Why do we love Rosalina so much?

Why do we love Rosalina so much?

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>mommy energy
>has an actual character story in a Mario game, the most fleshed out character in the series

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i wish theyd port her new outfits from the mobile mario kart game into smash ultimate as DLC. i would buy that in a heartbeat. the answer to your question is here btw , no need to add anything else

dude chill

She’s a giantess.
Sometimes, her size is inconsistent.
But even when she’s at her smallest, she’s still an amazon.

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her hair.

I don't get it

hes saying its one of those threads with embedded blacked porn. no normal person uses what ever extension allows you to see it anyways

But there is nothing embedded in the OP.

How does her hair go over the eyeshield?

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oh, well thats what that screenshot usually means

Why did they censor the girls in the Strikers sequel? Didn't they show midriff and thigh in the first one?

user are you just stupid? Almost every shot of Peach has her showing off in short shorts. There are different outfits and upgradable ones.

She's a goddess, she ain't gotta explain shit

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The visor being a separate part from the helmet?

Where is Daisy?

The eyeshield isn't part of the helmet. I dont see how thats hard to understand.

Dude, let her go.

But even if that's true it needs to securely clip or fasten into the helmet to be useful, I can't see how she'd be able to get her big poof of hair through whatever tiny gap exists.

unresolved oedipus complex

I don't want to fuck my mom

god i wish rosalina was real

Even if she was, why would she want to be associated with you?

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rape is still an option

She's 7'6" user, there is no possible way you could overpower her, and that's not even counting the fact that she is essentially God and could just blink you out of existence.

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>Try to rape giant god mommy
>She just laughs off your efforts an turns you into a luma
>Promises that if you're really good she'll let you transform into something like her shoes, or her panties

This picture is missing something...

Zoomers don't understand how Rosalina completely changed the game. Sure you had Peach and Daisy and they were pretty, but Rosalina was beautiful. She was ethereal, she had this radiance that made her stand out from every other nintendo girl at the time. Deviantart, Pixiv, sadpanda, the art flowed in so fast it was like a second renaissance. the only other nintendo girl to have that effect was Pyra.

The size diff is gonna be god-tier when I finish her
might add more platform to her stilettos for extra height, ignore the lack of chest rn

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I really hope she's in Odyssey 2. We were fucking robbed of indie rocker Rosalina.

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I swear if you're a futa faggot...

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>toy gun


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We don't. This is now a Krystal thread.

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Cute guns for cute princesses.

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Plz make them futas


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the duality of man

Only if it's cervina krystal

I don't know what that word means.

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>all these years later and the MP5 is still the iconic submachine gun

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What kind of official Rosalina toys/merch would you like to see Nintendo start selling?

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Wyerframez? Can't wait to see what you do with her

Would instantly buy a Rosalina nendo.

Imagine the size of her feet haha

made daisy the futa and have her fuck them

make rosalina futa, the others are fine

This or a Figma/Figuarts

plush toys

yo thanks, one thing I can say is that you will see animations where she puts her levitation to good use

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1:1 scale model

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I have no issues with Rosalina, but I don't care for her much at all.

This just reminded me that I haven't seen SElegy do art in ages. RIP

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google it

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>Why do we love Rosalina so much?
Yes i love her so much that i want to be her :3

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Would the Rosalina plushes do anything special?

Look cute like the Daisy and Peach plushies.

I like them titties