Highest midichlorian count ever

>highest midichlorian count ever
>potential to be the greatest Force user ever
>specs into Jedi Guardian

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skill issue

Was Guardian the one that got the insta-gap closing jump attack? I know it's only one move but hey it was a pretty fun one.

Some people play for fun you minmaxing autist, get a life lol.

>Smart decisions

To patch up his weaknesses. He's would have been an OP force user regardless, but dueling wasn't a given

That shit's only good as a opener, try using it when the other guy has a 50% high ground buff and see what happens

he knew jedi consular was a trap because it has shit fucking spells

Anakin was one of the best duelists of his era and Jedi history. He had nowhere to go but up. All the constant training and battles were hardcore leveling. The fact that he was approaching the level of guys like Mace and Yoda despite being a fraction of their age is crazy.

Anakin thought like you and remember what happened.

How much training do you have to do to become a jedi librarian?

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Shouldn't you lose midachlorion availability the less bone marrow you have?

Why don't light side counselors get any cool spells? Being Sith just makes sense

A lot considering how much of a boss this old bitch was

The jedi Dewey-Decimal system must be nuts.

what the fuck was her problem

Don't, it gives you shit melee defense

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bro they lost an entire fucking star system
their sorting system is guaranteed wack

>the clone wars cartoon consumer
lmao, nerd

I don't know, but I know that Anakin couldn't use force lightning due to the loss of his organic arms.

Obi Wan sabotaged his build

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gotta learn the Chewie-Decimal system

nah it was because it would fry his arms too, he could definitely still do it

I thought that was because his suit would get fried.

>one of the best duelists of his era
>lost to Obi Won who lost to Dooku

>not reading the Darth Vader comics
lol fake fan

Palpatine intentionally built weaknesses to force lightning into his suit

anakin beat dooku so anakin is better than anakin (ver. Mustafar).

sounds like some rock paper scissors shit

>respecs into sith lord for op lightning dps and choke cc
absolutely munckin

lost his cool, lost the duel
in both cases he would've won if he wasn't a hothead

someone should have got that guy outta there


Obi Wan beats Anakin, Anakin beats Dooku, Dooku beats Obi Wan
Which starter are you choosing bros?

How much of Luke's style is just mimicking the few times he saw Ben and Vader fight, and how much of it is just him making shit up because he has literally nothing else to go on?

Yoda showed him some moves offscreen.
He apparently spent months on Dagobah, even if in the movie it feels like a few days at most.

Ghost Prison was my favorite

They were all getting the DWP guy

I only watched TFA from the nutrilogy. Who was this dude in the end? Most theories said it was Sheev's master. The OG sith. Was it him? Was he cool as fuck?

Cockiness can cause lack of focus and misjudgements, and Anakin was full of it. Combine that with his rage and he was bound to make a huge mistake at some point

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Stop what you're doing and rank non-force users RIGHT NOW

rank by what?

Slave Leia > Everything else

me > everyone else > you

Sheev killed his master. Didn't you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? It's not a story the Jedi would tell you.


It's never explained in Episode 8 and he is unceremoniously killed off. Then in Episode 9 it's "revealed" that he was some weird clone created by Palpatine (who is still alive)

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Gonk Droid > All

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Dash Rendar > power gap > Everyone else

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>rey DLC is blatantly overpowered
Nice P2W, knew disney buying out the game would make it go full jew
>spends like 20 levels hiding out in the desert
>doesn't force train during all that time or spec into anything
>unironically thinks he can take on a fucking maxxed out vader build in a 1v1
>has to tell the rest of his raid party to run like little bitches and abandon the quest, luke's dualspeccing is the only thing that saves them since he's the only force user in the party who can also fly a ship
That's not even taking into account the prequel DLC that shows him completely fucking up teaching anakin

Jar Jar blanco

No, he was all a meme clone-puppet and a half-rotten Palpatine survived somehow and was pulling all the strings.
I knew the new trilogy was garbo the moment I saw it was a clone of EP4, right down to them doing ANOTHER DEATHSTAR only to blow it up in the same movie.

Even Lucas knew the 2nd Deathstar in EP6 was dumb as fuck and refrained from doing anything like it in the prequels.

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Sadly he was a throwaway character that was only there to be overthrown by kylo ren so that he could set himself up as the ultimate bad guy.

And then that was tossed out the window in the third movie, in which palpatine was revealed to be alive through a fortnite event (not kidding) and HE was now the ultimate bad guy!

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What about Jar Jar Calvo?

Anakin for Fire/Dark

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Padme unironically. She's everything the ((writers)) wanted Rey to be.


daily reminder people that get anxiety when they smoke have some mental problem they arent facing when theyre sober and comes out when under psychedelics

based drugposter

>Even Lucas knew the 2nd Deathstar in EP6 was dumb as fuck and refrained from doing anything like it in the prequels
How would he break space-time and make a 3rd death star BEFORE the first two were built?

There was no planning at all for the nu trilogy and each movie is the product of their respective directors just doing whatever, any plans JJ had when he made episode 7 went down the fucking shitter when Ryan made episode 8 and killed off Snoke with no explanation to who he was 'cause he wanted Kylo to be the main bad guy or something i dunno, but then when JJ came back for 9 he didn't want Kylo as the main bad guy but his main bad guy got killed off in 8 so he brought Palpatine out of the fucking grave who revealed he was behind everything and not only did he create Snoke but he was also Vader's voice inside Kylo's head, which should completely destroy hismotivation for being evil but he kept being an asshole anyway

I actually liked how that scene mirrored the one in Jedi only to have them pull the rug from under you and kill him.
I always though about Luke just turning the lightsaber on via the force and just rotating it to Palpatine's head.

But everything else in the movie was fucking retarded like the the hyperspace allahu akbar.
Also why not just have Luke fight for real and die vs Kylo like Ben died vs Vader.
The force projection thing was such a cheap parlor trick, basically just a full colored hologram R2 could pull off with some projector part upgrade.

b1 chaddle droid number one

Para el fin el padre de negro!

shitty failed Palpatine clone that papa Sheev used as a puppet ruler for the first order until Kylo Ren and Stimpy killed him in one of the dumbest ways possible.

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ive also never met the person in that picture in my life despite hanging out with a ton of smokers

I think Luke would make an ideal vidya protagonist. He starts out as a literal who and eventually becomes one of the most powerful Jedi to have ever lived. That's perfect for a player character. Take a few minor liberties with the plot and you can make something amazing. Like he starts off as a farm boy with a stick, then he gets a lightsaber. The things he can do with the lightsaber are limited at first so it's mostly just a utility tool and you're more reliant on blasters and shit. But blasters don't have skill trees, the lightsaber does, so as you progress, you get better and better with it. Every time you see Ben fight, you gain a technique. Every time you see Vader fight, you gain a technique. The more you fight with it, you gain even more techniques. Also, after Empire, you lose you lightsaber, so you have to make do with guns and sticks for a while and it's a total downgrade, at least until you construct a new lightsaber.

Since Ben doesn't have much time to teach you much, he only teaches the basics, and you kinda have to figure things out on your own. There's an organic skill system where depending on your playstyle, you gain new skills in a certain order. If you don't use telekinesis much, you gain telekinesis at a slower rate. But if you really fucking love telekinesis and keep using it, you'll discover new skills faster. There are still inquisitors around, so you can also copy their techniques as well. There's a fairly sizable gap between films and even within films, so you can squeeze some cool shit in between.

>insane force user, horrible duelist.

he tried to perfect himself.

>DLC does the same shit in a different coat of paint

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Not a Deathstar per see, but another superweapon that gets one shot at the end of a movie.

The new trilogy could've had the looming threat of this new hyperweapon throughout the movies instead of having to invent some new bullshit in EP9 with the 1000 Star Destrotyers that pretty worked as ANOTER DEATHSTAR but split up in chunks.
And even though they were split up to prevent them for getting one shot like the other 3, they had the communication tower McGuffin so the good guys could easily kill them all in 1 hit.

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i miss the fortnite collab :(

All it needed was remastered graphics and a few gameplay tweaks, how did they fuck new Battlefront games so badly?

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>>highest midichlorian count ever
>>potential to be the greatest Force user ever
This was dumb.

no u

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isn't the whole point of the dark side losing your cool

Greasy little prequelteen

well yeah, that's why they always lose

user those movies are over 2 decades old

It was not his choice, the council held him back. Outrageous if you ask me

Guardian wasn’t a thing when Lucas wrote it, in his mind they are just Jedi and all do the same shit. That shit is extracanonical dorkshit for obsessive losers, it’s a fucking movie just watch it.

That's not how companies think at all.