Dark Souls 2 walked so Elden Ring could run

Dark Souls 2 walked so Elden Ring could run

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Dark Souls 2 stumbled and fell face first into a pile of shit

>Best game of the original trilogy
I think you meant Dark Souls 3

Why the hell is poise just super armor for swings for every game except the Original Dark Souls? It doesn’t even make sense if I’m level 100 and wearing John Godfuckers armor with a rating of one billion poise and a small rat still slaps me in the cock so hard I flinch two feet back what the hell i am picking armor beyond cosmetic at this point

Dark souls 2 tripped down a flight of stairs so Elden Ring could get the life insurance money.

If I wanted the opinion of a stupid nigger, I'd... never mind, I don't want your shit opinion at all.

are dark souls 2 apologists just the flat earthers of the fanbase?


i like both but the issues people had with DS2 feel way way more prominent in Elden Ring.w

Like a clockwork.

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>he had a response already prepared

>implying elden ring can run
user, elden ring stutters along with a limp, and it has a long way to go too

>build variety
>the thing that literally dictates how you play the game
>minor feature
And then the rest of it is just schizo rambling and subjective shit about >muh too many Knight bosses, >muh too many repeated bosses
Both of these things Elden Ring does as well, and Elden Ring is hailed as the best Souls game

>tfw updated from 1.02.1 to 1.04.1 and the game went from occasional stutters to massive fps drops at random areas
every fucking game i play now has worse and worse performance with patches

Well Elden Ring sure feels like an open world Dark Souls 2 (this is not a good thing at all btw) so I guess that's correct.


>Dark Souls 2 stumbled and fell face first into a pile of shit
>so Elden Ring could swim in it

sekiro has basically 0 build variety and it has the best gameplay in the whole franchise, BB has much less than any dark souls title and it has the 2nd best.

Talking Dark Souls 3 right? Out of all the games it's the weakest dogshit entry of them all

Sekiro isn't even a Souls game and it still has build variety in the equipment and skills you use

just one of those things that make you say

It doesn't.
>bb second
Could've just said you're a braindead Sony gen z faggot

>ds2 sucks!
I wonder who could be behind this post

>ds3 fag


>screenshotting your own post

Nope, that would be Demon's Souls.
FROMsoft needed a testbed game to see what works well before the far better sequels could happen.

BB and destiny are the only PS4 games i have and i only played Destiny for about 2 hours before I decided it was the most boring game ever made. I did redbox God of War to play it when it was exclusive though

otherwise I'm a gen Y PC elitist since childhood

Because DS1 poise is a broken piece of shit game journalist difficulty.
It's pretty much a permanent Iron Flesh effect but without the limitation of 60 seconds, 1 cast and forced slow walking.

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Good. That’s what wearing 10 inch thick armor made to fight giants and dragons should be like

It's okay user you can just admit you're bad at videogames there's no judgements here

>Dark souls games are hard
Nope, and never has been true. Literally every single one of them has builds that absolutely decimate things. They were just more difficult than the linear shooters that were really popular, and even that is questionable when you can play on hardcore mode on shooters and do the same kind of handicaps you can do on souls games to make them hard. Souls games are as hard as you make them. Plus ds3 completely threw away good level design and practically made the entire game a straight line.

It would be if it was a build and broken as fuck armor actually needed high stats to wear.
As it stands DS1 poise can be used even by a SL14 starting character to facetank Artorias by just wearing the Stone Set, it's that broken.

You can still do this shit in ER, but you need both good gear, preparation, talismans as well as using the Ironjar perfume that lasts 30 seconds so you need some skill in pulling this shit off, unlike DS1 where it's a permanent passive effect.

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except it hasn't been topped
and fromsoft UNLEARNED everything that set them apart

DS2, DS3 and BB are significantly harder than DS1 and DeS by a few tiers, it's not even a fair comparison.
The cheese in those games at best maximizes damage you do by x2, but you don't ever get to facetrade with endgame DLC bosses and chug while getting hit. And you don't get to one or 2 shot them like you can with Dark Bead or Black Flame.

DS1 has broken easymode poise + one shot magic that made even fully blindfold meme runs not a very big deal.

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ER poise works the same they just fucked up the breakpoints. I agree though, we need to go back.

Nah, DeS isn't even on par with vanilla DS2 with some of the weakest gimmick bosses plus some garbage Bed of Chaos tier ones.
Even staring bosses in DS2 like Pursuer have a more elaborate move set than every DeS boss, with only Fake Allant even being close to qualifing as DS2 mid tier boss.

There's a reason why ER took most of it's mechanics from DS2, DS3 and a bit of Sekiro over the older games.

Bros I just wanted alternative mounts.

Elden Ring basically has DS2 poise again right? It combines passive DS1 poise and Hyperarmor on certain attacks of big weapons.
There is no 'only activates during your attack animation' type of DS3 poise as far as I can tell.

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im not interested in your babble

>I want horse armor.
After all these years. Kneel. Me2fam.

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I thought Elden Ring would settle it but I see this is still being argued over.

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DS2 had no DS1 poise but yeah that description fits ERs. Hyper armor on colossal weapons with poise as its own deal. The breakpoints are too high but whatever.

Yeah you tell hi-
>Rat slightly slaps knee
You sure-
>light breeze causes looping hitstun
>bug bite and fall onto ass

It's passive but also attack animation add a multiplier to it.

Really? I could have sworn that Poise in DS2 allowed you to withstand staggers outside of your attack animations. Are you sure?

I replayed it recently and it does have all the things casuals bitch about Elden Ring, though to a lesser extent. A ton of enemies have insane tracking on some attacks and a few delayed ones to catch roll spam, but you also have very little iframes even if you blow 30 levels on ADP.
I really like the game though. Much like Elden Ring, you can try different builds to switch things around and it helps a lot to do it in some cases.

Both are beyond boring due to the fact all the enemies are just variations of dudes. No actual monster design at all, just different sized dudes. Even the fucking bear is just a fat dude, same as the hippo dudes in DS2. They're both boring and gay.

Positive. Only DS1 and now ER had poise as the word is used colloquially but ER's still isn't up to snuff. 32 is now 41-45


DS2 has DS1 poise but nerfed the numbers as to not be fucking busted like DS1.
Also it made it regenerate slowly, like 30 seconds tier slow, this is seemed inconsistent with hits from 20 seconds in the past leading you being near poise broken only for another tiny hollow to actually break it.

DS2 is a lot better

No they gutted poise as a system for their hyper armor and adaptability games. That's still easily the worst meme stat from has put in these games desu and arcane is shit in ER.

>Dark Souls 2
>Elden Ring

Tanimura is a god. Please give him more creative control. I like his games the most.

Okay thats what I thought as well. A lot of people say Elden Ring has DS1 + DS3 Poise when in reality it seems to just be DS2 poise + DS2 Hyperarmor with tweaked values on the regen and such.

>Tanimura is a god.

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But Elden Ring is basically a DS3 mod?

>screenshots your own post

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but but but what about ds3?

Tanimura was co-director for both DS3 and ER, that's why the combat ended up soo good.

>dark souls 3
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 r1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 r1 r1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 r1 0 0 0 0 0 r1

Beleive it or not, this isnt computer code. It's dark souls 3 game design

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lol more like this
*holds up shield L2*

this sounds like all of the souls games and elden ring

That's why Bloodborne is king, baby.

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>Nope, that would be Demon's Souls.

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