''Clunky'' is not a genuine criticism

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Yes it is.

Maybe if you are playing VN like morrowind etc.

look he posted it again

play this first and then try to tell me otherwise

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>alt+tab the original fallout
>the game is still running but its window is gone forever and cannot be alt+tabbed back to or opened again in any way
It is.

Gamers love meaningless criticism.
Like what the fuck does "bad pacing" mean? Literally nothing. And "forgettable" isn't criticism either, it just means you have memory problems.
Clunky is just one of many ways to say "I didn't like it so I'll just say meaningless shit to make myself sound smart for not liking it".


This. Half the adjectives used to describe games don’t even mean anything and are super vague.

>enemies constantly circle you causing you to whiff
>random staggers and stuns leading to cheap deaths
>half of the classes are useless until 30+ and even then the barbarian/ranger beats all
>minimap is too big and in coop games gets in the way
>archers can stunlock you if you happen to get more than 1 with the explosive modifier in tight spaces
>weight limit is too low requiring constant teleportation back to town to sell
Or, in short
>it's clunky

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The source of the frustration is genuine but most "gamers" are massive retards who can't articulate thoughts or opinions in any kind of meaningful way and instead need other people to do it for them so they can go onto parrot said criticism they happen to agree with because someone slightly less retarded managed to put their feelings into vaguely comprehensible format.

Only if you fail to provide elaboration.

They're not meaningless they just fall short the same way every other shit criticism does.
>X has bad Y
>refuses to elaborate
>refuses to share an example of good Y

"Bad pacing" I agree with you on. Just play the game faster lmao
"Forgettable" just tends to be used interchangeably with generic.

A game 'feels' clunky mainly because the game's controls were built with pressure sensitivity in mind.

How does “clunky” say all of that?

The controls are unintuitive
They have a weird lag to them
You can't transition from one action to another neatly
Actions that could theoretically be mapped to one input require two
The movement is stiff and unsatisfying

For example, one thing that annoys the piss out of me in modern hyper realistic games is how you can't just reverse. IRL, if you are standing, you can do a perfect 180. You do not need to do any lateral movement; you can just turn around. None of this moving two feet to the side while you turn, you just go backwards while rotating

But in older games, maybe you hate moving on a grid, or some experimental 3D movement just is not doing it for you like System Shock 1 or an old Resident Evil, or the physics are just no fun, or a UI element takes an unnecessary number of actions

Is this some twitter joke or something? What the fuck is this

Your opinions are clunky.

If you can't articulate the problem beyond "clunky" it isn't a valid criticism
But how many people are actually that fucking dumb?

"Bad pacing" means the game doesn't properly space out high action and low action moments. If the game tries to keep you at the peak of really fast play for too long without a chance to rest and get some perspective/contrast, or has you sit around doing almost nothing for fucking hours, it's badly paced. (The catch is that most games these days give you enough control over their pacing that it's not often a valid criticism.)
"Forgettable" is completely subjective though.

>boomers trying to adopt shitty zoomer memes
Is there anything worse?

Okay how about "it's unreasonably arduous to use the game's controls to manipulate the on-screen avatar into doing what I want them to"
Is that sufficiently developed for you? Or I could just say it's "clunky", your choice.

At least I'm not a cock-smoking faggot who can't articulate a single thought.

It's just zoomers who can't understand the controls of a certain game and blame it on the game rather than their own inability.

>video games """age"""

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This again?

>i attach an opposing opinion to a picture of a faggot therefore I am right

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If you're talking about something like Street Fighter 1, then yes, it's genuine criticism. But people really do overstate it.

What an NPC, holy fuck.
Bad pacing means the gameplay loop is not evenly paced, there is too much or too little of one thing. Forgettable means it was fucking generic or poorly presented.

You retarded consumer cuck.

she's not wrong though

>play BFME 1 and 2 again
>they feel better than aoe 4

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Why does this meme scream 'inorganic' and 'fake and gay' to me?

>Playing anything in DOS BOX in 2022

maybe you're just very, very dumb

It describes the feeling of not being in proper control of your character's actions. There are plenty of games that can be considered clunky, but are still good.

>this game is clunky, has terrible gamefeel and aged like milk

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I will now proceed to call everything I don't like "clunky" and soon every other Yea Forums nigger will be doing the same

nah, people use it for everything they don't understand

That picture is everyone who couldn't get into melee.

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The OP pic is how I imagine anyone who ever shat on classic Resident Evil's fixed camera and tank controls. I immediately discard all their opinions.

>if you don't want early onset arthritis you're a total nerd who can't stand the slightest inconvenience

Do high tier pvm on runescape (3) and get back to me, retard.

>Like what the fuck does "bad pacing" mean?

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>if a word can't mean the exact thing I want it to mean then I'll reduce it to meaning "bad" or "good"
frighteningly common tactic on Yea Forums

This. There's a lot of older games that I still enjoy but they understandably have frustrating/questionable controls/design choices, and would probably be less enjoyable to me if I didn't grow up with them. If you were a zoomer and your first system was like a 360 or Xbox one, you wouldn't have really experienced the awkwardness of game devs pioneering early 3D games before more sensible control schemes became standardized

Street Fighter 1 is very much a game that properly describes what "clunky" should actually mean:
>your walking isn't smooth, it's in large, bouncy discrete "steps"; this limits your positioning
>your jump follows a very awkward, triangular path with no natural feeling acceleration and deceleration
>your jump attacks come out at a predetermined point on the arc of the jump, regardless of when you press the button
>and of course the special move commands are incredibly strict, leading them to simply to come out most of the time

OP's pic is completely schizophrenic, and it probably comes from a troon discord.. Games are a nerdy occupation to begin with, so explaining why you like/dislike them doesn't make you any more or less nerdy. You're still a fucking nerd.

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There are some opinions that just come in tandem with adenoid problems.

Fuck off back to twitter

that's the game's language
learn it or go home
unless the game is glitchy as fuck and randomly doesn't work, it's not "clunky"

>Games are a nerdy occupation to begin with
This hasn't been the case for years.

There are also some opinions that just come in tandem with taking hormones and cutting your dick off.

that has only happened to like 15 melee players and its because they played for like 10+ hours per day which will give you arthritis regardless of the game they played

Nice phrase, retard

bad pacing means the game is too slow or too fast, sometimes both at different points. forgettable is a kind way to say it's shit and a waste of time. clunky means the game controls like shit when it could've very easily not controlled like shit

flat brain

>twitter people and G4 made it look cool!
Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Twitter garbage

Not really. Those are just symptoms of the aforementioned.

Yes really. You are a solved problem, troon-kun.

No the fuck it would not have. There are millions of non-casual games that don't have nearly as demanding/specific inputs.

Bad pacing is like when you're slow dancing and the band keeps changing and rubberbanding their speed and doing the footwork to their rhythm would feel like shit and unsatisfying, it's like the physical equivalent of playing music off note.

every time I try to get people to play old games they don't even complain about the clunkiness because they'll be turned off by the graphics first
I tried to get an older uni colleague to play doom because of a game design workshop and they only played the first level of each ep and would only complain about the graphics
there's no point, everyone are just spoiled brats

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Gaming is extremely popular among normalfags.

Not to the extent that your delusional meme makes sense, troon-kun.


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Sort of related to the kind of nonsense arguments in this thread, but my friend once said in seriousness 'I don't understand how can someone can be a bad actor. However they act, that's the character, so it can't be bad.'

The same way 'nigger' explains everything.

Sounds like he's right on the cusp of learning what a false flag is.