Master Duel

She gets mounted by Ash in exchange for headpats. What a slut.

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>finally figure out the darklord despia decklist
>new despia cards added

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I've only play Cardians and Lunalight, what deck should I build?

Just made it to Plat V, is the rank floor still in place or is it still possible to get knocked back into gold?

What's the best deck now? I have 14k gems and want to collect salty tears

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Shiranui tribal featuring uni-zombie and the zukis

you're here forever

is witchcrafter any good for fooooooooooosioooon event

You call that bad?
You should see my drytron record for the last 2 days...

>go first
>play vw spell
>opp ashes it
>called beyond his ash

Kek. Moar

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Polymerization is not a real card. The real card is called "Monster Fusion".

>Run Weathering Soldier to search Fossil Fusion
>It needs to be "sent to the GY by card effect" as one way to trigger the effect
>Try linking it away to the GY to get the effect
>Doesn't work
>Try discarding it to the GY with Twin Twisters to get the effect
>Doesn't work
>Try using Rock Bombardment, which specifically "sends a rock monster from your deck to the GY" to deal 500 damage
>Doesn't work

Can someone please help me understand I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here. I get the first two don't "send" but it's still going to the graveyard. Then the last one explicitly "sends" but it still doesn't trigger. What the fuck can I use to get the effect other than suiciding it against a monster?

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Just prep whatever can cram the most engines into a single shitshow

prank kids
tri brigades
thunder dragon
zombie world eldlich fucks over sword soulless

I'm sleepy, what's the deck for me?

Fusing it counts
Stuff like Zeus would set it off
Linking/tributing/etc does not count

>Rock Bombardment
>Send 1 Rock monster from your Deck to the GY; inflict 500 damage to your opponent.
Sending it to the GY is before the ; therefore it is the cost not the effect

It needs to be an actual effect that sends a card to the graveyard.
Linking is a special summon, not an effect
Twin twisters discard is a cost to activate an effect which is to destroy S/T
Rock bombard is the same, you're pitching a card for the cost, not an effect. The effect is to deal damage

I'm gonna fucking shoot a konami employee over these fucking new tutorial duels. Holy fucking shit. Guess the correct strategy they want you to play with a deck you don't know after we take the training wheels away, and we're going to make sure that you draw the identical cards every time. Did you guess Utopia, the most obvious and correct choice was the right way to deal with this monster? Sorry, wrong, start again. Magician? Nope, try again retard.

>Danger!'s in-archetype Trade-In is fucking awful
>actual Trade-In is an UR
Why do they keep doing this? You remember when every other archetype used to get a tribal Solemn Judgment back when that was a thing that actually mattered? Now they can't even print half-decent archetype-exclusive cards. They keep printing powerful GENERIC cards like Tri-Brigade Revolt or Meteonis Drytron, but refuse to print a card (that ARCHETYPE LOCKS YOU) that's even as good as a card from 15 years ago.

There's literally no fucking downside to printing good non-generic cards. I understand why they print good generic cards, because they want everyone to buy them, but printing good non-generics doesn't take away from that.

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Love this card
user you're stuck there until the season reset
They aren't changing that

Send it to the gy with a card effect:
>linking it away
this is not an effect. come on
>discard through twin twisters
this is a cost, not an effect
>but how do I know which is which
costs are separated by a semicolon(;)
for example: discard 1 card; destroy 1 monster
>rock bombardment
same thing as above
I think there are a bunch of fossil cards that satisfy that requirement.

i miss my bros

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The exodia one was the worst. It feels like if you don't get off that library draw you're gonna be stuck there for ages.

the library is bait, you don't use that one, you have to get rid of the morphing jar fast.

dream mirror


This game is dog shit irl. I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoying this game in a competitive environment in real life holy shit what an ultra waste of time

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>cucked by a semicolon
I hate this fucking game. Every single effect card needs to be written like this:

COST: [do this thing]
EFFECT: [you get to do this thing now]


Its kinda slightly better in real life since if you both know it goes very fast.

>Every single effect card needs to be written like this:
They did this for the new version of Yugioh.

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>Wow cool boss monster for archetype I like
>it can become super splashable

god dammit....

IRL has different banlist though I feel it's still pretty late
It's only recently that they banned VFD, IO and bunch of other broken stuff

Well now that you know the cost/effect semicolon rule, you don't need to have all that. You're learning, now go foolish burial that weathering soldier


witchcrafter are decent in any event because they don't need their extra deck

Constructive criticism?
This is the only thing I could come up with without crafting new cards.

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This shit has infested the wiki, now whenever you search for cards based on effect-tags like "discard from your hand", you get Rush Duel cards mixed into the table of results, and you don't know if it's the normal card or the rush duel version until you click it or already know the effect and can deduce which version it is based on what tag you're searching through.

All master duel has shown is it revealed how underhanded and mindless japs were.

For years all the OCGfags would praise how open the OCG banlist was compared to the highly restricted TCG banlist since americans would abuse anything. Only now people realize the japs at local stores have LOCAL BANLISTS and now the japs run rampant with whatever bullshit they want

Its combining both the cancer of TCG and OCG thats master duel

This card is literally unplayable, its so slow and it doesn't give enough reward for all the effort it takes to flip it. God forbid it gets twin twistered or lightning stormed. It should be non targeting banishes (would also fit the theme of the deck better) also you should draw 2 when it activates.

>Three Maxx no ash
Why though?

Ash is unfair

Whoops forgot image.

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i don't mind DPE because you have a lot of ways to counter him but the free pot of greed that comes with him is so fucking stupid

>Only now people realize the japs at local stores have LOCAL BANLISTS
I wish this game would let us create custom user banlists for duel rooms.

Games only fun casually in my experience. I don’t even play against the meta slaves at locals anymore. Il scoop as soon as I see their first card and know I’m gonna sit there watching solitaire for 25 minutes until game 2. Id rather not be disrespectful and play on my phone while we duel so i give them the win so i can move on with my life. The second i see you playing dog shit 60 card shitter decks or combo forever mishmash dog shit I’m out. Idgaf about the game enough to endure that autistic shit

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Ask for it in the survey

this has to be bait

uh bro wheres your verte

I did. With 4 accounts.

it's a link :)
fusion festival

Why would they allow a link card in the fusion festival user?

No cheeky Citadel for revenge plays?

the only really bad one is the fucking kuriboh vs lair of darkness one. i swear it's impossible to win at least 90% of the time

>Just noticed the lose 200 atk for each hero card in the grave part of phoenix
god damn i hate yall fuckers ruining this for HEROs

Space limitations and maxx c would hopefully help against bricking. It's based on how my regular Ancient Gear deck is.

>custom banlist on duel rooms
>RM just gonna ban everything that disrupt his deck while allowing anything that would make his deck broken


I've dropped the infinitracks and schedule for the festival, summoning multiple things does nothing when you can't link or xyz and you can fusion from hand anyway. I may be wrong.

the best thing heros can do now is dogma/dark law + dpe, pass. Not like they got much in the first place.

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well it is half of what we need
the other half is older master rules and the option for pre-errata cards in banlists

Also I think the community would come up with fun banlists somewhat.

master duel has an additional problem and it's the clown banlist. Just imagine the same team that thinks sekka's light and analyzer at 2 will cripple adamancipator being in charge of the banlist when adventurer hits

Does it need any other cards to go with it?

Just play a meta deck and wait for better custom rooms and you will stop feeling angry when you're on the receiving end of a bullshit combo.

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well actually they can vomit the rest of their extra deck if they want to but yeah it's just flexing dark law is basically their wincon

>pulled 8 or 9 dogmatika packs last night
>try it out
>Literally no one isnsummoning from the extra deck, so nothing is triggering my special summon conditions

What the fuck? The night before I started pulling everyone was falling over themselves and constantly summoning from the extra deck. Is this game fucking rigged? How did I go through an entire daybwithiut even seeing a single DPE or other splashable ED monster?

we need large, persistent rooms that arent tied to one person so we could have rooms for specific formats and shit

Fair I guess
I just had Maxx be the cause of my bricks more often than not.
Maybe remove one and slot in something to help protect your boys from Super?
Otherwise I guess you're good to go. I never played gears so I don't know Jack.

Banlist is usage based.

Even Smogon shitters keep tab on broken shit not dip on lower tiers or run rampant on common one. Not foolproof and still have bias but handled quite well.

Don't blame us
We didn't make the card

Cards that need to be printed:
>IO for traps
>skill drain for graveyard
>skill drain for hand

If you can use it to fusion from hand not really since you need it in GY, and you can bring it with schedule too

>just become a tranny bro

>>skill drain for graveyard
>>skill drain for hand
Both exists

>what is royal decree
>what is light/shadow imprisoning mirror
You got me on the last one

Royal Decree
Soul Drain
Gravediggers Trap Hole

>IO for traps
Isn't that just royal decree?

That one at least I can forgive for not being a tutorial, but a challenge to unlock a reward. The fucking Gagaga and Exodia missions are just horribly designed duels period, but also meant to ease new players in. It's insane.

Have you ever gone up against a deck that counters yours so perfectly and specifically that you swear the other guy must have fucking cheated somehow

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yeah right bro usage based, look at all those players abusing sekka's light damn I must have seen it like a whopping 2 times total before the banlist hit it
the banlist is a total circus there's simply no cope for it

Fuck you. You didn't deserve that card in the first place. Its effect has absolutely nothing to do with HERO. Unchained, Nephthys, Fire King, Yang Zing, Rokket, all of them could have benefited from having this card in their archetype.

But no. YOU got it, because you play a super special protagonist archetype that gets constant support while other archetypes don't get anything for 5+ years. Konami wanted to update a card whose sole effect was battle protection, took that part AWAY, and instead gave it the assorted gimmicks of a half-dozen other archetypes because they wanted you asshats to cream your pants over your new toy while everyone else could fuck themselves.

Fuck you, fuck you, you deserve absolutely nothing, and I hope this card gets Fusion Destiny banned so you actually LOSE something for once.

>royal decree
>soul drain
>mind drain

the first one is likely older than you are

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>What's the best deck now?
All their engines combined

You literally just started your post with a good reason for them to contnue doing it from their perspective. Since the in-archetype version is shit you're forced to spend on the 15 year old UR (if you play digital). Komoney doesn't care about the fact that doing as you say would make balancing 100x easier since you could just hit specific decks without harming weaker ones.