How do we save /ourguy/?

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Generals belong on

Just because he called console player niggers doesn't mean he's /our guy/.

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so what started this bullshit? the japs being petty?

He's cute!

pedos mass reporting streamers.

HENCEFORTH HE SHALL WALK (or crawl like the manbaby he is)

Oh look the revisionism has started

pretty much.
[insert image of le based jap in 5ch]

What the fuck is wrong with this guy's eyes?

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Japs were already melting down because of SE fucking up SAM and messing with NIN, and a non-JP team taking the world first and uploading a clear video with half a dozen addons on screen+TTS callouts threw even more oil on the fire.

Video games, faggot, VIDEO GAMES.

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black and soulless

Yea Forums

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Bot or mentally ill person?
What are you?

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Can't save people like that from themselves.

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reminder that UCOB world first was a japanese team with audible triggernometry in the background and japanese imageboards didn't give a shit about le hecking illegal add-ons back then.

it's literally just hikikomori nationalism lmao.

>break the rules
>stream it to a million people
>mad when you get banned
They will not walk with us any longer

the funniest shit about the sam changes is that nobody even knows who the changes were meant to be for, most people were really happy with samurai in 6.08 except for a few schizo seethers who think samurai is entitled to doing 20% more rdps than every other job in the game.


He warned you for years, yet you refused to listen

bros i dont want them to ban textools i just use it to make my own mods where i slightly alter the geometry of gear that i like, solely so that it won't clip with my weapons or my hair. bros i just want my capes to not look like shit i dont want to die with the coomer modders nooooooooo

we have to push him to suicide, there's no time to explain

they arent they will never check ur computer.

>Taylor Welsh
Nice job retard, you might catch the attention of Kiwi Farms.

>Kiwi Farms
fuck this pyromancer dude but cmon user really? what are they gonna do make a hate thread?

I'm glad I can have fun with the game in its vanilla state instead of going all autistic with mods and trainers
>inb4 having fun in ffxiv lmao

literally who?

I made mods to remove the crowd noises in busy areas and colorized the class icons for crafters/gathered to purple/yellow.
Would be funny if I got banned for that and not the copius amounts of porn art commissions, especially since I’m using Alisaie for future comms. My plan is to annoy some redditors lol.

new lolcow feelsgood


If you choose option 2, when?

Alisae: strawpoll.me/46035964/r
Y'shtola: strawpoll.me/46038012/r
Yugiri: strawpoll.me/46040365/r
Kan-E: strawpoll.me/46042115/r

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he's a massive retard but at least knows to instantly wipe his fuckups from the internet so most of his faggotry skates by. It'd be funny to see him seethe some more though, he's a proper lolcow

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ive been parsing since twintania where 300+ dps was considered the top end, ACT is part of the game at this point, and i know people who have been botting since ARR and are still playing.

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I'll gladly kneel before emperor Naruhito if it gets SE to nanking these stream niggers

parsefags thinking their opinion matters is exactly the problem. WoW catered to raidfags and they run the second something else looks good, these retards need to learn they're not the intended audience and fuck off somewhere else.

why do you care if someone else clears content you ignore using addons? it's not like you have to play with them. they aren't stealing your accomplishments.


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So many self insert fags. She was banging papalymo for years.

Bully him constantly until he walks away. It will save him from Twitch, and save us from his faggotry, everyone benefits.

No longer shall steamers use cheat programs to cheese raids!
Henceforth, you shall walk!

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Towards the end he just started getting pissed at chatters and kept on falling for the bait, egging him on.

That post screams insecurity and cope more than anything else. Those tools are used because people want to clear the content within a week because their mental probably isn't strong enough to prog longer than that

>needing 3rd party tools to clear and learn content

Do you stream? No?

Then it’s a non-issue. Just as it’s always been.

I'm making a fourth party tools

nothing to do with accomplishments, modders moving into the game ruins the pug scene by expecting you to have them. If you use non-erp etc mods you are a simple blight on the game, raidfags need to be hunted down and squashed like the niggers they are

why did they decide to make sch/ast, the two healers that are somewhat interesting to play, also the two blatantly best healers in the game?

ffxiv raid design already heavily caters to parse players is the problem, not only does every raid have hard enrages these days, but they've also completely removed mechanics such as pushing phases by reducing the boss's health to a percentage. this means that players are encouraged to want to know their numbers (because of the hard enrages) but also do not get any direct feedback in the game as to whether or not they're doing well (you only know your dps was trash if the boss enrages).

the fflogs mentality is dog shit but it's a direct result of how generic and cookie cutter ffxiv raid encounters have become over the last three expansions. i miss the days of coil where your performance wasn't measured solely on the basis of your dps.

Why are XIV threads so bad and Where's Brian?

Your post is even more cope, because you care too much about what others do, thinking in invalidates your own petty existence.

Because it's cheating and will inevitably set a standard where players that want to raid at a high level will feel like they MUST use 3rd party software to be on an even playing field with others.

Parsetranny cope.

You. Will. Walk.

I legitimately don’t understand how anyone could possibly see Payalymo and Lyse and see that as a romantic or sexual pairing. He’s practically her mentor.

It's very clear that this time YoshiP has mcfucking had it
They should have taken the hint after the TEA waymark changes

This describes me, how do I try to get over this and not be worried about my petty existence?

He's not notable/interesting enough for a KF thread of his own. The FFXIV thread on KF is talking about him though.

I love to use UI mods for casual content that let me do shit like see my debuffs on the enmity list, because I like to know when I fucked up and didn't hit all the enemies with reprisal properly. I actively refuse to install any mod that would give me a big leg up in savage, not because i care for the raider code of honor, but because if I become dependent on those mods to raid I'll play like shit on patch day when they're all gone. I can stomach not having big cooldown numbers and no debuffs on my enmity list during savage patch day, because I've done most of my raiding without them.

Genuinely how do I conjure JP autism to get streamers removed from other multiplayer games I play.

Imagine thinking you need any 3rd party tools to clear content.
I did it vanilla on PS4 and ever since I finally got back into PC gaming in 2019 I've done it vanilla too.
This guy is insecure as fuck because he might lose TTS telling him what to do 5 seconds ahead of time, what a faggot.

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Just a jape brother. The entire question of the virginity stuff is a joke in the first place.

Now you are just coping

they first have to play the game.

Oh yeah, of course. I was just baffled since I regularly see stuff like this with people outright convinced Thancred was banging Ryne or Minfilia.

>modders moving into the game ruins the pug scene by expecting you to have them
this isn't true. you can literally report someone who tells you to get them.
>Because it's cheating
cheating who? raiding isn't a competition.
>and will inevitably set a standard where players that want to raid at a high level will feel like they MUST use 3rd party software to be on an even playing field with others.
How is this your problem if you ignore high end content?

>somewhat interesting to play
broil mage isn't what I'd call interesting to play

no, they will crawl

nta user but i just don't want the end game raiding to turn into wow raids where i need dbm and weakauras to play mythic

>Complaining about 3rd party tool when they don't affect you in any way.
>they don't affect you in any way.

They will though.

What used to be my favorite game (WoW). I saw the reliance of add-ons grow in the community, to the point where if I didn't have DBM installed for 5 man dungeons I was kicked from the group.

The reliance of Add-ons will trickle down to the casual players like a cancer and cause friction between those that use them and those that don't.

I quit one game because of reliance of add-ons In the community. I don't want to have to quit another one.


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I feel like DRG will be the same next patch. They've already said they'll be doing major adjustments to it even though bascially everyone agrees it doesn't really need anything in its current state outside of maybe some QoL on the eye buff.

>The entire question of the virginity stuff is a joke in the first place.
Of course. But as a waifufag, it’s still nice to see Yea Forums come together and agree that the WoL absolutely popped Kan-E’s cherry.

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>somehow be so bad you NEED add-ons that break the rules to beat content
>record yourself breaking the rules
>get punished
>throw a temper tantrum
WoWfugees are the joke that keeps on going

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Shut up Pablo, it's your fucking fault.

If a single theoretical person has a problem where they feel forced to download 3rd party addons to play "efficiently" then it's problem. Do you understand, retard?

>i just don't want the end game raiding to turn into wow raids where i need dbm and weakauras to play mythic
Combat addons in WoW are kind of shit, but the other 99% of addons are perfectly fine, and objectively improve the game.

you WILL get the weakaura
you WILL support the DBM dev's patreon
you WILL record your runs and go for heckin big parserinos
you WILL buy the carries for the cheevos
and you WILL raidlog and not do anything else

Based Mommy, tough love to save the game.

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It got so bad in wow encounters were being designed around DBM. People have seen this shit play out already and yet they'll still deny the slippery slope.

>designing an entire game around 1 hypothetical player
surely you understand how unreasonable this is.

Dragon Sight has needed a redesign ever since it was introduced. A Dragon Sight redesign is also the only thing Dragoon actually needs, but I could absolutely see their moronic job design team ruin the class while chasing a fictitious "single player final fantasy gamer" demographic that will largely always refuse to play ffxiv because it has a subscription price. They make all these changes thinking they'll finally get the burned out final fantasy boomers to try their MMO without realizing that a sub cost existing at all is enough to turn a large number of people away from a game.

all healers are broil mage, scholar managing fairy and energy drain properly is another layer on top of it + expedient is fun

Can I report someone which is asking for my parse log since you need third party tool to get them?