ITT: Bad fighting game mechanics

ITT: Bad fighting game mechanics

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input motions

whoever says third strike parries is a fucking pleb

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third strike parries

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if your game needs delayed wakeup it sucks

V trigger
Crush counter
That gay R2 + L2 MK does. It looks cool but it's really gay

This. MH4U was way too forgiving.

MH4U isn't a fighting game and it's justified there because you can get a loss state in older games by getting knocked down the wrong way from full health and no stun on most weapons. Everyone can block/tech in fighting games though.

Not only do i hate parries in 3rd strike but also whiffing attacks to fucking build meter

Fuck you and fuck 3rd strike

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they should just remove positive bonus and make all wallbreaks a hard knockdown

>Makes Soul Calibur 6 worse in your path

Series peaked with 2 cause less is more

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Positive bonus was introduced to justify the wall break. It's all to handhold casuals.

whiff meter building is genuinely fucking retarded.

being able to hard knockdown off of virtually anything as a result of wall break is also very good, just not as effective as a constant timed advantage state that positive bonus gives. using meter to get a hard knockdown normally while also still getting that meter back in 3 seconds while still doing oki is fucking retarded

SC3 was better

All comeback mechanics.

say no more

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What do i even need to say

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im sure someone can name at least one good mechanic it had

>you can get a loss state in older games by getting knocked down the wrong way from full health and no stun on most weapons.

Then stop positioning yourself at the edge of the area, retard. Those carts are entirely deserved.

Does anybody ACTUALLY like Rage Arts in tekken 7? I dont want them in 8 but you know they will be in it.

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Bound but especially screw ruined Tekken by enabling baby mode minute-long juggles

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The entirety of nu-KoF.

>Cant decide if it wants to be 2D or 3D and so neither side is fleshed out enough

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>its just a game of rock paper scissors
Damn this game could have really been something crazy.

this, combo breakers need to stop being praised they're the laziest fighting game design choice and every game that has them is certified kusoge

I hate v-triggers that change moves' frame data

danger time
blitz shield
xrd YRC (slowdown)
v trigger

all fighting games are rock paper scissors, they're just a bit more subtle about it
Pokken put some of those RPS properties on moves that had huge advantages to using them over the universal versions so there was some insane jank that made certain matchups particularly torturous in which the 2D/3D switch was the only thing keeping some pokemon from drowning completely, which makes it difficult to debate on how good the 2D/3D is when it allowed some of them to have disgustingly strong moves and also let them survive against them.

FighterZ players are masochists

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what's bad about it, it basically doesn't exist.


oh, and custom combos are really fucking gay because it's inevitable that a particular character is able to do stupid shit the rest of the cast cannot (cvs2 paint the wall, sakura, etc)

What's wrong with it?


Night Terror is a stupid boss stuck in a stupid game dont talk to me ever again SC3 lover

Harms the pageantry and also gives you gain for little risk, if you want to have something similar just give people DBZ style powering up with a dedicated animation


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Pokken has multiple fleshed-out mechanics that the game never once mentions anywhere. There are more attack heights than Tekken, the poses you get by pressing up & down in Duel Phase give you passive buffs, every attack has a specific value that builds towards a phase change threshold and some moves even reduce the total on hit allowing you to create combos around when you want to Phase change. The color-coded RPS is just the top layer.

marduk is actually the retarded fighting game mechanic

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casual detected
SC3 was unplayable at a high level due to all the bugs that the game had. If your 12yo-ass back then hadn't wasted so much time playing your single player shit and actually play the game instead with people you would've realized just how messy that game was

this is honest paul gameplay

Stop being a cheesedicking faggot


>stupid idea
lmao git gud

FRCs from ac+r. They should have just replaced them with normal RCs with 50% meter cost. It's a dumb executional barrier for new players, and even with practice you'll still occasionally fuck it up.

I don't like super flashes

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wall juggle bullshit like this is tekken does not matter anymore

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this is the least offensive mechanic you could have named. Most FRCs are also moves you can RC regularly, it's just projectiles where it's a requirement. someone who doesn't have them practiced can do most of the same shit as someone who does, just less often

little gayboy's mad cause he has to interact with the other player through something other than whiff punishes.

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Not that guy and I played back then, you are overselling it. The BK shit was only really useful for a couple characters, namely Cass and arguably Mitsu, and they still weren't auto winning every tournament by any means. And he's right in general, even if you ignore the superior single player content, SC3 had a better cast, a better combat system, and better stages than SC2. SC2 and SC3 are the absolute pinnacle of the series, but SC3 is definitely the crown gem.


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>falling for this in third fucking strike of all things

i used to hate crossups, but they're required to properly reward the offensive player for taking a risk. every crossup is a risk, they could have jumped and smacked you out, wait for you to land and punished, or that urien could have parried the crossup into a full combo punish

>why can't I just mash DP
It's like watching a toddler attempt to walk but just faceplanting.

Canceling. Prove me wrong.

gems are the single bad mechanic this game has.

Pandora Mode is not good in SFxT

Yeah sure I agree with you that FRCs are fine for moves you can regularly RC (like Baiken j.D), but as you yourself said projectile FRCs are literally core to some characters' pressure and they basically transform into a completely different character.

I'm saying those types of frcs (the drills, nuke, gunflame, projectiles) are a mistake and should be normal RC-able. It's dumb to execution gate like this.

he wasn't even trying to block though
I don't know 3S well enough to recognize startup frames but it looks to me like he'd have been hit by all of those regardless of what side that hit on

why would you cut out the pay off?

I'm just fucking around but seriously most people don't figure shit like OS parries out on their own, places without a strong scene back in the day you could lame people out all day with shit like this. Also Akuma has a literally fucking unguessable crossup in 3s which is horseshit to this day.

cross tekken, just all of it