The game Achron but you impregnate a bunch of women and pluck the fully trained offsprings from the future

the game Achron but you impregnate a bunch of women and pluck the fully trained offsprings from the future

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>protagonist can switch race

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Post more marty mommy for the love of God

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can you imagine how hairy her 50s era pussy is

Okay but would (YOU)?

Lea Thompson? Yes. My mom? No.

what about lea thompson as your mom

Would have to make the decision on the spot

I love her acting, why can't people act like that anymore?
Everything from their expressions to their voices was different and more elaborated.
Now most modern actors only know to make a raspy suffered voice, stare and that's it, that's acting for them.

How did his mom not remember marty? He looks like her son, acts funny, talks funny, plays strange music, dresses funny, and isn’t racist to those black dudes.

That wasn't Marty, that was Calvin Klein.

why didn't he just fuck her mouth or ass

because of parkinsons

Are you actually retarded or just fucking stupid?

this thread is literally just a different flavor of the Yea Forums thread from the other night

While modern actors being shit is part of it I will be a bit fair and point out that so many modern movies are shot bassicly with just the actor standing in a blue box having to act to actually nothing. When you have to act in conditions like that it must make it a good deal harder.

Direction changed with taste in movies away from more theatrical characters and dialogue to more diegetic acting and speaking.

how did george score that

by punching dudes

>movie came out over 35 years ago
>still no decent time traveling mother_and_son incest hentai

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>He doesnt know

remember when netflix censored back to the future?

There could be some if you commissioned it.

No, I never used cuckflix or any other streaming service

I sure hope youre not thinking of having sex with your mother in her prime right user?

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Look at her chest, are those the famous torpedo bras or were her nipples really erect??

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I jerked off to her pics, does that count?

movie literally explains how

I only think of sex with your mother

you have to employ shitters now to fullfill some sort of quota
and the quota is the "selling point"
you got shit movies being celebrated because an asian is directing something about asians, or a female is directing something female centric, or the entire cast being black and so forth
not even writers are safe, there are top writers that can't get work because they are not a minority or female
you get shit when you don't cast, i don't know, a disabled person for the role of a disabled person instead of, you know, an actor who acts...
it's absolutely insane, and the result is that the quality in every area suffers

Stop watching mainstream cape or brazillion dollar movies and start watching some low budget, festival-bait movies. There's still a lot of shitty actings but at least there's some respectable efforts.

i think this was for amazon prime

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It was the 50s, beating you wife/gf was commonplace and George had just discovered he's a chad by punching Biff, so she probably forgot about it by the time he was born.

ayo dat bitch got a 6head LMAO!

what would happen if you went back to the past and impregnated your own mom?

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it would cause a timeline paradox which would destroy the universe

Were women really that horny back in the 50s? I thought they were more reserved at that time.

but what if it's a stable timeloop where you were always your own father?

people have always been extremely horny, women included.

>game lets you time travel into the future
>you can actually meet your direct bloodline descendants who will be either well off or poor depending on your character's accomplishments
>can obviously fuck and impregnate them
>future world can also be utopic or post apocalyptic tier

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I know she is acting but
>tfw no woman will ever look at you like that

Yeah but what if mom raped me instead?

I did. Met her at a party. Decided trolling was more important than busting a nut so I made her sit through all of Blade Runner. I don’t regret it. Women need to learn.

N-no… Of course not!

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This better not be some shitty rewrite I want the real deal goddammit

>trolled, I made you watch a good movie
damn you got her good

>could you be craving my mcnuggies?

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Jesus Christ. But wtf is wrong with you?

yes i absolutely would have came inside my own mother

> Baby Formula Shortage
> Goverment signs executive order for all lactating women to report to the milk silos and ween children for hours on end


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You have to consider the fact that a movie like blade runner is woman repellent. For a generation raised on capeshit and jumpscare flicks, a slow burn like BR is poison, doubly so since women can’t recognize good art.

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Can you guys at least for one day not make an abhorrent off topic thread about fucking your mom, fucking kids or fucking animals?

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Look which user has an ugly mom. What a fucking loser I bet you've never popped wood cuz your mom's so fucking ugly.

The few decades of western-media-enforced notions of normalfag modernity is abnormal to the 15,000+ years of continued human societal evolution. This place is simply an expression of true human interest, allowing even those who even >care about what nomalfags think a place to express free from stigmatisation.
You're the weird one.

Rejct modenty
embrace monky

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This. My mom is a babe, I can’t help but want to fuck her