Just beat this. I will now go on an unfiltered tangent spanning multiple paragraphs how I feel about the game...

Just beat this. I will now go on an unfiltered tangent spanning multiple paragraphs how I feel about the game, regardless if anyone reads it.

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First, did you enjoy it?

The missile rape late game was cool

i'm on city/zone3 and wave5 it isn't that bad.
Biggest is for me is I'll have a sentinel at like 97%+ hp then they just get nuked down to like 8-20% in one hit and I have no idea from what.
Also fuck the ex twintail and his aoe heat blasts. God damn.

I will reply with a complaint about western localizations and how trannies upset me a lot.


The story was pretty good. I think the overall premise is far more interesting than it's ending like all sci-fi games. It all just boils down to technology wank in the end. The mystique and learning more about the world and why it functions will always be more captivating than having all the answers because part of the fun is coming up with your own. That being said, getting from Point A to Point B in a story like this ends more like where you get to Point A which leads to Point A1 which can branch off to Point B which may even loop to Point A. But wait! There's Point A1 as well which will help you understand the context of Point B more so doing Point A to Point B makes more sense which you need to watch in order to get Point C.

Basically, there is very little continuity in this story. It's jumping all over the place because of time travel which then the big tweest tries to flip on your head by saying Time travel isn't real and instead you're on a space colony living in a simulation. See, it makes sense but it doesn't. At this point my investment went down a little but I still remained curious because thinking about shit like this is cool. I found myself forgiving a lot of the inconsistencies doing so, but I can't say this is a masterclass narrative or anything. It's just a really fun sci-fi story that is able to somewhat stick the landing because it does a good job of making sure you don't ask more questions.

>Why did X happen?
>Because it did and Nanomachines and Innerlociattor and Cloning and Backups and Data and AI and Androids and Universal Control and

Ok whatever fair enough.

uohhhhhhhhhh keitaro miura feet

do that limiter removal move that doubles your speed, don't get hit ever again


Characters would be worse if they weren't tied to the story. Meaning, their premises as people isn't interesting but how they tie into the narrative are. This is another instance where I am more forgiving given the scope of how many protagonists there are. Fleshing out 13 people in 20+ hour game seems pretty difficult, so instead of giving them time to develop, you instead set expectations early. Basically, none of them really grow and develop. They are not dynamically setting the pace with each action, rather they are just happening to be apart of something bigger. A lot of the characters really are just a matter of if you like them immediately or not. I think every character in that regard is fine. There is nobody here that particularly stands out in a memorable way, but there is nobody I downright hated or didn't enjoy. Maybe hijiyama because his whole route is just I love yakisoba pan and I want to rail Okino's tight boypussy.

Beat the game myself yesterday
>When the vocals started blasting in on the final mission
I was cooming

I was.
Sekegahara had limit removal on.
Plus the buzz saw a like +3 or so.
Twintail ex still melted his ass. granted Sekegara only needed to saw the cunt twice but still.
those heat flares are brutal.
Either way been enjoying it well enough, just need to do the last5 or so battles.


Routes were varying in quality. What I mean by routes is how they play out individually. How you go through them. In example, Gouto's route is probably the least fleshed out and really is just a text dump. Shinonome's route on the other hand was interesting due to her condition in the story and how you could interact with it. I also thought Takamiya's route was a bit more interesting for the detective angle as well, along with Ogata's. I also liked how Yakushiji's route has no deviation because she is just following orders get it.

Just to save some time I'll just create a tierlist of every route

>S: Shinonome
>A: Takamiya, Sekigahara
>B: Miura, Minami, Ogata
>C: Yakushiji, Amiguchi, Kurabe, Gouto
>D: Fuyasaka, Hijiyama, Kisaragi


Just a small rant about this aspect because it's prevalent in every Vanillaware game and I unironically like this type of shit. I am not afraid to admit it.

The romance here sucks. Compare this to Odin Sphere and you will see why. Everything feels of circumstance but I imagine this aspect of the game was given the most development cuts due to how big it would've made the game. All of the 13 protags end up with another in some way and if I had a guess it's because they become tasked to procreate on New Earth[/spoiler[ but even then it's all shit. Why does Kurabe reciprocate Yakushiji's feelings? Why does Yakushiji even love Kurabe in the first place? They tell half of the story with Kurabe saying he remembered his feelings suddenly and Yakushiji it's just uhhh I just love him because I do..okay?? He fell from the sky in a big robot and that really made me wet. Fuck if I know. The only decent romance is probably Miura and Minami.

None of it is earned and none of the relationships feel all too tangible. They just happen to get together for reasons. Even more stupid is the romance between Izumi and Morimura because it all just comes down they were in love but we don't get to see why and half of the time one of them is trying to kill the other. They really just could've just left the romance aspect up to interpretation because there is absolutely zero fucking payoff in the end.


I don't really have much to talk about the gameplay in a paragraph format but if people talked about it I would chip in on my own opinions. At first I hated the RTS/Tower defense aspect but I came to enjoy it once I got more of the broken skills and figured out some cheap strategies.

Yes I enjoyed it very much. It's worth playing even and is probably one of the better sci-fi stories.


Yea Forums has been pushing this 'game' since launch and i almost bought it but thank god for yahtzee

I wish gouto had an actual story and not 1 big expo dump

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>too lazy to actually to play the combat segments
>wants to just watch the VN instead
Don't be a brainlet user. Pirate it if you have to.

so is the flowchart supposed to happen in order from top to bottom? that's what it seemed like they were going for, except many times you're presented with multiple paths

is the simulation rewinding when you're experiencing a different branch? or is it all 1 continual timeline?

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>Eceleb opinions influence his decision to buy a game
Zoomer detected

1 timeline, the branches are like different days

Why kill the fetuses when they die in the sim? Is it because of the vidya code?

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That aspect of the vidya code really confused the shit out of me. Why did Okino borrow code from a video game in the first place?

Wasn't it because he was kind of a lazy fuck and got complacent?

lazy fuck. that's it.

why did they even give you the option, then? For the illusion of choice so they could market it as 'branching paths'?

sounds like a cop out by the writer. can't come up with a good reason so let's just say that okino's lazy.

Certain days need information from others and some days can have large revelations that can affect your view of the other days if viewed first. Biggest I can think of is Shu driving to the edge of the city

I can't recall all the little details of the plot, but I do remember thinking that Keitaro Miura's plotline introduced certain concepts too early (in regards to the overarching world building).

Specifically the 'mark' on the pillar in the old house. I'm not the brightest, but as soon as that was highlighted the entire 'sectors not actual timezones' conceit was pretty obvious, and once you figure that out you're just waiting for the overall plot to fall into place.

minami and bj expose a hell of a lot of the plot points that should've been paced instead of dumped on you from the start. specifically bj telling her that it's not planet earth, among other things

Ngl I was disappointed that the whole battle sections of the game take place after all the story moments. I also didn't like the reveal that there's millions of them

the fetus generator has a *dump* feature for if something in the simulation winds up killing or seriously harming one of their consciences / psyches. remember that the simulation -is- trying to nurture their minds inside the tubes and then transplant that mind to the waiting bodies. the bodies seem to grow in tandem with the mind and they have to grow together or else there won't really be a point to having 14 adam and eve's if they are not "equal." the machine itself is no humanitarian and doesn't care that it's been making slush for x years/eons
the vidya code is ONLY for the acquisition of credits to trade for the future factories to create upgrades. remember that the daimos come from those same factories and their only objective is to dig to each era's sector zero. if you look at the "city integrity" percentage every mission, you'll notice the daimos don't actually do anything to effect it. that's all you

How did they get away with this gross shit?

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I'm about 50% through Destruction, what upgrades should I be prioritizing? I maxed out the Metasystem first for the score multiplier

Why is Fuyusaka's story so shit?

megumi gets a aoe laser attack that makes her finally useful. forgot how to unlock it but you get 1 of the skills to +4

who cares
best boy got best girl anyway

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>Male self insert is about hanging out with bros and talking about hobbies.
>Female self-insert is about food and sex.

you're wrong

im wrong?


you found him!
hello, wrong.

reminder say hello to wrong now that we've found him and to thank the hero of the day for bringing our boy home

So were all the flashbacks stuff that happened on earth or in the simulation? Like when 426 killed all the kids did that happen on Earth or was that another loop?


Accidentally bought this game twice

426 killed them specifically to stop the invasion + loop

Why was juro and megumi naked at the end

they were naked the entire time

Wow, you understood like none of it

i wish the story expanded upon her exterminating humanity with nanomachines. that seems like a critical plot point that they just didn't give much exposition to

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It's a bit gross/disturbing to have two teens especially of the opposite sex naked in the game and together

I'd go so far as to say it was my GOTY for 2021. Xenoblade DE didn't count since it was a remaster.

Also, I'm inclined to believe the soundtrack is underrated.

>That Iori illustration
Why is nutrient liquid so cum like and viscous?

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would you think it was fine if they were a mere 2 years older, at 18?

What the fuck are you talking about?
It’s not even in a sexual context, so I’m not sure why that would be uncomfortable for you. Get some thicker skin

it's time.
this is your (You) refund. you've been scammed by bait

They're 20 by then.



it's on pc, just get ryujinx

sir, there were 13 teens naked in the same room together actually and one of them was gay if you could believe such a thing

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>one of them was gay
Bit disappointing Takatoshi was still a virgin after 5 years.