What made Shadow a far better and more popular rival to Sonic than Wario ever was to Mario?

What made Shadow a far better and more popular rival to Sonic than Wario ever was to Mario?

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He's black and edgy and uses a gun.

wario's games were so good that no one gave a shit about his attitude toward mario

bowser successfully filled both roles that eggman and shadow occupy

Gee I wonder why this thread was made

>wario's games were so good that no one
bought them? Wario World got shat on by Shadow the Hedgehog lol

What? Shadow was relevant for 1 game. He's been flanderized trash ever since Adventure 2

Shadow only has one mediocre game.
Wario has several great games.
Especially wario land 4

Wario only fought Mario once.

wario appeals to fat ugly bastard chads
shadow appeals to skinny ugly edge lord virgins
simple as

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Wario is too based for you

Wario, like Mario, is a fat man with no real personality. Shit aint rocket science.

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Wario, like Donkey Kong, was so quickly segregated into his own series that any relationship he has with the greater Mario universe comes from spinoffs. He hasn't been Evil Mario since one single Gameboy game in 1992.

women and gays

The same thing that makes sonic as a whole appeal to people in a way Mario doesn't. He's cool. Nothing in Mario is cool, the games are fun but all the characters are dopey, kiddy and bulbous. The entire reason sonic has succeeded as a franchise is that it's cool, everything is spikey, fast, and high tech.

>Wario has several great games.
>Only like 2 Wario games outsold Shadow The Hedgehog

Imagine having all those games just to barely outsell CHADow. LOL

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I think a game where Wario and Shadow team up has potential

Sales don’t equal quality.
Pokémon sword and shield sold a lot of copy’s and by that logic does that make it good?
The minions movie is one of the highest grossing animated movies out there.
Does that mean it’s good?

>Sales don’t equal quality.
Thanks for your concession, Shadow is better.

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Yes and yes
Get better taste

>Wario is a successful businessman
>Women love him
>Men want to be him
>a fan-favorite
>always one of the best choices in all spinoff games
>Mario is just some chud who nobody cares about because haha autist brother cute greenie beanie
Mario doesn't even compare to Wario, they can't be rivals when one is living the life and the other is too busy being a simp for some pink bitch

It’s never about which character is better.
Both are good in their own right.
It’s about game quality.


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>Wario World got shat on by Shadow the Hedgehog lol
You will bleed for your words, plebeian.

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>It’s about game quality.
So Shadow is better? We know.

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What's with the obviously forced rivalries?

Cope. You will NEVER have a never Wario Land again.


These characters are nothing alike in mannerisms and design, a more accurate comparison would be Wario and that forgotten weasel character

I accept your concession, you illiterate manchild

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Nack? But yeah, you're right, these characters go for completely different things, I don't think mario really has an edgy rival

Call me schizophrenic, but i think it's the discordfaggots who pushed Banjo vs. Steve back when smash was still relevant.

>one game
>it's shit
>12 games
>all of them are good

Do not redeem bros...

>Wario World
>8 levels

>23 levels, 59 if you count different missions
It's clear that Wario games only get higher scores due to the Nintendo bonus lol

Shadow Mario is kind of edgy looking before he reveals himself as Bowser Jr.

>quantity over quality

Nah Chadow has both, WW is one of the worst Gamecube games I've ever played

And you will never get shadow the hedgehog 2.

What a godawful forced meme, you guys are getting more lazy with this shit by the day.

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Were these CG cutscenes handled by a western studio?

Understandable, no point trying to reinvent the wheel. They got it perfect the first time.

I won.

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How long until someone doxxes the shadowfag? I remember people finding that kid on /vp/ who kept saying Ruby and Sapphire sucked shit. Lmao his mom's okcupid profile.

Thanks for the thread OP, I know what I'm playing through tonight.

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Eh he doesn’t bother me that much.
As some one in the wario side of the debate I can say that for sure.
And doxxing is never good.
Don’t become a twittard user

Fuck you shadowfag, because of you all of the free VPN's are banned

This is fake, nobody would willingly do this to themselves

What about paid ones?
Why would you ever use a free VPN?

Having a kill all the baddies/goodies mission that takes forever to do and is boring as fuck in Westopolsis was a big mistake, makes 100ing the game a drag


Objectively wrong, virgin.

Confession denied you illiterate manchild
not in smash, we know
>being edgy
you lost

I kinda like it actually, but yeah it would have been way better design to just have three actual routes through the stage - that has issues of its own but for the first level alone it'd be okay.

Wait isn’t that the intire point of this shitposters goal?

Shadow is supposed to be an edgy character.

>>Claiming victory like a child on a playground upset he lost

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Its a matter of time, they'll get too comfortable at one point.
How did they find that guy anyways?
Utter faggot

>Shadow is supposed to be an edgy character.
yep, hoever the kids are pretending to be him.

I guess I’m a fag for not giving a shit about this obvious troll.

Wario outgrew his rivalry with Mario and made a name for himself. Shadow tried doing that and failed miserably.

That is truthful

The 2 space arc stages were absoluetly fucking woeful, not easy to navigate, the maps on teh wall are unreadable and crap like find 2 choas out of 60 for every 3rd room. The bosses were all bullet stonges, they are mindless. The kill everyone missions were always the worst and nuetral routes were always the most tolerable

>picking a fight with Wario of all people

What's wrong Shadowkeks? Still sore after that dicking from Spongebob?

For better or for worse Sonic focuses more on story which in turn puts more focus on the characters beyond just being an end of stage boss. That and the fact that it's easy for kids to self-insert or at least want to be like Shadow. Who the fuck would want to be Wario?