Nep x SK


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K. Keep me posted!

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3 whole threads and none of them survived
Post more shots of PH and BH though

is it out yet?

Let's get a good shot of her crotch, butt, tummy, and tits

is it true that the signature senran kagura "ripped clothes when you're damaged" is no longer there?


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This is a Nep game, not an SK game.
SK girls didn't get shit lmao

how is it?
remember a few threads back people were saying this version was super tame compared to the usual SK stuff

Don't be fooled. This is a Neptunia game with a ninja theme. The Senran branding is nothing but marketing and if the characters had simply been added later as crossover DLC it wouldn't change much about the game itself.

Honestly, it is very tame by SK standards. However, the fan service is there, even if very minimized. Gameplay is okay, it's kinda action-RPG-ish, but hitting enemies feels good and the available moves are strong and fun to use.

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but yeah, it's a Nep game with ninja theme and the four SK leaders as guests.

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>However, the fan service is there, even if very minimized
Thanks sony really cool.
But anything noteworthy with this game? or just wait for the sale?

Oh that color is nice

Purple Heart got a really good outfit

It's such a dumb thing to get hung up on, but I hate Vert's bell bottoms in this game

Tits too big

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Post Yumi instead

alt color

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What about her regular color?
How does her ass look?


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the game wasn't very good desu
and i speak as a massive nepfag and senranfag
this crossover should've come five years sooner than it did

Now post Black Heart, her new outfit is actually the best one

>anything noteworthy with this game? or just wait for the sale?
ehhhh, get it only if you're really thirsty for that SK/Nep fix like me. Otherwise, wait for sale. Gameplay is just fine, it's not shit, but there's nothing really special about it. The animations are really cool.

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Now in regular color
And try to get an upskirt

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Keep posting neps in their pretty new outfits

post more of the paizuri cat

Is this better than that vtuber spinoff?

Too much neptunia for me wish it had more senran

I completely forgot that game existed until this post, but it seems like that's for the better.

From what I see it basically plays a lot like the other Neptunia hack and slash games like Nep U and 4 goddesses but with an SK skin and feel.

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Post White Heart and Homura

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no Uni?

So boring

Based Homu

More Purple Heart and Black Heart please

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I didn't took many of them, prease undastando

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Why not?
Could I ask for future pics to be in their regular color schemes?

okay I'll try to take some of them the camera is not very good for taking screenshots

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It truly is a nepgame without a good photo mode then

photo mode in this kind of game should be mandatory, but whatever

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Have nepgames ever had a photo mode or did they never really bother wanting to show off their "graphics"?

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I don't even know, this is my first Nep game, I'm a SK fan

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That makes sense, I figured as much.
It's almost laughably sad that the Senrans barely got anything aside from horrendous artwork

it's not bad

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Not that user but I played most of the games bar 4goddesses and that vtuber game and I don't remember any of them having any photo mode of some sort.

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I mostly meant the portraits

yes, Asuka and Homu's portraits look kinda weird. Yumi and Miyabi's look fine, I wonder why.
The official artwork looks pretty good aside from that.

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Post the rest of the cut ins please

I assume the other girls don't get as good shots like this?

I'm trying, but I'm done for today lol
will post what I got for now, sorry

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Got the rest of this CG though? But if you can't that's fine, thanks for the images

Is this out yet on PC I want to steal it

see you in the SK threads bro

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Just came out today, dunno if there's a torrent yet though

>two franchises with sameface models

No thanks, I'll just jack off to the koikatsu cards.

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