Gotham Knights

who are you going to main?

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>5 months until release
These 5 months better be magical for Montreal. Also, Red Hood.



Red Hood
He's got Batguns.

Seems ____fun

Hope they did their homework in imitating the spiderman ps4 open world with super hero gameplay, so the city actually feels alive, In City/Origins/Knight the city feels so dead.

We all know it's going to be shit. Multiple playable characters in story-heavy games never works.


>Red Hood
>non lethal
I haven't kept up with comics in a few years, but I thought his whole thing was that he DID kill people?

>driving around in Gotham in my bike with my THE BATMAN (2022) skin blasting Nightcall

Yeah, I'm thinking kino.

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>They were thinking of putting 4 player in the game even though they showed it like it was 4 player.
What were they thinking? Not like I think it'll be good even if it had it at launch but that comes off as false advertisement or they were too dumb to think that people didn't want to also play a batman game in 4 player as well.

They had to make him non lethal so that the other Batfamily members would work with him. I mean they sometimes do in the comics too, but people would be asking "WHY DOES RED HOOD KILL PEOPLE"


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I want to see how Batgirl plays before choosing. But Nightwing is looking pretty fun

>Bamham gameplay
>RPG elements
>Co-op with my bro, I will play as Red Hood and bro will play as Nightwing
Yeah I'm fucking ready. The only thing I dislike is that there won't be a PS4 version so I have to buy a PC.

Yeah I'm pirating and playing entire game solo as it was meant to be.

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>go to starbuck's for my morning coffee
>this city's evil and full of wretched villainy, but I can't fix it without succumbing to my demons first
>the patrons are all shocked and surprised to see me out in public as I've become quite the recluse lately
>cashier comments on my eye-liner and tells me that there's a great youtube channel for makeup tips if I want
>mutter that I'm good and order my venti vanilla mocha extra sugar
>she asks for my name
>look at for a second, piercing into her soul with my gritty smoulder
>"I'm Vengeance"
>cashier smiles and tells me it'll be 5 minutes
>wait on the side, brooding with my head low and blasting nirvana on iphone 6s
>"got a vanila mocha for a Vincent S?"
>look up
>awkwardly take my coffee and briskly walk away as the cashier tells me to have a great day
>perhaps I am having an effect on this city, just not the one I expected
This movie was something else man

The Avengers game was garbage and this looks eerily similar, though Guardians of the Galaxy was supposedly alright. If it's Games as Service it's DOA.


The actual gameplay on GOTG was awful. You were basically fighting different looking slime blobs. The story and writing was good and the only reason to play it.

I fucking love The Batman so much. It's my favorite DC movie/show ever, I'm buying the Blu Ray the first day it comes out.

gameplay was fine for about 8 hours, then it became a slog. you're right that the writing was good enough to save it though.

Yep, I'm buying this shit....
And I'm playing nonlethal magic brapping Jason....

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That's what happens you take actually good directors like in Batman case Planet of the Apes reboot director, or James Gunn and have make a fun movie with their own script and vision.

Both movies have their flaws and cliches, but at least they were fun different type of rides.

Same here. I saw it twice in cinema and once from HBO Max. Gonna watch it again soon. I almost shat my pants while walking home from the cinema though.

>Redhood is a dumb beefy jock
>Not a fuckboy

That's soul jump.

Pretty sure it's the Lazarus Toot

Seems like it's literally just a Arkham Knight spiritual sequel with a new name. So it's a story based open world game, but it also has coop.

Origins is a bit of a flawed badly aged turd, but it was OK at the time, this is the same devs.

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>no cass or steph
no thanks.

Redpool and his non lethal bullets, unironically

>Barbra trained herself out of a wheelchair
the DUMBEST shit

It's a GaaS. Leveling and gear. It's going to be guano. But I'm still playing it all the way through and hopefully my buddies will with me

Gonna wait for Batwoman DLC.

you sound like paid shill

This and The Wolf Among Us 2 are the only games I give any shits about.

Bros, I just want this one to be good and suicide squad to eat shit. I'm so sick of the suicide squad. Please just let this be good.

A game with no micro transactions can't be a GaaS by definition. Lots of games have gear systems without being GaaS

Wait..isn't this a different continuity where she was never put into a wheelchair? I don't really follow DC much but they seem to have multiverse fuckery on exponential levels every couple of years.

No one because it's not on PS4 anymore and I am NOT getting a next gen console. But if it was on PS4 Batgirl so I can stare at her ass all day. I would have mained Nightwing because he's a cool guy but that Fortnite glider is retarded.

I'll pirate it and play Robin, if I play it at all. The gameplay trailer looked bad. I still cant believe Warner thought it was a smart play to just stop making Arkham games, give the Batman license to WB Montreal (makers of the WORST Arkham game) and then put Rocksteady in Suicide Squad prison for 8 years.

I cannot name a bigger gaming gaff than this. Duke Nukem Forever doesn't even come close.

I'd play 10 more Arkham games. I want a true Arkham origins with year 1 Batman from rocksteady fewer gadgets, more focus on bloody combat and detective work. I want a 2 game deal where you play as an old slowed down Batman and a follow-up where you play as Terry or even fucking Nightwing. I want Arkham universe where bats travels into other jurisdictions and even dimensions. I want that fuckin lamplight Batman we never got. Rocksteady really should be stuck with this shit forever


No, she's still Oracle and the backstory still mention her being injured so what the fuck else could have happened?

It's the same thing they did in the comics with the New 52. When Barbara went back to being Batgirl after spending some years as Oracle. The injury still happened, but she went through surgery, rehabilitation and training and managed to fully recover.

What's the GAAS thing about this game? Just looks like an arkham knight sequel with crafting.

I'm not playing this crap I'm just going to replay Knight again. Gameplay looks like a HUGE step back. Yes I know it's a different studio.

I'm not playing this garbage.

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But Matt Reeves and James Gunn are hacks, and their DC movies were boring and soulless.

Villains that have been confirmed
>Penguin (in trailer)
>The Court of Owls (in trailer)
>Mr. Freeze (in gameplay video)
>Ra's Al Ghul (picture of the Demon's head posted online)
>Anarky (goons in trailer)
>The Joker (Batgirl figure has HAHA's written on the stand)

It's a Destiny reskin like Marvel's Avengers?

Oh. I mean, I guess such things are possible albeit rare depending on the particular kind of injury. Did she have the advantage of advanced batfamily technology (or some sort of DC mythos healing fuckery) to speed her recovery? Like I don't know someone coming down and implanting some sort of crazy STAR Labs tech to repair her nerves or whatever?

>Red Hood
>MYSTICAL powers
I stopped watching as Red Hood magically double jumped

>make all the men ugly
>Make Batgirl got
Based devs

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In the comics Red Hood gets powers and can summon two blades. They just needed to add some sort of glide to him.

They're taking stupid changes brought by the 2011 reboot and the 2016 reboot-of-the-reboot-because-everyone-hated-the-previous-reboot.

>gets powers
Is this new or when did he get these?

Is the mystical powers from 2016? I read a tiny amount of New 52 and don't remember the mystical powers

they shoot reboot the reboot again

He trains with some monks and gets it. It's a new thing in the comics.

There was an awful comic where Red Hood became a magical ninja with a chosen one life mission who was also the best assassin in the whole world just because he trained for under a year with immortal magical monks that were actually cro-magnons cavemen that drank Trigon's black sperm.

I hate DC so fucking much.

The mystical powers came from The New 52 reboot, yes. Jason could make magical blades made out of his own blood and had soul powers because he had a grand destiny.

>blades made out of his own blood
New 52 was a mistake

The Batman was easily a 10/10 for me. But I'm biased because I've been a fan of Batman for 30 years and also think The Lighthouse and Good Time were both 10/10.

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>friends with Shrek

He did when he wasn't a hero

>who are you going to main?

It's very cringe that someone made this trying to be cringe

Batgirl to spend the entirety of the gameplay gawking at that ass.

The New 52 was like every stupid idea any hack fanboy writer could come up with all happening at the same time.

Every Batman comic ever published is still canon despite Batman being active just under 5 years.
The many Robins actually have fast-aging development or some stupid shit.
Nightwing actually comes from a long line of immortal zombie assassins that are recruited by a shadowy group of rich men that have controlled Gotham since its creation and now he must do battle with his centuries old relatives.
Batgirl could walk again because she had a chip implanted on her spine and could actually do ludicrous shit like control the internet because she was part cyborg now.
Red Hood was trained by immortal cavemen monks and has magical powers because apparently he is destined to save the world from Trigon.
Red Robin was trained by Batman and Lex Luthor, and he might be related to Joker. He's also a hardcore genius and actually the most intelligent man in the world. He's also being groomed by a time-travelling mutant. In the future he becomes a hardcore killer Batman capable of time-travelling.
Batman's Son, the current Robin is... okay, no need for changes here.

>Robin looks like a school shooter
>Batgirl looks cute! Cute! But will probably have a black boyfriend
>Red hood looks like the deadbeat dad of Robin who just got out of prison
>Nightwing looks handsome. nohomo

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I liked Capullo/Snyder Batman run. It felt like they were actually trying with Batman.

The only time Jason was a fuckboy was when he was Robin

The problem was every writer around them working in the adjacent books fucking with their ideas and doing dumb shit, that they were later forced to acknowledge.