You can't fix her

You can't fix her.

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Why are women so mentally ill?

They're women

I honestly hate when people make games like this and needy streamer overload because girls are literally unable to not base their entire personality off of the protag. Like at least make the protag a guy or an ugly woman so girls don't dig themselves into a deeper hole of degeneracy and mental illness because they think it's cool or like the vibe or whatever. Like how the fuck do you think a teenaged girl is going to end up when all other women are making an onlyfans while she's sitting at her computer playing a game about some bpd bitch trying to make it as an e-whore. This is what's wrong with the world right now. Females don't have anyone to look up to they are all literally just being groomed by society itself to become hot chip-eating, smartphone-charging, bisexual manipulative liars. Like I know for a fucking fact that every e-girl on this planet that has ever played milk bag or needy streamer overload was going "literally me!" the entire time and I don't understand how we fucking let woman get to this point.

tranny game

women have always been that way, the second strict control over women is lifted, they always devolve into a chaotic monsters.

literally any amount of time, hundreds of years of strict rules, even fair, but firm ones, 2 years after they go away, you get massive whores.

Iran when it was more liberal is the ultimate example, but there are many.

they expect firm strict rules from masculine father figures, first their real father, then their husband, and they unfortuantely were born into a world where most of those rules were done away with due to "progressivism"

so they go mad, so insane they convince themselves they are enjoying the immense mental anguish and incredibly chaotic and destructive lives they live, these women are terminal, they cannot be fixed or helped.

Why fix her?

You can't even fix yourself.

bot posts

fuck off degenerate shill

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beep boop

>devs are ib users
Yup, this is a shill thread.
I'm not gonna buy your shit tranny game now fuck off.

Post the part where it says she's a tranny

Why is the same schizo in every thread for this game

/qa/ is more insane than trannies

It viscerally annoys me when people (i.e. the sort that like this game) say I WANT A MENHERA GF I EANT A MENHERA GF but they would very quickly dislike the reality of one. Say you want a fictional conception of a mentally ill girl.

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Ame fix

I just tell them to watch Gone Girl and imagine it being even worse than that, in that they'll never allow such an amazing climax of insanity to actually boil over, it'll always just simmer in a shepherds tone of insanity until you break.

do you just post the same shit every thread or is this a bot

nope, dont need help. you sound like an incel and i know youve never been close to a woman in your life. keep dreaming of old days when women were treated like property though, after all, that's the only way youd be able to get some

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Anyone that says that has never had contact with an actual menhera, no one wants that shit in their life. Ame is still cute though.

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I can't even fix myself.
We should try.

my wife is in the other room playing FFXIV right now, and I said nothing about treating anyone like property.

simply rules, you can't break them and neither can I, or its over.

>A wild Troon appears

I post it when I see a thread because I'm tired of being taken advantage of and unloved

I have no intention to...

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no women's going for a guy who "needs" and "deserves" love, you sound like fucking Chris-Chan.

How do i even fix myself bros...and how do i get one to fix after that?

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if you think you are aware of your own burgeoning mental illness to the point of asking how to fix it, you don't really have one.

your just some kid who had it too easy so you've replaced the normal strife of working hard every day with fake mental problems.

lol what rules? dont be with other men? not like you would do anything about it anyway because youre weak
yeah no, not a troon. im one of those mythical biological women that incels like you get scared of in real life. sad you let trannies live rent free though

>take your meds
>become financially stable
>groom some discord slut

you do it because you're a tranny desperate for attention

no one is scared of you, lol, they either want to fuck you, or they are annoyed by you, or both, no one respects you or fears you, because that comes from the capacity to do something meaningfully negative towards them, which you are incapable of.

yea no you're not kek

blablabla, nice loser incel talk. literally i can just imagine what you look like. you are exactly the kind of person that's scared of me or any woman


Aren't neither trannies?

they arent, Abby is ugly as a man though

>we don't live in a world where women improve themselves so they can take care of fix young men
Why live

so having pink and blue color scheme is all it takes to be a tranny?

not everything is projection, nice try though. 80% of my friends are women and we literally have more intelligent conversations than whatever fake smart bs you talk about. look just face it, men are below women nowadays except when they really demand control. a guy that is built should be the one in charge. problem is less than 1% of men are really fit and nice looking and i sure as shit know you arent in that. and youre basically just worthless. keep quivering when you see a woman in public though and think we dont see it

no matter what anyone in this thread says, let me tell you a fundamental truth.

Women generally do not want a man they need to fix, and if they do, they are usually incredibly fucked up, they ALL want a bad boy they can "change" but this is very different than wanting to fix some mentally ill man.

nothing turns 90% of women off more than you having any sort of mental episode, even if she's dating you and continues to do so, it'll be a sign of great weakness she'll constantly recall.

and no amount of "Society" changing can fix this, women's innate gut feelings about things are utterly removed from progressive movements, they can LOUDLY declare otherwise all they want, behind closed doors and in their heads they will believe otherwise.

>mentally ill protagonist
>tranny color palette
And you fags say this shit game isn't a tranny allegory

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Women don't have friends with other women, I know you all say you do, but you all hate each other and talk shit about each other immediately, so either you aren't a women, or your just pointlessly fronting this well known lie to me like a dumb women would, and I have NEVER heard women talk about anything of intellectual note together in my entire fucking life.

>yeah no, not a troon. im one of those mythical biological women that incels like you get scared of in real life. sad you let trannies live rent free though
Post hand

never heard anything intellectual? see thats how ik youve never been close to a woman. we literally have the same brains as a guy. stupid fuck. youre just fed all this bs on here that makes you an incel, and its cope because you cant have a girl. its far more enjoyable being with other girls the majority of the time, theres barely any drama. guys have more drama. far more. it's just biologically in men to be more antagonistic. except for weak ones like you obviously

except that isn't true, men must work together in the "tribe" to fend off threats, build shit, or any other number of causes, this is engrained in our dna, men will be mean to each other, but this is all just to make sure your "one of us".

women do not have this comradery and never have, you treat each other like competition, and the few of you who are actually friends never strive to do some great task together.

like I said, I've seen and heard many women talk together, they never talk about anything other than "other people" or "things they want", its never about geopolitics, games of any kind or any sort of abstraction, just people and things they want to own.

The tart has been real silent since this dropped


except you have no social life and everything you say means nothing. if anything women have a wider range of things we talk about. but the point isnt that one is different than the other. both genders are just as smart and just as capable. im really sorry that you became an incel because of the internet, but honestly im really not that much because i know youre a loser and anyone that would say shit like this, well its for the better that youre nowhere near a girl. or strong enough to hurt anyone. but really it must suck being born and not being able to be with a girl since in the end humans should be with the opposite gender. so your life is truly miserable and youre just gonna suffer as a weak and hateful little incel on the internet

more pointless projection, just saying I "can't fuck women" is meaningless (I'm married for 4 years btw, like it matters, my claim is baseless as yours) .

what great discussions do you have with your women friends? and lol women and men are not as smart as each other, plenty of smart women but the bell curve is completely in men's favor.

And she's fine the way she is, tfw no Ame gf

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Only Tyrone and his BBC can.

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so a married guy comes on here and spouts incel shit about women not being smart and all that other bs? i highly doubt that because people in relationships actually like one another. no guy that's with a girl would be sexist
and second, anything. i dont know any examples off the top of my head but anything that you think is smart, just because we dont talk about video games doesnt mean shit, i mean who talks about geopolitics with their friends?
and bell curves are bs, IQ is bs. that has nothing to do with how smart someone is. it's just pattern recognition, see how much you fall for stuff online? you can try as much as you want to feel like youre superior or whatever but women are just as smart and capable as men

nobody hates women more than women, and married men, you sound like a little kid with your giant run on sentences.

You just need to take her microphone and introduce her to Kurt Cobain's.

so youre genuinely retarded huh? why would we hate our own gender to the point of not talking them? its honestly insane that you can get to this point of social deprivation. youre a weak little man

Rape is natural

who said that? you all socialize but you all hate each other, but why am I even talking to you, your a young dude larping as women, any women would already know this (but probably not admit it, unless user)

Because there's always a rescuefag ready to financially support them, removing the need to better yourself in the pursuit of companionship.

Basically, the power of the pussy is real.

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yeah youre genuinely autistic. i mean you actually have a mental illness, i dont mean that as an insult anymore. you have to be stupid as fuck to think we talk to eachother but hate each other. cant even imagine what goes through your head to think that. not everything is like what you see on the internet dude. and no, im not a guy nor a tranny. but yeah no point continuing, youll always be a virgin and an incel and you wont ever change your mind, ironically you probably think women are hard to get points across to but look at how stubborn you retards are

>no guy that's with a girl would be sexist
Let me guess, they were nice to you and said heartwarming things about you when they wanted to get you on your back? And you're still young enough that you haven't noticed a drop in how frequently men are kind to you? Lol. She doesn't know.
If you want a reality check from the mouth of another woman, ask a 40-year old divorcee about how much her "evil, manipulative narcissistic ex-husband" respected women and her after she put on a few pounds and stopped acting the dream gf.

like I said, I'm married of 4 years, projecting mental illnesses and inceldom is pointless and not true in this case.

its a classic to ignore what I'm saying and "lol you don't get laid.

and its a sad admittance that all your worth is your pussy as its the only thing you think that matters with my lack of interactions with women.