Less than two days

>Less than two days

No hype?

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Let me guess, shitty DBD clone?

file size in under 5 gigs

this, its shit

Yes looks to be unfortunately, promising that a person as chadly as myself will never play it.

What I wanted to play was a game like this, but with swappable characters


Oh shit, forgot this was a thing. Thanks OP - I love Evil Dead, but this game will flop just like every other licensed games. I’ll give it a spin if Bruce Campbell is voicing Ash though.

it's over...

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Yes and no. From what i've seen it's more similar to a one vs many board game where the one role can summon minions, set traps and the likes.
It's very different of DbD or it's clones where the one role has been stripped down of everything that makes the role fun.

That one xbox evil dead game was fun

DOA because of EGS, which is a shame ebcause it looks genuinely fun


that game was fun but too short. Also, Sam was annoying.

hmmm this is a tough one
the gameplay looks pretty solid and I like the idea but I am not sure if the PVP is going to be fun.
DBD is toxic as fuck and having ash in the game is going to attract those shitters for sure.
I guess if they don’t force PvEvP then it’s fine, I heard you can play the game solo so who knows

Kinda but the demon player doesn’t really control the deadites. They are more putting traps and obstacles and enemies on the game map rather than attacking directly. That’s not even the main mode. The main one is Left 4 Dead style co-op with no one playing as the deadites

Is this the game made by the same dudes that did both the F13 and Predator games that were horrible DBD clones that they just abandoned?

who are those fuckers with ash
I guess the medievil dude is from army of darkness
oh and the chick from the tv show?

I do think it's kind of funny how there's a playable Ash from every movie (and the show), so all 4 people can be some form of Ash if they want and won't leave because they have to play Fat Arthur from Army of Darkness or something.

So basically like resident evil resistance, the same kind of game that was already a flop and nobody gave a shit about even during the beta

Nah, they're doing Ghostbusters later this year

>No hype?
No. It looks like a mindless button masher with driving sections

Not really no. It is asymetrical but it aint DbD. Survivors are playing a third person action game with classes. Demon is zooming around setting up traps and also playing a third person action game.

Kelly from the tv show, Ash , Ash’s Friend from the first movie and one the Knights from Army of Darkness I think


and a Tom Savini designed one, weirdly

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The only one I don't recognize is the long haired guy with the axe. I think he's one of Ash's friends from the original movie.

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>ash as a cenobite
Eh, alright I guess. I want to see if the Ash characters have different abilities and stuff. I hope they also accounted for everyone doing this forever, and Bruce voiced plenty of lines reacting to other Ashes.

Both Kelly, Amanda and Pablo from the TV show
Lord Arthur and Henry the Red from Army of Darkness
Ash's sister and Scotty from Evil Dead 1
Annie and Ed from Evil Dead 2
And a version of Ash from each of the 4 eras.

There's a season pass for characters and we don't know them yet, I think one got confirmed to be Mia from the Evil Dead remake.

>Savini: "I sent over an initial sketch and they said "boom done" and that was it"
Yeah and it looks it, too. The fuck is this design? What was his design for Jason in the F13 game he mentions?

>What was his design for Jason in the F13 game he mentions?

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I sleep.

What a shit skin. Doesnt even acknowledge that he chopped his hand off. Thought maybe it would be "what if the evil hand reattached itself"
Its just ash in weird mummy bondage clothing and red eyes for whatever reason

the best Jason in the game was pre-order only. Who knows if this dev team will pull the same shit.

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If this comes out on game pass then I will try

>chain down one arm
>ash with barbed wire down one arm
Alright Tom

There's a "role type" for each character. So certain characters are Leaders, some are Warriors, some are Hunters and some are Support. They've done an Ash for each of these roles that are all totally different in terms of perks, weapons and playstyle.

First game I've actually Preordered in years.
Was only $40 and if nothing else it has a singleplayer. From what I've seen of the online its way least better than most of the other 4v1 online games.

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Tell me more, Evil Dead gamedev. How are the weapons and abilities and stuff different? Has there been any leaks? I want to see a weapon list, a perk list, an enemy list, a map list.

I thought the pitchfork was retarded until I read that this design is hypothetically set if Jason went to hell and killed Satan and took his pitchfork

That's still extremely retarded. Not as bad the Ash design, though. That seems completely thoughtless.
A few ideas I think would be better off the top:
>a Mad Max skin referencing the end of the series
>Like user said, evil hand reattches
>Ash who is becoming the necronomicon and has glowing evil text & tattoos, evil ash white milk eyes from ED2 when he gets possessed
>Ashy Slashy
>Alternate universe Ash who replaces his leg with a chainsaw

He is plus his sister from the first movie is in it too.
Think there was mention of them intending to have Ruby, Chet, and Billy Joe as future downloadable characters.


No steam, no buy.

Simple as.

>retarded edgekino

Yep, it's a savini design.

This is also keeping me away. EGS game is gonna be DOA. Worse than Aliens: Fireteam's population after this weekend.

I didn't know it was coming ou-
>fortnite launcher exclusive
Oh, guess that's why.

Theres 4 or 5 "classes" of characters and theres pretty much an Ash in each class, plus AoD Evil Ash.
Think I remember seeing AvED Ash in the leadership class.
>inb4 trophy/achievement for completing a game with nothing but 4 Ashes.

I guess this is why they made a point to mention it’s one of the few “open waters” games where PC, PlayStation, Stadia and Xbox can all play together. They’re hoping that console players will keep the game alive the same way they kept Friday the 13th afloat.

This dude has a couple of recent videos. Looks a lot like Vermintide to me at a glance, and i liked that... Idk, maybe.

Now I want to watch Bruce Campbell vs. Hellraiser

Is it really confirmed cross platform? If so, that's huge for this type of game. I think the last ... 4? I played weren't, and died in two weeks. I actually liked Aliens: Fireteam.

All you need to know is that Evil Ash is a playable Deadite along with his skeleton army and the Castle map based on Army of Darkness will be free dlc post-launch. Army of Darkness Ash is one of the playable cast.

>"Not really no. It's asymetrical but it aint DbD"
>proceeds to explain the gameplay of DBD

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Different devlopers and I wanna say they said they weren't gonna make it anyway more powerful than any other character, granted we know it'll have unique kill animations.

Confirmed earlier today

DBD is for trannies like you
this game isn’t for men with no chest hair

I might be back in. Still gonna wait for reviews, I'll just buy the pre-order shit as DLC later if it's worth it.
Do the different Ash have different voice packs? I wonder if they used like movie sound.wavs or had Bruce affect his voice... or if it's just c&p the same VA across 4 characters.
(I think I know the answer, but this game is suprising me today)

I would be surprised if AvED Ash didn't have Ashy Slashy psycho ward and post apocalypse Ash as skins.

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yeah, pretty clever how they lean into Ash's changing characterization across the movies.
idk about 1/2/AoD Ash but most of the show cast is returning and they've recast some of the minor roles (Henry, Ed) from the movies.

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>you can possess playable characters, and even make them waste their ammo and resources
Kinda soulful ngl
>same three hit melee combo over and over
>ash can change his hand, one clip shows him storing the chainsaw on his back
>demon player possesses a car and rams into PC's car, cutting them off from objective

>hear nothing about a game except when someone makes a thread a couple of days before launch
>it ends up being EGS exclusive

every time, I wonder if they'll shill it as hard as sifu

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Theres likely soundbites from the movies and show in there but we know Bruce Campbell and Pablo and Kelly's actors were all in studio recording new stuff.
Not sure about the other characters actors.

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nta, and I didnt play much dbd, but it seems to work like this in evil dead:
>find magic dagger
>dagger shows way to NPC boss
>kill boss and spawn book
>enemies swarm book, countdown to exorcise it
So a little Hunt: Showdown

DBD ash didn't even have a chainsaw you maroon

DBD survivors not being able to attack the monster is why I don't play. Why have Ash and make him run away all game. I want to fight the evil, not play a game of spooky tag with pallets

Has the trophy list for the game popped up yet? Normally you can see some shit when those pop up if it comes to hidden characters and such.

Sounds like a great deal to get paid enough to break even on development, just to let them beta test it for you. Even steam early access requires you to pay gabe instead of vice-versa.

>classes: leader, melee, ranged, support
>perks: mostly % upgrades
The gameplay of the demon possessing players, objects, and lesser enemies seems really fun. If I want to play this game at all it'll have to be this week before meta fags come in and make everything shitty.


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demon gameplay lets you pick either:
>evil ash w/ plentiful skeleton army
>fat hillbillies and basement grandma have tough bosses and buffs for fewer enemies
>weird eyeless teleporting monster from ED show is the kino tree of focusing on possessing, get ready to hear the rage

Why would you want to play as anyone other than Ash? Or does he need special conditions like Tommy in the F13TH game?

All 4 players can play as Ash. Even the 5th Demon player can play as Ash. There's an Ash based on a different movie/TV show for each role. They knew to avoid people dropping out if they weren't able to be Ash.

Og survivors
>finish match with ED1 Ash, Cheryl, and Scotty
Second Team
>finish match with ED2 Ash, Anne Knowby, and her Bf
medieval mode
>finish match with AoD Ash, Arthur, and Henry the Red
Jacksonville here we come
>finish match with AvED Ash, Kelly, and Pablo
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
>finish match with all 4 Ashes

I wanted a God of war clone

>Implying i'm not going to exclusively play as Henry the Red every game


Is there a mechanic to find out who is the bad ass, and who is the good ass?

You are a man of fine taste

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>Cheek Pinch: Reduce 10/20/40% Fear from allied character