How do get motivated bros

How do get motivated bros..

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Literally just turn double click a game lol.

Unless you have some unexplored form of autism and anxiety that makes you restart games constantly.

Get drunk and launch the most recently played game

Do not touch your genitalia

what's the point of forcing a hobby? just do something else

Just pick one user? There's lots of great adventures to enjoy that are better than our meager sad existence.

PC has no games, try a platform that has games

Exercise and then find a more passive hobby/interest.
For me, it's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Kickboxing with history. So I read books, watch documentaries and only play vidya in my downtime from those things

How about you live a life, have a job etc.
Youll enjoy the shit out of games.

been doing that for a few days and all those coomer threads are making my balls ache

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You feel subconscious guilt over all the shit you should be doing instead of playing games. Go do the dishes, take a shower, and make that phone call you've been putting off. Then maybe you can load up a game and not feel like shit.

Pretty much. Stimulants will make you clear you backlog right quick.

When I have those things, I'm usually too exhausted or busy to even want to play games.

dont have energy to do anyhting phyiscal. fuck sports and fuck sports hobbiests.

I do this depending on the game. If its some rpg that im unfamiliar with or other similar thinky genres ill play for a couple hours, get a feel for how shit plays out a little and reroll something better suited to the game.

is motivation good for you?

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Chop some hot peppers then jerk off

yeah no shit you don't have the energy you probably live a 100% sedentary lifestyle and get out of breath walking up stairs. start exercising fatty

>Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Kickboxing
Nice combo, I did the same for a while.

you don't have to play games wtf they're not chores dumb ass

your brain has been rotted by capitalism. you need to get it back and stop caring about shit you don't actually care abut

exercise doesn't just magically make you feel better emotionally, it's only part of

>30 year old me virgin
Aww shit.

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Dumb retard nigger.

Get a job and move in with a girlfriend user.
Then you'll be desperate to carve out game time any free moment you get.

>Hard Mode
Have a kid

>exercise doesn't just magically make you feel better emotionally,
it doesn't magically make you better, it physiologically and biologically improves your life in a way that is almost magic. there is no point in arguing this.

>steam library

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what's the problem? dumb nigger

i do this in MMOs but reroll the same class over and over

The problem isn't masturbation then. It's this site. Try not using social media for a few days

stay mad steamshitter
did you realize you have wasted every penny spent on steam when you could have had the exact same or better product by pirating?

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How do we fix the poorfag problem bros?

Dont even look at anything remotely sexual (see Matthew 5:28-30)

I am on like day 25, and I am tormented when laying in bed. But I must endure.
Do not even look at women clothed with thick sweaters, just dont look at them at all.

I always pirate my games and then buy the game if i like it. On steam.

>le triggered piratenigger
Nobody cares you dipshit

>only has another 20 years of good life quality
>still behaves like a indecisive elementary school child

I pity the manchild

sexual relief is entirely natural, dont fall for retarded losers using masturbation as a scapegoat for why their life is miserable
ill give you a hint on why their life is miserable: it's because they're ugly losers

coomerfaggot detected

>it's because they're ugly losers
Swing and a cope.
Post face.

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there is clearly a balance to strike lol

this is your average white guy, no wonder white women go for different races these days
youre literally retarded, sexual desires are instinctual for the purposes of evolution. the overwhelming majority of men masturbate. men in relationships masturbate. i never said to do it multiple times a day. im sorry your life sucks and girls dont like you, but masturbation isnt the reason

>/fit/ retards storm into the thread to advice doing exercise and "no-fap" like it helped jackshit

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>only has another 20 years
do ameriobeses really truly honestly

truth, did it for 3 months last year, felt more miserable than ever, lost the streak to a wet dream, completely fucking pointless, "semen retention" will not make you go fucking super saiyan, /pol/ lied again, sorry

>start fallout new vegas
>make a character
>do goodsprings quest and skip the tutorial
>go out a little
>maybe go to primm or kill all the powder gangers in the correctional facility
>delete save
>repeat this every day
What the fuck

I buy some games on sale, but really I just end up going back to playing FF14, CDDA, Rimworld and TS3 for the one thousandth time.

>Plays 1 match of a moba/battle royale game
>Win or lose, have no motivation for another match
>Browses Yea Forums for 2 more hours until bed time

Post cock you fat bitch

Have sex with a beautiful girl while she says you're perfect the way you are.
You can pay for it to happen.

>Masturbation is healthy
Coomer tranny detected. German soccer players aren't allowed to have sex 2 weeks prior to an important match, because after that time your testosterone will peak, so will you physical performance.

Neck yourself faggot. You are a pest to society

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hit a nerve must mean hes right.

Drink water regularly.

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private trackers always have autistic rules and are less convenient than just spending 5 bux to always have access at not-shit speeds.

Try to cut easy dopamine out of your life

such as?

Stop treating gaming as a job and aknowledge that those games you bought are fucking shit.
Then do something lame like sports or running until you feel like you want to play vidya again. Even if it never happens at least you got fit.

I think this is my problem but I don't know what to replace it with because video games are also easy dopamine, I think I need a new hobby.

you don't need to be in peak physical performance at all times. that's probably not healthy. think of like your body holding a tense pose for a really long time, it gets exhausted. rest is good for your body-mind. Orgasming is good for relaxing, under normal circumstances.

If I do this I'm even more compelled to alt tab out of a videogame and look up the R34 when a female character comes on screen

retard, the same happens for sex. are you seriously trying to tell me sex is bad? you sound like a fatfuck neckbeard lmao. you know damn well those players are fucking girls before games, sorry you wont ever touch a girl though retarded mutt

scrolling infinite timelines and watching shitty videos that you enjoy getting mad at.

sex serves a purpose, nutting into a tissue doesn't you retarded ape

>Be in good physical shape
>that's probably not healthy
The rest of your post is just as retarded, faggot

jacking off can serve the purpose of relaxing or focusing your attention. these are good things to do sometimes.

i compromised

>I am on like day 25
Not that credible seeing how you're here dumbass

sure bro, ignore the fact that masturbation is a natural thing that the majority of men do, ignore the fact that sexual relief promotes better genital health, ignore the fact that doctors give masturbation advice to patients because it's completely natural
men in relationships masturbate all the time. i never said to do it multiple times a day. i never said to do it every day.
again dude, im sorry your life is miserable, im sorry girls dont desire you, etc. etc.
but it's not something natural like ejaculation causing it. you're probably just white with terrible genetics and so you repel women. maybe try going for men or trannies

You don't. You probably never really cared about those games.

>you will own nothing and will be HAPPY
Get get mad and rekt, digital only faggots
your soulless libraries and windows 11 will never trigger that "itch" and desire to play vidya again

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