Have you ever wanted to marry a vidya?

Have you ever wanted to marry a vidya?

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Also, Genshin needs more delicious brown.

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You know the birds are robots now, right? The CIA replaced all the fucking birds with robots that watch us and record what we do. They're outside your house right now OP! They know you know the truth. Be careful OP. Big bird is coming to bamboozle that ass of yours

I love Reisen!

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Luci's voice warms my heart when nothing else will.

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Nia is my vidya wife

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Yes! I love my wonderful wife Nepgear! She's so adorable!

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I love my wife Blanc despite her flaws! Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that I actually love her flaws a whole lot. I'm sure your waifu has some character flaws. Does she have any that you absolutely love all the same?

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I love my wife Seele!

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Came here to post neps

my platewife

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Genshin will never add brown women.
No one in the entire playerbase likes them.
Sumeru won't be brown.
Natlan will be tanned but that's about it.

Rockstud's BBC...


Natlan is brown

It's going to be stinky and full of crime.

well it's mexico

Marrying 2B!
I love my wife 2B with all my heart!

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>No one in the entire playerbase likes them.
I do.

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I want to marry from a game I don't like playing.

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>I'm sure your waifu has some character flaws
Seele has a few traits which could be considered flaws, most notable one would be her fondness of violence i suppose. I personally don't consider it a flaw, especially since she often restrains herself from using violence (or at least from actually harming anyone) and in many cases she only causes harm to those who'd want to hurt her friends in some way. Can you say something about Blanc's flaws? I'm personally not familiar with her character to be honest

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Blanc's most infamous character flaw is her hair trigger temper. She's very quick to anger and often times it can be explosive. Second to that is her most common trigger: Breast envy. She has a small figure, and it deeply bothers her, and anyone who mocks her for it generally becomes the target of her wrath. In one game she even tried to kill someone for it.

But I love these things about her. Figuring out the underlying source of her flaws made her very relatable and ended up making me fall for her.

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Very yes

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I understand where you are coming from. Her insecurities only made me love her more.

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You bet!

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So what's Raikou insecure about? I know pretty much nothing about her character. I'm not even sure what franchise she's from.

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Yes, Laetitia!

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Nepgear is very insecure of herself, and tends to need a lot of support/attention from her friends to help keep her perked up, especially when things go bad. She also got picked on a lot in the third game. It just makes me want to give her lots of hugs and kisses though.
She's also rather easily influenced by peer pressure, possibly as a result of the above. In the third game, for example, she gets pressured into joining the enemies' side for a short time, especially given how badly she had been treated so far.
But despite these flaws I love her a whole lot. They just make me want to spoil her even more.

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Lilith a cute

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>But I love these things about her.
I can understand that. I've also grown to love everything about my waifu, flaws included of course. I also forgot to mention that while most of the time, Seele calls herself a monster and tries to act like one, deep down she actually just wants to be loved and her game has a few scenes depicting just that. I'll also never grow tired of hearing Seele's laughs of joy when she slashes her enemies with her claws. She's very cute when she's in her element.

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>she calls herself a monster but just wants to be loved
That sounds quite adorable, mind telling me more?

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This might sound horrible but her being blind
Mainly because she would judge me by my character rather than looks

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FGO. She struggles with her divine nature and never having felt motherly love hence why she is so doting on her master, i just want to hold her and tell her she is perfect just the way she is.

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Already did

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I want to hold her hand and put a ring on her finger.

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Well, I was more talking character flaws. Can't really consider being blind a strike against her character. But still, I won't judge you considering I'm not much of a looker myself and can appreciate the sentiment.

So she regrets never experiencing motherly affection and tries to give it to others instead?

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The short version is that, at the start, she didn't really care all that much about other people, even the other Seele as she mostly just treated her as a vessel for her power (they do share the same body). Over time, she's grown attached to Seele, and by extension, to her friends as well. She never out right admits this to anyone, but she really cares for her friends' wellbeing. She isn't really a softie, but she's also not as horrible of a person as she tells others she is. There was even one scene in her game, where one of the characters (Bronya), calls her out about the fact that she only pretends to be a monster.
That's really the short version however, as i might be forgetting something here and i gotta start getting ready to go to work now, but i'm sure there will be plenty of time in the future for me to tell you more about her!

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Are you gay? They're ugly.

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The line in the screenshot you posted sounds really sad out of context. In a good way. In the way that would make me want to comfort her. Never stop loving your waifu, Seelefriend.

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Does she really talk like that?

Yes but she takes her affection to the extreme which is one of her flaws but i just cant bring myself to see it as one.

I'm already married to my wife Iroha!
>B. Jenet
Dangerously based! Good to see more SNK gals in these threads.
And on that note, how's it going May Lee Bro?

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How extreme are we talking? Hard to think of an affectionate person as a bad thing, if I'm honest.

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I would never stop loving her! I also wish you and Blanc a happy future, friend

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No, it's just referencing that one translation.

I already did

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You troons post like such faggots it's unbelievable.

Thank you! I intend to be with her for a very long time.

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That's a nice pic!

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As in putting you alone on a unhabitated island, keeping you there and protect it forever just so you are safe if she could.

...I could certainly go for staying on an island all alone with Blanc, to be honest.

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you have low test

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My heart beats for the dragon.
Well spoken.
>I'm sure your waifu has some character flaws
People tend to belittle her a lot on her naiveté, and calling her retarded is a common meme that stems from it. She can also be incredibly foolhardy and stubborn at times. And I love her not in spite of these flaws, but partly because of them.

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I knew she was the one the second I picked her in MotW.

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Let's see...she's a heavy drinker, a smoker, curses like a sailor, can be rude and blunt to people right off the bat, has a short temper, and I wouldn't have her any other way.

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How could I tell which flaw she has, when SNK has never bothered with giving her depth?

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Since she's an AI, she's partially glitched so she's an enormous troll. Good natured at her core but her troublemaking nature will make it tough to see

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I love my wife, sweet Forte!!

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