Wright it down! I'm your phoenix down!
The Ace Attorney is first in town.
While you're the ultimate joker clown
who treats murders like a merry-go-round.
Foul deadbeat junk of a game,
so tryhard a tragiCOPEmedy.
How'd you defeat Junko again?
Oh right tard, just go LOL HOPE EX DEE.

What now Monokuma? A body has been discovered?
Go take a black and white photo like this old fucking faggot.
Tell Maya to stop playing necromancer
cuz spirit channeling is de facto cancer.
Cross examine this game's budget
cuz you know it's gay and cliche.
After Mia had kicked the bucket,
she should've stayed M I A.

Ghost tricks scare you but not super science?
Brainwashing plot devices are shit writing signs.
No time for FTE nonsense, I have criminals to catch.
No anime flicks, no gimmicks, just my finger and badge.
I defended Edgey from his father
with a bullet from pap's own pistol.
You infected edgy highschoolers
with a bull load of pepto-bismol.

On the crime scene, you're just a pretend Kyoko.
I'm me all the time, see, they call me MANkoto.
You're a pathological liar and a goddamn homo.
Made one mistake and then you went full hobo.
I shoot sick facts out that are bullet proof.
My bonds are maxed out while yours went poof.
I localized this for you, so don't misunderstand.
Last night, I bond burger'd your assistant.




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>Last night, I bond burger'd your assistant.
Naegi won, without a doubt. Phoenixchuds seething rn

he's gonna take you back to the past

rap is cringe


Toasting in reddit bread

zoom zoom

Unironically good thread


Oy vey, look at the goy that crawled out from the pasture
Who would eventually get his ass beat by a pastor
But you won't achieve Heaven, so how dare you have the gall
To think your Ora Ora Ora can expose my cabal
We control the western media, and we control the banks
Even the Speedwagon Foundation has been breached by our ranks
So think twice about your enemies, think twice about your friends
Because who knows just who would sell their soul to meet my dividends?

Yare yare, not even Jotaro can put up with your crap
Hermit Purple couldn't find the 6 million's ashes on a map
Your whole shpiel is a great big lie you use to stir the pot
When you get retconned out of history, I'll say "Araki Forgot!"
I bet inside your teffelah, your hook-nose ass is shaking
I'll give you a beatdown generations in the making
Justice will be served, kike, mark my fucking words
On behalf of all the Joestars, you'll get what you fucking deserve!

Your grandpa fought with Nazis, how can I possibly be lying?
You think I'd lie to you about my very people dying?
Kars? The ultimate lifeform? Even he knows that's a joke
For there is one ultimate lifeform and his name cannot be spoke

No way, your god's forsaken you? "Yah weh", he hates your soul
You've pissed me off so goddamn bad I'll have to seek parole
When I get sent back to prison after I fucking kill you
And the history of your people will no longer
----- be continued ----->

YOU DECIDE! (edited)

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What garbage have I stumbled upon?

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So awful that it’s funny
Thank you OP

This was good

Okay this was better than I thought it'd be and made me audibly chuckle. Good job OP.

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Best thread on Yea Forums right now

Yea Forums - The Vidya

me when i see this thread

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/qa/ won

Wait a sec that's also me when I see this thread

holy white person post, batman!

>After Mia had kicked the bucket,
>she should've stayed M I A.
ok that got a laugh out of me

i look like this and say this

More like wigger post, kek

You can't rhyme down with down

criminally cringe

tell that to every british rapper/grime artist

Idk if you wrote this or not but whoever did made kino of the highest caliber.

makoto would never call anyone a faggot wtf


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We all agree that Western Philosophers vs Eastern Philosophers is the best one right?

my fnaf rap YO YO YO listen up to my new rap! I just got a Freddy hat! (HOT GIRL SINGING) oH YeAhhhh ITS FREDDY FAZBEAR PIZZA! WHEN YOU GET SOME PIZZA! AND A BIG. PIECE. OF ASSSSSSS! awesome music plays Me: ya my name is rap pa 3000 and I’ll tel ya da story of fredy pizzeria with a Freddy goldy and a hot foxy fucking Chicago all day long, With a hudge dong, and den the security guard named chonged put his dong in BONNIE! girl takes off shirt and sings OH YEAAAAAAAH ITS FREDDY FAZBER PIZZAAA! WHEN U GET SOME POZZA AND A. BIG. PIECE. OF. QSS me strokes dong mmmm ya it’s fredy fazber pizza with huge dings and blonga and frogsssss! With scary sexy animatrons!

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Makoto Naegi's butt is shown in the Danganronpa anime

Alfred Hitchcock vs Steven Spielberg for me

Please make more of these

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I'm a big fan of Rasputin vs. Stalin.

Ragnar vs.Richard the Lionhearted is pretty damn good stuff too.

And as much as I hate to admit it, Joker vs. Pennywise is a pretty top tier video.

unironically a kino thread

Honestly there's not a lot of them that I DON'T like, most of them are pretty good at have at least one solid line.

>Cross examine this game's budget
>cuz you know it's gay and cliche.
>After Mia had kicked the bucket,
>she should've stayed M I A.
Genuinely keked

john mcclane vs john wick vs john rambo really impressed me recently, they've still got it, terminator vs robocop is great for the same vibe too
honorable mentions to
>master chief vs leonidas
>wright brothers vs mario brothers
>abe lincoln vs chuck norris
>napoleon bonaparte vs napoleon dynamite
>kim jong il vs hulk hogan & macho man
for being certified hood classics, plus tony hawk vs wayne gretzky because it tickles my autism in a good way

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>tony hawk vs wayne gretzky
This one is shockingly good, I feel like it's a pretty underrated classic.

Phoenix won on the account of Makoto being one of the worst protagonists of all time.

Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs, just for the legendary lines “you blow, Jobs” and “why’d you name your company after your dick”

really? are you 12?

you are mother on my balls kid

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based thread



In all seriousness though Thanos vs. Oppenheimer is one of the best battles that ERB has done.

really highlights how much work and research they put into their lyrics and impressions, it's great
thanos could've had a stronger second verse but it was pretty dope otherwise

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>Who won
Edgeworth did
He got Investigations 2.

‘You’re a glitchy old man beat left out at sea’ from Ash Ketchum versus Charles Darwin really took me by surprise. That’s a pretty clever line and a pretty clever reference.

Did you write this yourself? I need to know that before I can decide if this is funny or not.


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This is probably one of my favorite. Oppenheimer's voice and lines were insanely good. although, desu, most of their raps were good. the only cringy one was the frederick douglass one, because thomas jefferson literally conceded his second verse completely, even though his first one was better than both of douglass's.

Cease vs Zulu was the best with martin vs Tolkien coming in at second

>After Mia had kicked the bucket,
she should've stayed M I A

I prefer Ace Attorney but I gotta give the win to Naegi for the M I A bit