When are games going to feature Biblically accurate angels? Bayonetta and Dark Souls 3 sorta come close

When are games going to feature Biblically accurate angels? Bayonetta and Dark Souls 3 sorta come close.

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I hate the "biblically accurate angels" meme. No, humanoid angels are not inaccurate and are just another type of angel

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can't think of anything

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I hope there's gonna be porn games with these.

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Shuma Gorath vibes.

Looks like a Kirby final boss

Fromsoftware will make a biblical oriented game with the player being a "Banished" who were one of the 1/3 of angels who fell from heaven. In order to go back to heaven and absolve the angels sins, the player must complete series of Christian rites and participate in the Holy Communion to feed the "true main character aka Jesus" the most important key item to rekindle his presence in Earth and Heaven absolving the angels sins or be reborn as the next son of God. Bonfires will be commandment stones, runes will be widow's mite, grails will be estus/flask and crosses will be points of interest in maps. leveling NPC will be a "sister of God" a title given to women who worship/follow God and she is helping you to bring back " the actual main character of the story aka Jesus" to save the land from an event that will kill all sinners thus all humans aka the "Eradication of Sin" brought upon by God. Main bosses will be accurately depicted solders of God, side bosses will be the various ranks of angels and the final boss will be the Holy Spirit. Lore will be scattered in scriptures and spoken in tongues.

biblically accurate angels are 4th dimensional beings peering into our reality. Since they exist in the 4th dimension, this means they appear as an infinite loop of a feature. It's fucking scary, depending on how much power they may have

Isn't it odd how the bible is the only piece of fiction where it's okay to LARP and pretend fantasy is real?

wingjob tbqh
just imagine how soft itd feel

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I am going to kill you with a biblically accurate rock and have biblically accurate sex with your mother

Bayonetta already did it better

>Goliath boss fight

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Angel's are just light and appear as such. Also you will never meet an angel of the higher choir or of the administration of heaven. Messengers and midwayers interact with 3rd density creatures. The higher wouldn't be bothered, disregarding that the law of confusion prevents most higher entities from even getting close to our solar system or let alone this sphere.

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The Wheel a best

>biblically accurate angels
FUCK this meme Jesus Christ

jesus christ says ghosts are real.



Why does this meme upset so many? That viral bump was barely around.

Only the seraphim where crazy looking

Play Shin Megami Tensei.

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>ephesians 1:21
>far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come
So this is just fanfiction huh

This looks like some DMT shit
I wonder if religion came from people being high as shit

It's catholicism, so yes. But the fanfiction is what makes it the most interesting branch to talk about.

For me, it's the wheel of holy doom.

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imagine being so brainwashed into believing this is accurate depiction lmaoo

I guess the idea of taking random nouns from the bible and pretending like it's secretly defining whole families of angels and deriving a bunch of wacky lore from totally banal sentences is actually kind of fun

Looks like it came out from a shitty Earthbound RPG maker clone.

I fucking hate this biblically accurate angels meme. It's the same fucking joke over and over and over.

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For me, it's Affinity

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Pretty sure they were the least batshit (aside from the fire/light/glory thing they emanated that basically made them a shonen protagonist turning everything to dust). Thought they were more or less normal human bodies except they had 6 wings, though they used them in odd ways (ie 2 covering their feet because that would somehow insult god who you know, created and gave them feet, 2 covering their face from god's glorious unlookable visage - but they still HAVE a normal human like face - and 2 to actually fly around. ) So assuming they weren't directly in god's presence (putting aside that whole god being everywhere and at all time thing ) and were talking to some normal human, they'd be a stupidly tall and powerful handsome guy with 6 wings.

This. We can't see their actual forms in 3 dimensional space.

They spent hundreds of years analyzing one book so of course they come up with weird shit. I mean there's also stuff like limbo which was pulled from thin air as cope for "what does god do with all the good people that didn't get a chance to be christian?"

Pretty sure angels are 5th dimensional.

....it's less a joke and more fun with canon/not-canon. Maybe if Reddit didn't brainblast you with it

pretty sure nobody who made them up had any concept of higher dimensions

none of the people you're responding to have any concept of higher dimensions either

How do you know they made them up?

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smash bros already did it

Aren't there 11 dimensions according to string theory

Does he not get dizzy when his eyes spin around that fast?
Doesn't it bother him that his outer circles are blocking some eyes on the inner ones?
Does he have to close all his eyes in a sandstorm?
How does he get a piece of sand or dirt out of his eye?
Doesn't look like intelligent design to me bros wtf

picrel is what heaven looks like

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shit the bed again

Last I heard there was 15.

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Wonder if it would be mad if you asked to touch it.

Hebrews 3:12
"Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."

Stop using the blanket "Biblically accurate angels", Angelos means messenger. While imposing (throughout The Bible their first words are usually "Do not fear"), they're not a monolith in terms of appearance.


>no demons

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Imagine playing as an angel and you still have to i-frame rollspam because fromsoft developed your game.

You're just angry that a lot of people have suddenly started talking about one particular thing.
If a big earthquake started and caused widespread panic you would be like "fucking earthquake fags forcing their earthquake meme everywhere they go...".

Why do retards who like Biblically Accurate Angels always end up being atheists?

>Stop using the blanket "Biblically accurate angels", Angelos means messenger. While imposing (throughout The Bible their first words are usually "Do not fear"), they're not a monolith in terms of appearance.

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I hear he's a woman now in the movies, I remember this because in a thread about gay pandering in the MCU a gay guy was crying about that because shuma was his husbando

theists are uncomfortable with their mythology getting the pagan mythology treatment

>getting dizzy is a symptom of fluid swooshing around too fast in the ear. There is no evidence that suggests that angels suffer from this
>animals with multiple eyes can still see the whole picture. The brain is good at piecing it all together
>there are no sandstorms in heaven
>there is no dirt in heaven

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being aggressive atheists stopped being cool but they're still cringe.

how did the come up with the idea of numeric dimensions?

Why they have so many eyes bros

This is cool I'm downloading this

Dominions thrones of ascension


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>If a big earthquake started and caused widespread panic you would be like "fucking earthquake fags forcing their earthquake meme everywhere they go...".
literally me. unless the ground is splitting under my feet i don't give a fuck and don't want to hear about it.

The fuck?

>no mgq
It's surprising how biblically accurate most angels are in it, at least when considering that it is an H-game.

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>when considering that it is an H-game
that's the tagline for the whole game tho. much better than it has any right to be.

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I prefer my Angels at least kinda fuckable

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>String theory
Might as well be an aetherschizo

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Ok but what about poc and queer representation? One of the angels should have an abortion too, and we can make a statement.

>What if shitposters where really prophets!?!?!
It's stupid to believe random things without proof.


literally no one can prove they've ever seen them. it's a safe bet.

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I have never seen you.
you don't exist

I went to Catholic school as a kid, lemme give you some angel trivia.

"Angel" means messenger as they exist to deliver the word of God. The angels we typically think of, the human with wings, are this. They deliver warnings, prophesies, and messages all the time in the Bible.

Thing is, angels are sorted into "spheres". You can think of them as tiers, really. Angels have a hierarchy where the higher you go, the more closer to God you get. But the higher you go theess inhuman they get too. Only bottom rung angels actually go off to the human world to deliver messages usually, they're basically the photocopy bitch at the celestial company office in the sky.

Many of the more unnatural angels don't interact with people at all. The highest rank, Seraphim, just stands around God and constantly chants praises to him in religious fervour. It looks like a freak but it doesn't matter because you shouldn't be seeing it.

So "normal" angels are still perfectly fine and biblically correct. The only reason this is a meme is because some renaissance artists depicted higher level angels as the lower level kind, but it's not as if ALL angels are monstrous

You're right. I don't believe in it either, but it's fun. I treat biblical and mythological shit like lore for real life. It's great.

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