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Mobians are built for BHC(Big Human Cock).

Name a character that jobs more than him

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>boring clone of an already boring archieshit character
lmao even

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Funny, I saw that chick in OP the other day in some guro art getting her head chopped off while blowing her load from her futa cock

shit comic and I dont like shadow

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Surge needs to be louder, angrier and have access to a time machine.

Oh yeah? Prove it.

Post it
I need gurokino.

Also something need to draw her taking a fat dump

I cant....
kek I hope this happens

Literally Memphis

Whenever Surge is not on screen all the other characters should be asking Where is Surge?

Is this what she's supposed to be?
She looks nothing like it

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>le wuhmen beating all strong big bad nazi men!
Even Sonic is doing this shit...

Well Sonic looks nothing like a hedgehog, so.


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So far the only thing Surge has beaten up is Metal Sonic. And she couldn't even do it on her own, despite Metal Sonic being a universal punching bag.

Here you go, artist's sybar14

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but why is she cumming

How can shadow be a nazi if he's a nigger?

I'll mirror this to gurochan

stopped reading because of shadow going full retard in the zombie arc
i heard he jobs to knuckles too, and now the chick in the OP? sheesh


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>best character by far from archie
>penders owns the rights to him

Sonic ≥ Shadow ≥ Blaze ≥ Knuckles > Tails > Metal Sonic
Given how this Surge chick couldn't even beat Metal Sonic on her own, she's easily the weakest one.

Shadow with no inhibitors is easily stronger than sonic

To be fair I didn't think Shadow would get infected either at first because he's supposed to be immune to all diseases and infections. The ending to the arc was worth it though

I'd say that if push came to shove, Sonic would just pull a miracle out of his ass and beat Shadow anyway.

Gabrie torching the contracts to cover his embezzlement.

didnt flynn state that sega made him do it? like they forced him to do a vegeta-tier jobber move like that

Sonic does that in the first place to beat shadow all the other times
Inhibitors off is what changes this

Well no. Because in any instance in which Shadow takes his inhibitors off in gameplay, he'd probably be a boss and Sonic would be the player character. So Sonic would still win by virtue of being controlled by the player.

Actually, we have the court documents now and it turns out Penders doesn't own shit.

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I'd believe it. Shadow acts very Vegeta-y in the comics. I would go as far to say its not even the same character from even the Shadow in Sonic Forces for the most recent point of reference. He acts so different

Why doesn't Sonic team just start stealing the story and new characters from the comics and make a new game with them?

Because A) the story in the games don't particularly benefit the games much, especially in regards to gameplay. Sonic games usually involve Sonic running through long obstacle courses across various different locations, often all over the world. B) Most of the comic characters aren't really created with gameplay in mind.

The comics is more fighting and talking than the characters running through zones or areas. It really only works as a story but maybe if Frontiers is a big success they'll let Flynn get more creative with the story in the games

How do you introduce Whisper to the games?
Do you pretend she was always there?
Do you adapt her backstory as well?

Why is Surge autism flaring up now? She's been in the comics for a few months already.

Maybe take a fap break. Clearly your dopamine receptors are scraping the bottom of the barrel of your imagination.

Wait really?
Archie found the docs?

You can read the court documents yourself. Ken lied about EVERYTHING.


Him and Finitevus were the biggest losses from Archie imo. Never really gave a shit about the freedom fighters all that much

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Lmaooooo Penders is fucked, SEGA and Archie better countersue
Shame this won't undo the damage he fucking caused. I just want a Dark Brotherhood remake/followup

I dont want to read all that. What does it say ?

I never realized that was a girl lol.

>I just want a Dark Brotherhood remake/followup
That's fine so long as Bioware isn't making it. Never thought any of their games were good and I think even worse of them now with their recent games in the last few years.

What a load of crock. Comic writers really hate Shadow, don't they?

Isn’t this the character Penders is making porn of now?

That was his worst jobbing instance in the Archie comics by far to be honest.


The biggest issue with the Echidna Clan in general from what I can tell is that Japanese writers don't seem to care about it. The only time the Echidna Clan has truly mattered in Japan was SA1. Every other Echidna-oriented story was written by western hands. I'm not entirely sure why Sega has so little interest in Echidnas, though.

>American sonic comics
Literally worse than the modern games.

They have SOUL

We still don't know who the Echidna were even going to war against do we? Also didn't they all live on Angel Island? They were all way up in the sky who in the world did they give a fuck about that they needed to be at war with anyone? Babylonians?

ok and?

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>shadow with his rings on
>saw her fighting metal sonic
they're really going for the worf effect it seems
who even is she and why is she attacking them

>that time sega killed off every single echidna offscreen just because

In Archie I remember there was this Tasmanian devil guy who was trying to kill Knuckles out of revenge for what the echidnas did to his race

Angel Island floated up into the air after all that stuff. Originally, they coveted the Master Emerald's power. But then they killed a bunch of Chao for no reason to get it, and that produced Chaos who wiped most of them out. The remaining Echidnas decided to make up for their sins by guarding the Master Emerald forever, and part of that involved creating a new shrine which would harness the Emerald's power to lift the island into the sky, where it would be harder to get to.

Speaking of which, it's also implied in Sonic Unleashed that there was another civilization in the distant past. We don't know who this civilization was but they were scattered all over the globe and created the shrines to the Chaos Emeralds within the Temples of Gaia in preparation for the coming of Light and Dark Gaia. Given that the Gaias are super-ancient primordial gods, I assume that they probably predate the Echidna tribe.

>How do you introduce Whisper to the games?
Romanceable NPC with dating minigames.

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I mean Knuckles is supposed to be the last one.

Man I still haven't played Unleashed.

When Surge isn’t on screen, everyone should be asking “where’s surge?”

Has anyone drawn Surge drinking a can of Surge yet?

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