Vidya Husbando Thread

Vidya Husbando Thread

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I look like that

Dont care

Post chest or GTFO

What game has astolfo in it?

If I want to have sex with it then it's a girl. Keep your fagshit to yourself

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Shut the fuck up Dolce spic. Mad your thread got deleted?

Oh hey thanks for making a new thread, hopefully it will be a better one.

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you just know.

I require a picture to conform this claim.

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How fit and soft is your belly

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Extella Link. Grand Order. And someothers AFAIK.

they're submissive and waifu you tranny

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no body asked

My husband

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>I swear I'm incel just because I am gay!
>no I don't like "men"!
>I like boys that look like girls!

Too feminine

I like girls that look like boys

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no problem

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>tfw prison gay because I'm an incel
>my standards for men are even more impossible than getting with any woman
>the thought of talking to a man and trying to admit I'm bi and interested is even more paralyzing and impossible than talking to women
I'm on the verge of fucking killing myself anons

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my standards for men have been lowered a lot ever since i started to jerk off to femboys some years ago. now i would fuck like half the zoomers i see outside. soon you will be like me or perish

Link in his shieka outfit is infinitely better than gerudo outfit

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I don't even go outside
I literally told my dad when I was in the car with him I didn't want to go in a Walmart with him because I didn't want to be around people
I will literally never be in a relationship

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yeah i have ocd and i was like that for years, now i do go outside very occasionally. still a khhv btw at 23, and i would an average zoomer male despite being straight by birth


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Same logic. Liking things that are not real.

I like boys and girls

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So what's the deal with the historical Chavelier d'Eon? All I know is they're one of those figures trannies claim as their own, but that could easily be bullshit.

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No idea, I just want to fuck the fate version's boypussy

I didn't even know D'eon exited until I saw a summary of the Orleans Singularity.

That's a girl though.


What? girls that look like boys are pretty common

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not video games

I look like my video game bf

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its therapy time

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Is there literally any place left on the internet where I don't have to deal with faggots and trannies?


he worked as a spy and claimed that in one occasion he crossdressed in order to infiltrate russia. He claimed that his disguise was so ingenious he even became the maid of honour of none other than the empress Elizabeth herself during his duty as spy.

Of course with absolutely 0 evidence to back his claims.

i love pretend. best video game.

adapt or die, bitch

I wish men actually looked like this...

are you good looking?
asking for a friend
a friend who likes vidya and not being social

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LGBT claims D'eon as one of their own.

Why is frottage so good??

Based. Shame zoomers don't know this chick(dude).

sauce? reverse search doesn't give anything


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because it's wholesome and not degenerate, unlike anal. frotting/cuddling/kissing/oral sex are heavenly

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bridget did it first

I get so mad when they give alphonso breasts and female characteristics. He's a man. identifies as a man. He just likes to be cute. Hes a crossdresser not a tranny

Don't bother, 90% of their work is hypercock

that's kind of a shame, but there are worse things than that. now gimme sauce plz

Its more to do with the original story, where he died in a siege dress as a woman.

Honestly what is the point of femboys.
Just fuck a flat female or a real man.

I feel your pain, brother.