Now that the dust has settled, was it REALLY that bad?

Now that the dust has settled, was it REALLY that bad?

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this the mod with the horny deathclaw?



I hate this mod and all the people that worked on it. But the power armor in that pic is cool.

sex with local fauna made it a 10/10

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stinky feet

Why didn't they make it a standalone thing? I couldn't even play it because I didn't feel like starting a new NV save


The cars where actually pretty decent, but I think the map could have been designed to have accommodated them better.
But yeah overall pretty shit.
I kinda hope someone rips the code for the vehicles and uses them for something better



>a game who's fanbase is mostly pedophiles and trannies
>said fanbase makes a mod where they go all out with their fetishes and sickness
Take a wild guess.

Why are there so many of these threads lately?

He's a big guy

Its honestly rather sad. They pushed the creation engine further than Bethesda ever dared but where such retarded autists that they wrote a horrendous and incoherent story and then pretended to be the next Kojima.

It's one of the most impressive Fallout mods. A lot of cringe content, and the NCR story - only one I played - was so bad that I was shocked like a little kid realizing an important fact of life for the first time. It wasn't just bad writing though. It felt like peering deep into a crazy New Vegas fan's mind. It was somehow really unsettling to me, because it felt like a corrupted, frozen, desolate re-interpretation of New Vegas. Maybe that was the point, but it didn't make for fun gameplay.
That all being said, it was technically impressive and some parts of it were comfy.

The writing is, like every other mod, fanfiction reddit tier. Other than that its okay as long as you avoid the ncr questline. Plenty of meaningful choices and skill checks. The map looks cool and is fun to explore.

Anybody who complains about the sex stuff is either a prude SJW or literally started the franchise with Fallout 4 as his first fallout game

Fallout 2: You can be a pornstar, you can sell your wife as a sex slave, you can get sodomized by a super mutant and wake up with a ball gag in your inventory, you can get raped by a teenager if you play a female with very low intelligent making you mentally retarded, etc

Fallout 3: Eulogy Jones tries to sell you child slaves (we can assume why...) and you can purchase one of his two mentally ill sex slaves as a body guard, etc

Fallout New Vegas: You can give Benny a footjob, you can get fisted by a securitron, you can get dommed by a Ghoul Dominatrix, the girl advertising the brothel is voiced by a 13 yo girl, etc

Fallout The Frontier: A 21 yo character makes 1 complaint about her feet smelling bad after a day of hiking and it is never mentioned again. You can also enslave her and make her wear a collar but doing so turns the entire faction against you. You can have sex with a deathclaw and with a sentient serpent creature

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No, but it was fucked with a myriad of issues. It lacked any coherent vision and teamwork with everyone refusing to actually bother working together and instead wanting to do their own bullshit. The NCR route, the route that the average person would start with and the one most marketed, has all the worst aspects the mod can offer from trying to be a shitty military shooter to flatout stealing story beats from other games. Add the fact that the dev team where made up of manchildren who wanted to do their own thing, some of said devs went full autismo mode and thought it be okay to implement their own degeneracy into the mod cause at it turns out socially inept weirdo's that don't want to work with others have a hard time understanding what is and isn't uncomfortable or cringe.

Then the cherry on top is the team decided to put all the blame on some porn artist furfag who ironically was one of the few devs that was smart enough to somewhat hide their autism to an extent.

Despite all this though, it did have some good stuff. The vehicles actually work well and despite the infamous "why would you want to be a fascist?" Ceaser's Legion was the most well written and enjoyable part of the game coming off as some of the cut concept potential NV wanted them to be.

The lesson that should be learnt from the mod is that despite the assumption that the artist is always right, that's not true at all. Artists/devs are narcissistic and dumb at times and you need a boss or leader that is willing to tell people to stop with their bullshit and do things right and that nobody wants their dumb MGS fanfiction or fetish porn.

Vault 6 disappointed me, but I kinda liked some of the quests like that one where you hunt some guy with a bunch of schizos or that one where you work with a mute guy or that one where you enter some dumb facility with some lady who dresses herself as a Bond girl at some point. I also liked the silly Enclave missions even if they are REALLY silly, but who cares I'm playing videogames. I also liked the atmosphere to be honest. Sometimes when I'm walking around I remember some parts of it and I kinda feel the urge to play it again, but them I remember the nightmare part where I have to walk around in the dark with some dumb skeleton torch while some really stupid plot plays and I say fuck this shit and move on with my shitty life


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So-o... what's worse?
The Frontier of HDTF?

>Anons getting mad at this mod Because one of the things you can do is fuck a deathclaw
I'm 100% sure you niggers jerk off to SFM of deathclaws getting fucked before this mod came out.

You have to pay money to play HDTF.
That alone makes Frontier the winner.

>foot smell fetish
>enslavement fetish
>dog fucking
>deathclaw fucking
>thank Kojima in the credits
>Devs still try to say this is a serious mod
>Dev is a horse fucker

>a crazy New Vegas fan
The lead dev doesn't like New Vegas

didnt one of the devs get kicked out for drawing cub?

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Sad part is the horse fucker they threw under the boss was the one that DIDN'T put his fetish shit in the game.

Yes, but for few of the reasons people constantly bring up. The game was way too thirsty and sexual, but it wasn't nearly as bothersome as normies make it seem, and people faking outrage over slavery and crap need to go back. The major issue with the mod was just the absolutely god-awful storytelling, pacing and writing as the devteam tried to copy every popular trend from every popular game and shove it lacklusterly into their own product. You go from patrolling the wasteland, to infiltrating a Dead Space space station, to rescuing a person from a rape-prison, all within the span of about 2.5-3 hours. It's a confused mess of somewhat decent ideas (and some FUCKING impressive technical achievements, they made driving in New Vegas feel better than some triple-A games, how the fuck) that was ultimately sabotaged and destroyed by one or two faggots in charge of the story and narrative.

NCR questline sucks, mostly because it wants to be Call of Duty in an egine REALLY not designed for it. The other 2 questlines are alright. I liked the new weapons and armors, though I feel like loot was terribly balanced.
I think it's undeniable that this mod pushed the engine to it's absolute limit, and to be honest I think it's worth at least 1 playthrough just for that.
A lot of complaints about it always seemed retarded to me
It's a mod, it IS fanfiction. Who gives a shit about muh lore accuracy in something completely non canon?
Retarded shit that only youtubers and redditors care about. We are talking about a series where you can enslave children (in FO3), and I never see anyone bring that up. Hell, the Legion is basically "rape and slavery: the faction" and you can just join them.
Crying about the slavery thing seems like the kind of moral panic shit Yea Forums would normally be against
Not going to deny it was dumb to use that as an excuse to not make an Enclave route (they could have just said you cant join the Enclave because they don't want you), but it's not like you could join it in 2 either

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>the girl advertising the brothel is voiced by a 13 yo girl
based if true

All of this. The problem was the game marketing and selling itself as a mod on-par with New Vegas itself, and people hyping up to get that instead getting fanfiction-tier writing that puts other autistic NV mods on a goddamn pedestal in comparison. The story of the NCR questline, the main part of the mod, is the absolute worst shit and makes playing the game actual suffering, but the other two campaigns aren't nearly as bad, and you will be floored by some of the scenes and work the modders did with the engine. Truly is an achievement in that sense, utterly polluted by everything that happened after.

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I want to try the original version, anyone got a link for it?

Always did find it funny that youtubers shat on this while also praising New California, which is worse in more or less every way

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Cat, if he real.

I feel bad for the people that were excited for this game and waited 7 fucking years just to be let down so fucking hard.

Idk who the lead dev is but I figured tgspy said that, but he was just a glorified community manager from what I understood

Put pic related at the bottom as well

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>New California, which is worse in more or less every way
New California's main quest line wasn't written by a gay Aussie Jew, as far as I know. That alone puts it head and shoulders above the Frontier.

Just play Zion Trail
It's actually interesting and stays within its means without trying to be call of duty.

>no you can't join the enclave because they're evvvviiilllllll!!!

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Sneedclave here

This mod has a surprisingly really good quest in it called Unsafe Harbor. It's an optional download because it's a bit buggy. Definitely look someone up playing it. You get captured and turned into a slave and it focuses a lot on choice and playing it smart, plus the writing is pretty alright compared to the rest of the frontier. It's a diamond compared to the shitshow that is the rest of the frontier

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No but I have jerked off to SFM of deathclaws railing skanks

>villain has the protag lock stock and barrel, their death would turn the tide massively in villains favor
>they not only monologue, they execute some gut that doesn't matter
the fucking preggers shooting scene would have been better to copy

>World of Tanks
why would anyone expect any of that?

This is *the* quest that got everyone hyped years before the mod came out thanks to this video made by the dev of the sidequest himself
The quest was cut from the final mod, if you used console commands to enter the warehouse it was empty; from what you're saying it seems it's been restored, which is good.

No one's mentioned the Avengers heli-carrier yet

>trailer promises Call of Duty: New Vegas
>get Call of Duty: New Vegas
Not sure what you were expecting

I'll give the Frontier devs one thing, at least their mod was more or less finished. I still feel ripped off after leaving the vault in New California and finding a vast expanse of fucking nothing.

Can you just play this quest and go back to the Mojave or do you have to complete The Frontier?

It's true

Yeah it's available to download, there were a few times the quest softlock, but that was just me trying to see every ending and choice the quest offered. After hours of the NCR campaign, this shit was a breath of fresh air.
You can do the quest but the frontier by itself requires you to beat the main story to go back to Vegas. Though there's a mod that let's you go back anytime, or you can just teleport back with console commands

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Honestly wish the quest was expended a bit and they just made it a standalone mod, even if it was in a smaller worldspace

Someday people will have to realize all quest mods have shit stories

>laughs in Mexican

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Pretty much. I think the best one I've played was New Vegas Bounties, and even that's pretty fucking repetitive until you get to the guilt trip that was part 3.


Man part 3 was kind of disappointing. Was it burn out?

autumn leaves is alright

yes but he was just a scapegoat he didn't actually have any writing credit in the mod.

That's basically what's happening, the guy who made the car mod was barely a part of the dev team for Frontier, they featured his mod in their project. I think he goes by Zilandro on youtube, he's got some other mods that look pretty good too.

People complain about slavery because the devs said "UHH, WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE ON THE ENCLAVE'S SIDE, CHUD? THEY'RE LITERAL FASCISTS!" then added all of this other morally reprehensible shit.

yes, stop making these fucking threads, fag. We already talked about it to death.

could be part of it, the author was showing signs of being tired to deal with the community by that point

>I kinda hope someone rips the code for the vehicles and uses them for something better
I think the guy that made the vehicles was going to release a standalone version of it (and a bunch of other shit) but he's Ukranian so... you know.

good but unoptimized
>new equipment
>voice acting
mixed bag
>side quests
mixed bag
>main quests
all three are bad but ncr is especially bad and brings the entire mod down

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