

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>not mommy

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I dont get your point when OP is talking about confusing boners. The thread is still coombait, just about weirder stuff.

Try again later?

Time to answer the biggest lore question of them all
Which living toy has the most powerful braps

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>>SHITTY THING isn't shit because I like it
Yes, what I like >>>> what you like.

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your game sucks cock, it's unoriginal YouTube reaction video bait for underage kids to watch. nothing about it is impresive and it's cheaply made.
Porn addicted fucks like will only """"Talk"""" about because they wanna bait draw faggots to draw porn of a stick person.
You will not capture lightning in a bottle like FNAF did and you will be regarded as a shit joke like Hello neighbor is and beg Youtuber personality to talk about your game on twitter

The only time anyone will discuss this shit ass garbage game is to Bait for porn on Yea Forums

Looks like you need a Huggy Wuggy!

Gen Alpha is growing up on the internet too. They’re indistinguishable.

hahaha imagine them twerking

Zoomers grew up on the good Internet though before Twitter and Facebook raped it.

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Huggy Wuggy: YOOOOO it's hugging time
Poppy Playtime: Oh shit it's Huggy
Huggy: *dabs*
Bron: Bron.


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DAMN Kissy Missy looks like THAT?!?

if she did, what would you do about it?

I'd cum and want to play Chapter 3! And buy the merch!

"sex definitely sells" deniers, explains this

Based OP shilling the game and based replies bumping the thread even though they are seething about the game. I'm going to play it now thanks to this thread! Also Fortnite is obviously the best zoomer turn to coomer game.

>best zoomer turn to coomer game
That's Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Golly I sure hope there's no scene in the next chapter where the player walks in on Poppy violently shitting and has to ensure the stinky smells hahaha that would be a really bad experience hahaha like imagine Poppy trying to say something lore related but her braps keep overpowering her and she rockets off the loo a bit hahahaha

>literally the sonic the hedgehog of gen z autism included
lol, security breach was a flop btw

>Shows up to open a door, then leaves
>Refuses to elaborate
What's her problem?

Funnily enough, Sonic the Hedgehog is already the Sonic the Hedgehog of Gen Z autism now, hence all the Shadowposters on this board.

Me when I can't Poppy Playtime.

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Didn't this games Twitter account hold an art contest and the winners were fart fetish artists?

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Sadly there's no farty art in the game.

ill jerk off to many things but this creature is not attractive in any way. it's cute in a way though.

Not even, it just exists, its not cute or attractive, its just 'girly'

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>Shadowposters on this board.
that shit is years old by now
proof that a single autist spamming shit makes retards spam it too

Anyone else pop a boner hearing her voice from the cutout?

>fart fetish

Wasn’t that glitched?

The best fetish!

Mommy long legs wouldn't like you using that language, user!

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Some people are just not Playtime Co material.