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He's so cool

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What's his endgame?

Rouxls is the Dark World form of Papyrus

>game teases you with meeting Papyrus
>turns out he was there from the beginning

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he wants to best you in a battle of wits is all

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So he's gonna get slightly harder every chapter, right?
In chapter 1 you literally can't lose to him or even lose any health
In chapter 2 he's piss easy, both in battle and in his minigame, but you can at least get hurt
By chapter 8 he's gonna be Sans-tier, maybe you can progress anyway even if you lose but there's a cool item in it for you if you win

>that title
You trannies aren't even trying to disguise these generals anymore. Go to your containment board on /vg/ for shitty 2deep4u Earthbound clones.

>several hints Susie x Noelle will be a thing in both chapters
I don't trust this, Toby is too meta to play something straight like that
What is he planning?

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i hope he shows up as a shitty miniboss in every chapter, thatd be funny as fuck

Hopefully multiple routes including romance, mind break and harem.

He's talking about Omori isn't he.
>monsters turn to ash when they die
>those ashes are smothered over their favorite thing
>Darkners are random objects sprung to life
>Ralsei is an old halloween costume covered in Asriel's ashes in the lightworld, making him half darkner and half lightner in the Dark World
>he says that the fountains must be closed off which will presumably cut off the light world from the dark world for good
>Kris keeps making more fountains because they don't want to lose the one connection they have left with their deceased brother because they just can't let go

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Toby's games normally have a straightforward "main plot" with no 4D chess needed to understand it. He doesn't fuck around with the core identity of the plot much. Think of the Undertale neutral route, the only "twist" is that Asgore is a pretty nice guy which you could easily make out from how most people talk about him anyway
Then there's a bunch of side shit that actually requires more thought.
Susie x Noelle just quite plainly and predictably happening is entirely possible as per the first sentence

99425295892852% of this is you being far fetched
im pretty sure he really just means escapism

Rouxls Kaard is the only character whose initials are RK. The Roaring Knight. As a matter of fact they highlight this by having a note with his initials on it in Chapter 1 before you've ever heard of the Knight.

I don't think he is the Knight but I think he's deliberately being made to be a red herring

post scriptum
he wrote that before people knew omori plot and it really just looked like an escapism game

Here ya go OP

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This. Toby's good at being very clear and direct with the player. He may subvert expectations now and then but every subversion always makes sense within Undertale's logic, it abides by a ruleset of its own creation and never betrays itself just to keep the player guessing for no other reason than "lol you'll never know WHAT I'LL DO!"
What might be considered a subversive trick in any other JRPG would be considered normal in Undertale. That's why it can be subversive but also transparent at times. Undertale's strength lies in its ability to be earnest during critical moments. Every plot thread leads up to a climax of some sort and by the time you step into that final boss room you know EXACTLY what the stakes are and that really helps the player get engaged in what's going on.
It's okay to string your audience along but you MUST give them what they want once they reach the end, otherwise they'll feel like their time has been wasted and get annoyed.
A bad storyline like FNAF just keeps stringing the player along and every time they reach the end, the path extends out just a little further with the treat disappearing into the distance.
Eventually you just throw in the towel because you're being punished for caring.

I just realized "Post Scriptum" is what "P.S." stands for in letters.

It depends on how he presents the relationship, if there's no issues that pop up, then it'll go well, he does have twists here and there but he mainly follows through on things he builds up, the twists he does are things that are surprising to know and aren't him tricking us, like how Determination in Undertale ended up actually being an important plot-relevant substance, or how Flowey is basically Asriel. The only way I can see it going wrong is if Noelle goes batshit insane in every route, like if she realizes the dark worlds are real, and creates one to see Rudy healthy/attempt to heal him, only for Susie and co to confront her and close it or something
I can MAYBE see him also going the route of making Noelle too obsessive over Susie, but that might not ever be touched upon and instead is him forcing the love interest (which he almost has to do to build it up)

I don't think it'll happen because it's too obvious, I think Noelle's arc will be learning to let go and turn her lesbian lechery towards a more pliable target: me

i also only figured it out recently

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People already know upon discovering an indie game with a cute artstyle that it's probably going to have a few tricks up its sleeve so instead of playing dumb for 5 hours, Undertale gets straight to the point with Flowey's troll tutorial because the game knows that YOU know its gonna pull some shit.
With a lot of "subversive" indie games, they don't actually get to the point until the very end with the rest of the game wasting your time with "will I? won't I?" playful flirting bullshit.
Yeah, we all know you're going to do something crazy so just do it now and get it over and done with.
Undertale does the opposite of the usual indie game routine and starts out subversive THEN warms up to the player as they get closer to the end and by the time they reach the goal the game has become 100% transparent with them.
It's so much more honest than Doki Doki Literature Club and any other similar game that thinks you "don't know" when its so fucking obvious from the fact that it's a suspiciously innocent looking game on steam that's mysteriously become very popular among horror reaction channels. You can't hide it anymore in this day and age.

anyone have a link to the last thread? there was some cool art in there but i cant seem to find it now.

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>It's so much more honest than Doki Doki Literature Club and any other similar game that thinks you "don't know" when its so fucking obvious from the fact that it's a suspiciously innocent looking game on steam that's mysteriously become very popular among horror reaction channels.
It was probably easier to pull this off back in 2003 when there was no youtube, basically no social media, and it takes like 30 hours to get to the subversive part

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We're meeting Light World papyrus in Ch. 3 and he's going to be a neckbeard as per Toby's initial intent

last thread? fucking zoomers and their generals

He is going schizo, isn't he?

Reminder that Rouxls is secretly the most important character in Deltarune

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I like that Deltarune doesn't completely disregard Fighting in Pacifist
I fucking hated that shit in Undertale, actually I fucking hate most of things in Undertale

I kinda wish Susie was more of a bitch in chapter 2, feels kinda weird how quickly she just became friends with Kris and how both Noelle and Birdly just want to fuck her and she doesn't get pissed off about it.

After replaying ch1 it's pretty insane how much people hate Berdly when susie was so much more of a cunt in ch1.

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ok but unlike berdly, chapter 1 susie was based

>not based

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- Darkners are objects brought to life
- Dead monster ashes get spread on their favorites things
- Ralsei is a halloween costume covered in Asriel's ashes, making him a Darkner that has faint memories of living another life in the Light world (and is why he knows about the school and classrooms)
- The schizo Darkners such as Spamton and Jevil want freedom because they themselves are like Ralsei in that they're Darkners born from objects covered in monster ashes and thus carry the spirit of a once-alive monster
- The schizo Darkners want to ascend to the higher plane, the Light World, because they've been there before
- Ralsei has his own schizo meltdown later in the game
- The true identity of the schizo darkners are the dead spirits of the NPCs that died to the player in the weird route
- Spamton is a Darkner born from a printed out spam email covered in Berdly's ashes
- spamton is berdly trying to stop you while trying to return back to the living world
- the final boss is a creepypasta larp where the kris avatar is supposedly possessed by a dead child's spirit and wants to break out of the video game

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Tranny game

He was friends with Omocat, he probably had an idea of what Omori's plot would be.

Two holes... Asriel, to our knowledge, is still alive, and Spamton appears whether Berdly is alive or not

Miss you Goro

I think this is likely a place for a darkworld

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Anime-themed dark world.

Chapter 3: kris' house
Chapter 4: church
Chapter 5: hospital
Chapter 6: asgore's shop
Chapter 7: the bunker
Feel like 5-6 could be swapped depending on what Toby is planning

Why does berdly want nipples so much?

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I think the dark worlds are going to have a entertainment theme
ch 3 tv
ch 4 is going to be at the church but is actually going to be based off of Gerson's fantasy novel the main boss is going to be Gerson's OC
ch 5 is going to be in the hospital but be based off of Noelle video game
ch 6 is going to be the bunker it will be flash back heavy and have themes of playing outside as kids
ch 7 is going to be the festival the whole town is going to be engulfed in the fountain and you need to seal it before the roaring happens
at least that's what I think will happen

- Darkners are dead human souls reincarnated into them.

>People already know upon discovering an indie game with a cute artstyle that it's probably going to have a few tricks up its sleeve so instead of playing dumb for 5 hours, Undertale gets straight to the point with Flowey's troll tutorial because the game knows that YOU know its gonna pull some shit.
While that's very much the case nowadays, that wasn't as common when the Undertale demo dropped.

>humans are (almost) extinct
>the dark world is their afterlife/heaven
Not the most farfetched speculation I've heard

because toby can't get away with talking about how much he wants a big cock to fuck Susie with

is there any particular reason for the uptick in deltarune discussion on Yea Forums? this is the second thread today, and the last one got all the way to bump limit. not that i'm complaining, its led to some pretty interesting discussion and theorycrafting recently. speaking of which,

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Oh I simply cannot wait for the Christmas lights to turn on

Toby sparking hype for chapter 3

the virgins on this board just cannot wait any longer
the need for chapter 3 is unquenchable

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>humans are (almost) extinct
only 3 survivors so far

post lizard

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>tfw society will collapse before all 7 chapters get released
Why even live bros...

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Chapter 2 was released September of 2021. Actual development time was 1.5 years (the rest being pre-production)
Assuming that Chapters 3,4,5 take about the same, they will be released at
>March of 2025

After Omori release, I immediately thought its much like Deltarune in the overworld/magic world premise, but Deltarune does the whole "fantasy dream world" 20 times better. Dream world in Omori was the worst part, while in Deltarune it has both the feeling of escapism yet there are still consequences. I think Deltarune will be much better than extremely overrated Omori, if it isnt already.

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if i understand correctly chapter 2 involved alot of experimentation with the game engine and mechanics, not to mention its toby's first time making a game with a proper dev team. surely by now they've streamlined the process and we can expect more frequent and substanial updates, r-right guys?

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Yeah I think you're right. They've got the workflow by now hopefully. Not only that but Toby mentioned hes almost done with chapter 3 in 2020 so by now I assume they're working on 5. High hopes for Christmas this year.

>High hopes for Christmas this year.
I hate to spoil the mood but there is virtually zero chance Toby finished 3 chapters in one year.

Dont forget.

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