Nearly a fifth of Steam users use either the 1060, the 1650 or the 1050 Ti

>nearly a fifth of Steam users use either the 1060, the 1650 or the 1050 Ti

Let me guess, you need more?

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modern games are fucking garbage
stop buying them
let the industry crash

a fifth doesn't mean much lmao are you fucking stupid? a fifth?

Most steam users are europoors playing CSGO all day so they Probably don't need more

They're still the top 3 popular GPUs on Steam.

I have a 1050ti, the only GPU on the market that doesn't have a ridiculous price offers barely any improvement.

>Second hand 1050ti costs MSRP

>do you want to take part in this survey?
why you give a fuck about surveys retard?

I only need 1080p
Simple as


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>most people in the world are poor and that's a good thing

It actually is. It separates the wheat from the chaff

Imagine paying more money for a GPU that can do less.
t. FE enjoyer
had a 3070 FE and I loved that GPU to bits. Power efficiency and performance was unreal
Also the Founders Editions are the nicest looking cards this generation

1660 Ti
bought mid 2019 before crypto autism

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I paid $400 which is MSRP.

I bought mine in 2016 and that was during crypto autism

I use my 2080TI to mostly Play Spelunky II. I was playing Elden Ring for a bit. But like most Boomers in their early 30's. I get about 90% of the way through the game, then drop it.

I did it with XCOM2, FFXV, Cyberpunk, Death Stranding, and Divinity II. The last game I really beat was Red Dead 2.

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LHR cards were way over MSRP. The only MSRP cards you could buy were the Founders and they were quickly snatched up by scalper and bots.
There is absolutely no way you only paid 400$ for a 3060 ti LHR card.

That's an AIB partner (MSI) model, so no, $400 is not MSRP.

best gpu ever

3070 for 1440 144hz is very nice

wtf is wrong with me anons, been playing games 24/7 just fucking fine all these years, it's been fun, not all of the AAA+ titles whatnot because of my GPU, which made me want to get a better one so that i can play these newer games, some which that i couldn't just play, some that i just wanted to play on the highest graphic(which i've never really been able to do on some)..but after getting it(3060ti) i've no desire to play as much yknow.. :(

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Diminishing returns. When you first got it a whole world got unlocked. Everything at your fingertips. You had anticipation of making it better and smoother. Sure the frames are better but how much did you increase your overall enjoyment? Maybe a few % over what was driving you. It's hard not to be disappointed at that point until you remember that you can still have the same fun just a bit better. Not as dramatically as you hoped.

Yeah the 1650 SUPER

Luv me 1660 super
1080p is all I need
Simple as

Still on an old mobo and CPU because I can't be fucked to gut the whole thing to upgrade those

But I only play games that are 20 years old so I do fine

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>nearly fifth of people have 70iq
let me guess, you need more?

>2nd gen I5
How? My 6th gen i5 would explode whenever I started a game because windows insisted in keeping cortana, defender and a billion shits taking up all available resources.

You gotta learn to make Windows work for you. I've disabled so much so much shit in the registry

I'm one of them. 3gb 1060, shut sucks yo

MFW i went from 1050ti to 1660ti to recently a 3060ti

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I hab dat kard
> happy

I have a 3070Ti and still get dropped frames...

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My local shop has a few 3080 for $1200 cad (930 burgers)
Should I get one?

My Alienware laptop's motherboard fucking died after 4 years of constant volcanic temperatures due to how much I neglect opening it because the fucking retard who designed this thing made it so taking it apart is the most convoluted shit ever. Anyways, 1070 ti is still pretty good right guys?

>2nd gen i5
>20GB ram
>768p monitor
>3 spinning disc hard drives
Based poor boomer

>Ryzen 5 3600

Name ONE game worth playing that can't run on that

It’s a lot for GPUs, it’s very fragmented between the username, a lot of models only have around 1%.

I also have a Ryzen 3600 and a 3060Ti
Any problem?

yeah, I do, I'm not South American or Eastern European, so I hold myself to a higher standard of living


>1 grand for xx80 class GPU
>not even Ti version

What the fuck happened, I still remember paying $649 for my 1080Ti and it wasn't that long ago.

1600 AF + 1660 Super

I used to have a 1050 TI setup but gave it to a young relative.
The 1050 TI really struggled with newer games. This new setup does everything fine at 1080p, 144 fps in multiplayer, 60+ in the newest single player titles, and so on.
And built it just befor the prices got silly so it was cheap as chips.
Love my little machine. Simple as.

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I have two 3090. You jelly?

3080 for 800$. cop or not? (10gb)

the 3080 was $700 at launch. i would say it's a good price.

new or used?

yeal itll probably be uesless to wait for the 4000 series since it's gonna get scalped to hell and back anyway right?


I still have my 8800GTX.
Fuck jews.

Don't forget about me sirs, I love PC gaming sirs

Crypto just received one of it's biggest deathblows so that will mean less pressure from the mining end. You can go for it if you're done waiting.

can't say. but i would go for it. it's a 3080 at $800. we don't know if the 4070 will be stronger and cheaper. i would take the gamble.

yes and i still need more.

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thx bros I think if gpu prices ever go up again I might be able to sell this again for the same price I bought it (or a little lower). then I'd just add more to get the 4000 series that is assuming they're at the very least 2x better and they're in stock.

Built it three days ago.
I might get another 32gb ram and convert all storage to 2tb ssd's and M2's.

But at this point its not really needed.

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ddr5 32 gb. how much did u pay for that? 250?

Yes, I need more.
I'm using a 1070, and playing on 1080p.
But I can't even run Ultra settings 144hz in most games.

200, was on sale.

yes i do ml research

hmm i would have done the same but i build my pc 3 months ago. back than the prices were still high af. my psu exploded and it killed the motherboard and cpu.

1060 handles every game worth playing perfectly fine. And new AAA isn't even worth pirating it's all wokeshit.
I didn't buy a VR gimmick headset so I don't need a stronger vidya card. The only thing people were looking forward from VR were porn games, and the pron was a lie.
I don't need meme shit like RTX lighting just to make lazy dev's jobs easier at the cost of tanking all in-game performance.
Any video card past the 1k line is made to farm crypto not to play vidya.

Laughs in Elden Ring

>play Cyberpunk on a 1050
>think it's shit
>play it again to test my rx 6600xt
>still think it's shit
shiny pixels will never make or break a game for me

I was gonna get a new card but my 970 can run Elden Ring pretty well on low settings lol

what a poorfag cope. how's the weather in mexico or brazil.