This is really not okay

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Respond to this post by telling me how you like your steak cooked.

there's nothing more uninteresting and boring than a nigger protagonist in sci-fi

What age were you diagnosed with a mental illness?

white males are the best
medium rare

I don't eat steak.

I'd play a Halo game with Sgt. Johnson as the main character.



Based Andrew "No Niggers!!!" Wilson

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FPBP, fuck whoever keeps posting this thread.

Well done as hell. I'm a plebe who prefers meat seared to black edges and entirely brown insides.

filet mignon, medium rare, no sauce

More of a chicken guy yourself?

Rare to medium rare depending on the cut of beef.

whypipol be like
whypipol also be like
>who wants to play as a nigger lol

blue rare

stop being racist

Flat iron, salt & peppered, medium rare, based in butter with sage+rosemary+ crushed garlic, and served with a red wine reduction.

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just put ketchup

you can’t be racist against the master race

>no well done so far
I'm a medium man myself

medium rare

>make the MC a create a character instead
Wow if only that wasn't so hard for these developers in modern gaming. I never played this shit, but I can tell the MC had no personality what so ever. So it would be no difference in what they fucking looked like.

Well done or you’re a pussy with a weak jaw.

Jap games are leftist, mgs, final fantasy, any jap game with actual gameplay has leftist anti racism anti xenophobia anti hatred inclusive gameplay with strong women characters and effeminate male characters, btw.

burnt to a crisp with ketchup.

agreed. it's actual censorship, unlike your usual localization that Yea Forums loves to complain about. let artists act on their vision, whether it's your average white male protagonist or a black woman. this is why big budget corporate game devs outside of microsoft's will continue to degrade into a boring mush, and why more people need to buy indies and experimental games.
depends on the cut. medium well for most, but some medium, and a few medium rare. dont care about redditors bitching and moaning about anything above medium rare. ill eat my food how please.

well done

Is it really censorship if it got canned in the planning stages? I consider it more or less content in the actual game that didn't ship to everyone intact 100%.

Medium rare, only savages eat rare or well done.

I don't eat steak.


>Some random minority issue to make the game popular.
Always the same shit.

Being black or a woman doesn't make you interesting.

Looks like they have chosen...wisely.

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in my mouth

how it is censorship retard, for all you know Call was already written, drawn and put in the game before the leftoids wanted to turn him into a sheboon
The only ones censoring are them, wanting to turn Cal into a nigger, fuck off

medium rare

Medium rare

There's a 100% chance it came from female writers and artists

Medium rare

well done and sometimes medium well

That wouldn't do, because then their majority white player base would make a cool looking white guy as the protagonist. They aren't looking to give the player choice to represent themselves, they want a captive audience to tell a story about how awesome niggers are, ideally with a token white character to belittle.

but that would just be the opposite of what they always do

do black people even like star wars?

Seeing how they chose to make his black female companion ugly as fuck for some reason this is a good thing.


Given they already had tano and Rey. Its more to do with giving the public a male character that looks like they belong in star wars.

This, I'm more certain than anything that whatever black lead we'd get would be another hideous monstrosity. I'd prefer utterly devoid of any interesting features Call over another caricature. Why can't the West make black hotties? They exist, they're out there, and even if they aren't your immediate model, you can always polish them enough for your fictional characters to be attractive.

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kek obsessed

medium rare

>some literal who lighting "artist" says something
>the first anyone is hearing of it
You can pretty much tell that it was a small minority of shitlib white womyn making the suggestion. It makes for good clickbait but this is almost certainly being made into a bigger deal than it was.

Well done ever since my dumbass friend fucked up a cookout once and I nearly died shitting out his fucking raw ass steak.

medium rare
I've had blue steak before and actually it was OK but not as good

I like mine well-done.


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>all these people trying to look tougher by saying medium rare or rare
Medium is best fucking fight me.

Rare, but I'm not a huge beef eater so a steak is never gonna be my first choice unless there's a special deal on or something. I prefer lamb, pork, and duck by a long way.

Medium-medium rare

Burnt so black it could steal my bike.

Medium well. Used to be a rare man, but I grew up.

>Get rejected with pushing a negroid for the sake of ideology.
>Instead, put the next worse thing: a soulless bland uncharismatic ginger.

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prefer medium
medium well if i dont trust the restaurant

And the game sold far better and was more well received thanks to the decision to NOT feature yet another boring black female protagonist. Whoever shot them down deserves a raise