Has Peach ever been sexualized?

No fanart shit. Official stuff only.

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Mario Strikers

I’ll post some mild examples from old manuals.
Mario Golf (NES)

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everything has
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Super Mario World

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That's not sexualization you horny fuck
Didn't every character wear different clothes?

Miyamoto probably vetoed it. The moment he dies Nintendo will turn around.

From an official Nintendo(?)-developed tech demo for the Gamecube.

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Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

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paper mario I think

perving peach

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Tge Peach's Castle tech demo, parodying airplane pinup art. This wasn't even meant for the public and still went unused so I'm not sure if it counts.

She has. Check out the old KC Mario manga.


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No, nintendo devs never sexualize anybody because their games appeal primarily to 10- year olds, and they know fan artists will appeal to the rest.

Mario’s Tennis

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>half exposed thighs means sexualization
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NBA Street V3

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Her wearing a thong was definitely sexualization

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I dunno, the official Peach renders are so fucking hot.

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What about FULLY exposed thighs?

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>Has this character from a children's game ever been sexualized?
I will take a risk here and go with no, never

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Peach had that smash upskirt..

women are designed for sex so the answer is every game.

I can't believe I'm seeing this

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Thousand Year Door. There's an entire prolonged sequence where's naked. Invisible, but still totally nude. The same game lets you have her take a shower. This has no gameplay benefit, but you can still do it.

right, they specifically call attention to the fact she has to take off her cloths too, it's not just implied

ITS AN EDIT, must be this same fucking turboautist posting this shit because its an ancient edit no one falls for anymore except me when i first discovered it and came buckets

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called it. nintendo games always attract autists that challenge the like of sonic fans
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She wears a bikini in a couple places in Odyssey.

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I couldn't tell you how many times I jerked off to her panties in Brawl

You're retarded. Her thong was only in the very first print run of the game, much like how the muslim chant Fire Temple thing was only in an edition of Ocarina of Time that was never even released to the public.

All later editions they removed it. It was most likely done as mischief by a programmer or a modeller.

Now shut up.

>the muslim chant Fire Temple thing was only in an edition of Ocarina of Time that was never even released to the public
retard, thats 1.0, the first print run, i have a copy even.
you're a fucking retard from discord that believes everything you see on youtube

My point is still valid.

>point that was complete misinfo based off internet trolling
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>anyway decided to make a proper nude mod and recreate the edit in the original pic just for fun

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Smash Bros had upskirt

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You don't have any arguments, you just try badmouthing.
It was the last game that had that. You could argue though that it was dependent on the player's active action to look up her skirt.

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>You could argue though that it was dependent on the player's active action to look up her skirt.
Bravo Kojima.

Kek, her Mario Strikers shorts are shorter than her granny underpants.

IIRC the computer was lowkey perving out during that bit

you have actual brain problems mate

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Surely her butt attacks counts as sexualization?

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Upskirts aplenty in Mario Kart Double Dash, literally unavoidable in some tracks, notably DK Mountain

Does SMRPG's "Toadstool's ???" count?

The licensed manga had a lot of leg stuff with the girls.

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Not him but I was actually just wondering if that really counts since it's more of a weird flat closed-off thing with some bunched-up white frilly texture than an actual upskirt. Always thought it looked weird, though I guess it wasn't worth the effort of figuring out how to void it like in new games and looks nicer than no real texture at all.

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Also Luigi gets crucified.

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i cant believe im masturbating to a bunch of pixels again

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repost because I put the wrong time

Nintendo of Europe was based:
>"Princess Peach looks better than ever, fresh from her Super Mario Sunshine vacation and in her skimpiest miniskirt yet"

Japanese ads also were based:

not guigi...

I thought the Peach amiibo had a black void

The prototype had panties, they removed it in the final retail versions


Wow...just wow.
Holy fuck!

No, it just ends right above her knees into a pink void.

Not a visual one, but in Paper Mario TTYD the X-Nauts computer falls in love with Peach after watching her shower, and later there's a bit where he turns her invisible but not her clothes so she has to get naked.

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