GPU prices to come down


If you think you've heard this song and dance before, this time I assure you it is different. Terra Luna, colloquially called "stablecoin" because it was maintaining 1-1 value with the US dollar, has plummeted below 30 cents. It has basically lost 90% of its value in 24h. People are literally writing suicidal posts on the subreddits and offering emotional support to eachother. But who cares about any of that shit.

Waitchads, we're finally going home. After all these years. The GPU prices will plummet to way below their MSRP, and we'll be able to nab a respectable GPU. Our days of waiting have paid off. Just a little more now...

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get fucked

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>respectable GPU

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ive been using expensive old cards for years cuz these FAGS, im literally cooming to these rope posts

they were so fucking smug, we won vidya sisters

inb4 some bag holder comes in and starts trying to convince people to hold their bags for them.

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>retards invest in a shitcoin
>it drops

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I hope many will kts

crypto is for beta incel faggots do not touch that shit ever
also mods should shutdown their cesspool board as well

even Forbes is reporting on it. it's unironically over

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I don't know what any of these words mean

>crypto gets normiefied and pajeetified
>oldfags with half a brain see this
>pull out of the pyramid scheme with big profits and tank the normies
Wow, that was completely unpredictable.

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>still pretending he made a profit from this
never falling for your scam pajeet

I've heard about gpus getting cheaper for over 2 years now and it still hasn't happened.

Delete /biz/
Delete /pol/
Delete /qa/

HOLY FUCK you weren't kidding. Why did these retards invest in Block Chain?

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Is this "the dip" I should buy at?

The funny thing is that the same faggots will come here in like 6 months or so and smugly pretend that they totally are the ones that made money

I'm also wondering if it'll dip further

I literally just told you to not invest brainiac.

Most cards are hundreds of dollars cheaper than they were 6 months ago and easy to find. Have you even looked?

A whole bunch of celebrities did BUY BLOCKCHAIN commercials during the super bowl.
I hope people on twitter are linking pics like yours to all the ones who did.

But for real this time..

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>invest in something with high risk
People are retarded.

Too bad every game released in the last decade is complete garbage
All you need is a 2500k and a 750ti to be able to play everything worth playing

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Why are they like this?

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Look up Harry Buster and just follow the advice he gives in the intro and you'll do fine.

Fo people really gamble with money they cant afford to lose?

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I'm not sure if I should be laughing or not.

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>1000+ post sticky on /biz/
what the fuck is happening, explain it to me like I'm retarded as fuck

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I got banned from their sub for making a post that read "lmfao". You should laugh at them, and let them know.

buy the dip dumbasses, this is your chance to finally get in on the action

>money go down
>people post pink faces and cry

crypto is going down and ultralib hustlers can't cope

People bought meme crypto hoping to make money. Meme crypto goes to shit very very fast because of market manipulation. People lose a lot of money and are sad.

Coinlets are finally getting their wish.

no rush, the bear market is going to last a while

call me when Tether crashes
that’s when you’ll know shit hit the fan

>just catch a falling knife bros!

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why do cryto people talk like niggers

Can it recover? Should we buy Luna now and get rich later bros? Please respond

Hopefully this kills companies spending all their money on NFT stuff like gscgw, squenix, ubisoft, etc.

Thank fuck.

Should I just keep waiting to buy in until it bottoms out and starts to rise for a couple days?

>can it
>will it
no lol
if you want to buy, buy into something slightly more stable. But I'd still advise against because of the flood of sanctions hitting crypto as of late, we have no idea when it's gonna stop, and this panic spiral is just making things worse for right now.

Suicides and kike media reporting might be the best bottom signals

pretty much, walked into best buy yesterday, 3070ti's just hanging out, 12GB 3060's with 750W PSU on newegg for $450, shits back to normal for the most part.

you can't really mine with consumer GPU's anymore either

How long can retards drag this hot potato game? Jesus Christ how many pink fields takes to exterminate them all?

You expect companies not to be retarded lmao
did you not see square enix sell their western studios + their IPs for pennies just to invest it into NFTs.

No, it’s only just beginning

Cant even view Luna in tradingview. Coin crashed too hard

Delicious cryptonigger tears, soon their pretend monies will be worth the same as their lives

>mfw some dumbass buys a used GPU online that's been cooked to shit in a crypto farm for months nonstop and wonders why it runs games like ass

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I feel for anyone who lost $50k or less, but anyone who lost more deserves it and I hope their suffering continues.

what part of INVEST IN WHAT YOU"RE WILLING TO LOSE" do normalniggers just not understand?

>highfleet overlay

crypto is a threat to the US dollar, it just took the old fucks a while to wake up and realize it

So what happened? Last I checked everything was floating between 35-45k.
Stonks have been down over the past 6mo too. It can't just be the rate hike, can it?

>le jews did this
typical crypto cope

>believing in stable anything economy
>believing you can actually peg a "currency" to anything
Man people are really economically illiterate. Even during the Gold Standard era things went wrong and you can't really get more stable than that.

Look at historical data and decide for yourself. The rise is often just bait.

Thanks for free money.

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tell that to silver prices post 2010

>Got casually "let go" from job today
>See this
>Not sad anymore
Everything will be fine

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Thank God

Basically, UST is a shitcoin that was supposed to be valued at $1 USD each. It's not the first "stablecoin", but unlike the more popular ones its value wasn't backed by external reserves of real world assets, but it used other buttcoins as collateral and employed some computer wizardry to keep the price in check. The market dropping meant that the reserves fell in value and the algorithm could no longer keep the price in check, which then triggered a bank run where people ran away screaming and dumped the value even further in the process, further increasing panic and hastening the dump. And since all crypto is more or less interconnected and the LUNA ecosystem was a fairly large one, it had massive effects on the market at large and now everything's on fucking fire.

these crypto tears are delicious

Did I miss another Pink Meltdown™ at /biz/ or am I still in time? The Wojak Index is not working.

>sell everything
>create panic
>buy it all back
>sell everything

remember how they were mocking gamers, now it's our turn

Layer-1 shitcoin called Luna and its algorithmic dollar stablecoin UST were effectively exploited for billions of dollars
Its founder had about 80k Bitcoin in reserves to ensure UST was pegged 1:1 to dollars and was forced to sell most of his Bitcoin, and as one would expect 80k Bitcoin being dumped into the open market caused a widespread crash

crypto is backed by nothing, there's a shitload of incoming famine due to the water crisis, there's a WW3 on the near horizon, crypto was mostly hedged by russians to try and upset the US dollar, etc.

there's a lot of bad shit coming down the pipeline, covid was nothing compared to whats coming.

Not as bad as a few years ago, but still laughable

I have like $58k I've just been letting sit in a savings account for years getting like 30 cents of interest a month
how stupid am I

We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn.

Crypto faggots seething! Lolberts seething! Globohomo chads winning! Fiat/CBDC chads winning!

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i dont give a shit. still mining with the rtx 3090 I bought at msrp. gonna use the profits to buy a 4090, flip my 3090 and keep mining.

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they have a sticky up if you want to go there

do people rly?

Why would you gamble your entire net worth? This retard deserved it.

Thanks. I totally missed it was a sticky from my sheer hatred of frogs.


Most miners underclock their cards to maximize yields and minimize energy use

>create a decentralized currency to OWN the fiatfags
>proceed to peg and connect your "decentralized" currency to various markets, exchanges and fiat currencies
what the fuck did they mean by this?

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>80k Bitcoin being dumped
Well that explains it. I guess we should really fear those "$500,000,000 Bitcoin wallet moved for first time in 9 years" articles.

>UST crashed
Meh, wake me when that scam tether finally goes bellyup.

Bitcoin is extremely unstable and volatile, you have a very high chance of placing 1000 dollars there right now and have only 100 within the span of a day.

>LUNA at $1
What the FUCK happened?

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Can confirm, i've spent $700 on BTC and ETH over the past year, and now it's only worth $740. I'm glad I didn't get too invested into it

>Had real money
>Use them to buy fake money
Why are people like this?

>never have anything in the first place
>treat any gains are ephemeral
You cannot hurt me with your crashes.

crash and burn motherfuckers

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>that pinned post

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It's almost like these magic money faggot populists are all full of shit.